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Posted 6 January 2023

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz (Matisse) Socket AM4 Processor – No Cooler - £92.08 Delivered @ Tech Next Day

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Still a good CPU and cant argue at this price!

Technical details:
– AMD Ryzen 5 3600
– Zen 2 / Matisse
– Manufacturing: 7 nm FinFET (CPU), 12 nm LP (I/O chiplet)
– CPU cores: 6 / 12 (physical / virtual)
– CPU clock:
– Base clock: 3.6 GHz
– Boost clock: max. 4.2 GHz (Precision Boost 2)
– Precision Boost Overdrive: +200MHz Auto-OC (only with AMD X570 or B550 chipset)
– Level 2 cache: 3 MB (6x 512kB)
– Level 3 cache: 32 MB (2x 16MB)
– Chipset interface: PCI-Express 4.0 (only with AMD X570 or B550 chipset)
– Integrated PCI Express lanes: x24 (x16 for GPU + x4 for SSD + x4 for chipset)
Random access memory:
– Storage controller: internal
– Memory channels: 2
– Memory standard: DDR4 (ECC & non-ECC)
– native memory clock: 3,200 MHz (without OC)
– TDP: 65 watts
– Socket Compatibility: AM4
Features & command set extensions:
– PCI-Express 4.0 (only with AMD X570 or B550 chipset)
– Precision Boost 2 (Precision Boost Overdrive with AMD X570 or B550)
– SMT (Simultaneous Multithreading)
– X86-64 (64-bit processor AMD64)
– AMD-V (Compute Virtualization)
– VT-Vi (I/O MMU virtualization)
– 2x AES units (encryption)
– AVX & AVX2 (Advanced Vector Extensions)
– NX-Bit (antivirus) & EVP (enhanced antivirus)
– Turbo Core 3.0 Free Multiplier (unlocked)
Tech Next Day More details at Tech Next Day
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  1. mihav's avatar
    add the cheapest akasa cooler at 13£ then use code tnd-10 should come to around £95 all together (edited)
  2. jamesturner280783's avatar
    I upgraded to a 5800x from this. The 3600 was bang for buck the better CPU. It performed just about aswell as the 5800x at 1440p while being 15-20 degrees cooler, and £100 cheaper. Unless your doing some serious 4k gaming this CPU is still a good option.
    Solee's avatar
    If you're doing 4k gaming then there is less of a reason to upgrade because you will end up GPU bound.
    Higher resolutions place less stress on the CPU and more on the GPU. (edited)
  3. Big.Wayne's avatar
    TechFiend's avatar
    How do I install this CPU into an AM4 platform?
  4. babylon's avatar
    These later production run chips also overclock well, I picked up one a couple years ago and that's been running at 4.5ghz on all cores at stock voltage ever since, Just upped the multiplier and away it went.
    Drill's avatar
    I agree with this, mine I run at 4.4 all core, I got it as a later production chip however I did dial in the voltage so it used less then it would at stock
  5. Jelly34's avatar
    Looks good but for an extra few £ you can get a 5500 or even a 5600 that are going to be a fair bit better.
    aerodeck's avatar
    5500 is basically the same as the 3600. 5600 is a decent step up
  6. Binksy17's avatar
    I have this cpu with a 3080 and it peforms fine at 1440p. Only thing I would say is check the reviews for seller, I saw a cheap 5800x3d with them, but the reviews put me off pulling the trigger.
    Christee4's avatar
    I bought the Razer keyboard/mouse/headset bundle for my son from here and it was fine, no issues but that is my one and only purchase from them so far
  7. mo_Islam's avatar
    I purchased a ryzen 5 5600 from them. No issues whatsoever. Genuine company
  8. evh5150's avatar
    £41.99 to ship to Northern Ireland. (edited)
  9. mattclarkie's avatar
    Purchased a 3600 with the cooler in May 2020, so Pandemic prices, for £156 from Currys (so not exactly a cheap shop). Seems odd that a 3600 without cooler is £92 nearly 3 years larer. CPUs used to plummet in price after a couple of years.
  10. jammiejam2k69's avatar
    Good CPU for a budget build, and I know 2 years ago this was budget king and it's still a great cpu
    fishmaster's avatar
    I built mine 3 years ago so January 2020 just before COVID. Shame I never bought a new GPU at the same time and then paid double for one but anyway I've had 3 years out of it so far and still running well.
  11. Xemorph's avatar
    This is cheap, already have it and I use the spire cooler from the 1600 I upgraded from and meant to be a better cooler than the one bundled with the 3600. A good CPU for a budget build, I have it with my RTX 3060ti. (edited)
    Nick_Jordan's avatar
    ryzen 5 3600/3060ti fellow gamer.

