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Posted 11 September 2023

RWG (EE) 1 Year SIM - Unlimited mins, Unlimited SMS & 5GB data every month for 12 months. One-off charge (£3.33pm effective cost)

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Get Unlimited mins, Unlimited SMS plus 5GB of data every month for 12 months for a one-off charge of £40. Existing customers will have this bundle added to their account, new customers will be sent a new SIM to their delivery address.
Does not include EU Roaming.

Our 1 Year SIM gives you Unlimited mins, Unlimited SMS plus a data allowance of 5GB each month for 12 months for a single price of £40. This can be renewed after 12 months
RWG Mobile More details at

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  1. myself321's avatar
    Great price, but be aware this company offers zero support via telephone, as they either don't answer on the number is turned off at times
  2. LyesLyes18's avatar
    Customer service is very slow (24h response),emails only no instant chat or phone. For I don't think it's a good idea to have it as your main line. (edited)
  3. slipd's avatar
    Is anyone actually using these guys without issue?
    PureMAD4's avatar
    I've been using them for a while now on a phone. I would suggt just keeping the number it comes with as porting was a hassle. Plus if then you want to leave and take your number to a new company but keep your SIM active you can't. Once you port off the SIM you lose anything left. So if you had a year left on the SIM when you port is gone. This is great for a spare phone or to keep a child connected. The 2gb is enough for light users but any medium to high users will struggle. You can add more data and hoc
  4. pantaiema's avatar
    Meh deal:. RWG used to offer one-off payment of £5/£10 for life. This one is £3.33pm ???. Ok, Time machine argument you could not go back, and get previous deal. I get it
    But what about various deals from Lyca/Lebara recently. This one come on and off, less than 50p for 3GB unlimited text, minutes. (edited)
    alan_jones60's avatar
    I jumped on the £15 free for life deal when i joined 100 mins 100 texts and 750mb,so glad i did
  5. quattro365's avatar
    Does anyone know if the data is capped or are you charged for going over
    FIRE40's avatar
    I think you have no access to data once cap is reached
  6. cikki100's avatar
    Ask yourself this, pay £40 now, by Christmas this company shuts down, is it worth it for 1 or 2 months? I think sometimes when these offers come up together from a company, it is worth thinking are they suffering cash flow difficulties, they take all this money now but then can't get out of trouble and still need to close, or directors take the money and close the business anyway
    sajidtg's avatar
    In business for years.
    Why just assuming and commenting?
    Any proof to support what you have suggested?
    Thank u
  7. freccle's avatar
    I got this about 4 months ago but it could never connect outside and on the odd occasion it DID, the signal dropped after a few minutes. (Which was a royal pain when I was using Waze!). Customer service were useless. Gave up and got a monthly contract with Smarty
  8. pablo_el_diablo's avatar
    OP, can you tell me what happened to that Samsung s23 deal from last night? I put a constructive comment and you have requested mods to delete the deal only because people voted it the way they have voted? You need to be tougher on hukd :):)
  9. YourWellWisher's avatar
    Great find though can't grumble at the price, if, all else works on there as offered? :/ 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 👌 👏✌😁😁
  10. TesaoGostoso's avatar
    Such a shame no roaming
    Anon32's avatar
    You can roam virtually anywhere in the world. 
  11. E_B's avatar
    Does anyone know which bands RWG uses?

    Currently with TalkHome and they don't use all of the EE bands, but it's still a solid connection for data.
  12. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Lebara, same package, £1.99 per month for 6 months, with the option of taking any new deal, especially as the discounted time comes to an end. Roaming included, and with a Customer Support that appears to be allowed to go off script, and actually help people
    maddogb's avatar
    My 99p per month deal has expired with Lebara, how easy is it to take a new deal keeping same number?
  13. SoupDragon1's avatar
    1p mobile might have something
  14. zsm901's avatar
    How can we check remaining allowance ?
    alan_jones60's avatar
    Text info then your bundle code to 669
  15. FIRE40's avatar
    I've always supported RWG but having a nightmare situation with them! I already have 2 sim cards with RWG and purchased another sim last Friday. Requested to port existing number over on Monday morning and received email reply porting could take 48 hours. Old Sim card disconnected yesterday mid day but RWG sim still not working! Sent numerous emails yesterday and today and received 2 replies informing porting still in process! I have been without phone connection for more than a day. I hope my existing number is not lost but I fear the worst!
    jujuzeez's avatar
    bravvvvvvvvvv i am stuffed, you are not alone. ported since Monday and my secondary sim is still not active. emailed them and they are blaming BT for handling the provision for porting. wanna cry so far. this company needs a complete restructure in every department. CS, upgraded servers, everythinggggg that got to do with sim activation. its horrendous even a 3rd world network provider can be this rubbish.
    worst network i have ever delt with. for now, everyone should steer clear of this dud company. was even trying to buy a bundle, i couldnt find where to pay at checkout.
  16. dazdem's avatar
    cheers op,heat.will try it at this price (edited)
    jujuzeez's avatar
    wish you plenty of luck 🤞🏾
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