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Posted 7 July 2023

Richmond Meat Free Sausages - 55p instore @ Asda, Bolton

In store: Greater Manchester ·
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  1. JPS's avatar
    Great find. Which Bolton store, please?
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    lostboy060 Author
  2. Proveright's avatar
    The definition of a sausage is it contains meat. They should not allow the word sausage on the packaging.
    It really annoys me, like Tesco plant food range impersonating well known names and tastes like sawdust.
    Gooner1011's avatar
    Sausage is actually the shape. Not the meat. You're welcome.
  3. Gallus's avatar
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    It's a strange idea when you think about it. Meat doesn't look like a burger or a sausage they are constructed shapes to process the meat for convenience. Meat actually looks like what it is which is animal flesh and you see this everywhere in any supermarket meat section. You see whole chickens, chicken wings, kidneys, livers, meat steaks and so on and so forth. So it is perfectly fine to shape processed plant material in the shape of a burger or a sausage as they are human constructs anyway and people are so removed from the process of what meat is they feel offended when an 'imposter' moves in. In reality meat might have got there first with the sausage and burger but meat doesn't own these shapes. It's the association that causes the confusion.

    Sausages and burgers are processed meat and do not exist in nature. Therefore it is not unnatural for any other form of food to adopt these shapes should some one wish it too. (edited)
  4. dddbwoy's avatar
    As much meat as the normal.ones
    JoShmo's avatar
    I think you're telling porkies
  5. Mickayla_Byrne's avatar
    Great price! Husband has these for his veggie sausage and egg bap for brunch during the week.
  6. biggysmalls's avatar
    Quality gone downhill since first introduced
  7. gtd65's avatar
    Even their supposedly meat based sausages are terrible
  8. PHL's avatar
    These taste okay with brushed oil and sprinkle Paprika/Chilli powder. Still prefer beef sausages over this any day
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