    i bought a artic freezer 34 cooler for about £35, all works great at 1440p, just need a better airflow case as the dreaded h510 looks great but its like an oven in there,
  12. kaisersolo's avatar
    Go 5000 series it's worth the extra money.
  13. ScottWalton's avatar
    Still does me very well for 1440p alongside a 3070. Voted hot
  14. JT123's avatar
    Heat added, thanks for sharing!
  15. thatwasclose's avatar
    They had these on ebay for around £104 but increased the price to £114 to take part in ebay's 15% off promo!

    I know not a lot in it, but would have preferred to have bought paying with paypal.

    Not sure about inflating the price though ....
  16. Adam_Shippam's avatar
    Had this cpu since 2019 and it is still great for gaming (I game at 1080p high frame rate so really I need a faster CPU but this still does well). My plan is too keep it till DDR5 RAM is not expensive and upgrade to an AM5 CPU at that point.
  17. Zeb_uddi's avatar
    Ryzen 5 5500 way better deal faster approx 12% faster and newer, you can find it at a similar price
  18. iTisYaBoiii's avatar
    Still rocking my 3600X and unless you plan on doing specific CPU bound workloads, or playing at 500fps, there is no need for anything better than this for gaming. I'll wait until DDR5 prices calm down before I even consider switching to AM5.
  19. SiFiUK's avatar
    This is worth a read if wondering about an upgrade from 1600 or deciding between this plus a cooler or a 5600 which cones with cooler for around £130 (£134 on Amazon)
    fishmaster's avatar
    I'd get the 5600 if I had a 1600. I have the 3600 and it's not worth upgrading for me.
  20. Joseph_Hardman's avatar
    Bargain! Never heard of this retailer before tho. Is it trustworthy?
    SN46's avatar
    Yep, reputable retailer. I hadn't heard of them until recently, but a lot of people on here confirm they are good!
  21. rv10's avatar
    How does this compare to the 3200G? Is it a massive difference? Currently running a GTX 1070
    SN46's avatar
    just based off of userbenchmark its 33%. not the greatest website for comparisons but it cant be far off.

    also, seems to be 8 left in stock, so if you're going to purchase i'd hurry! (edited)
  22. G.Force's avatar
    I purchased this for my 2019 build. I also used a stock amd prism cooler. If anyone is thinking of buying this with prism cooler, use different thermal paste. the pre applied paste is not great. Since I applied new paste, the pc is dead quiet. I was contemplating upgrading, but it’s only really worth going over to intel. If you was a cheap build, then this is still the KING IMO.

    This handles anything we throw at it with ease. 
    Just invest in a decent GPU, to match this. I have a 3070ti and I can use all games at ultra settings.
  23. jonorl's avatar
    Paid twice as much in late 2019, still a great CPU
  24. arCuThEDOWDr's avatar
    If you are on a strict budget and don't care about gaming, you can get the same CPU performance and avoid needing to buy a GPU with the 5600G (though they are coming to the end of their run so stock may disappear within the next few months). The 5600G comes with reasonable integrated graphics on par with a GDDR5 GT1030 (don't expect 4K max settings gaming, but light 1080p gaming is viable with it).

    A 5600G costs about £120 vs. over £200 for this Ryzen 3600 CPU (>£100 with a cooler) + GT1030 GDDR5 GPU (c. £100). (edited)
    abaxas's avatar
    I have a laptop with a 4650g in it. Basically a 15w 4600g.

    I'm always impressed by how many games work on the little 6 core vega GPU.
  25. nonono's avatar
    This looks cheap but is not given it price and without a cooler. Go for 5 series with little extra I think. I still have this cpu and it’s great for two years.
  26. Tr3House's avatar
    What's the difference between the 5600G and the 5600, besides the graphics integration?
    arCuThEDOWDr's avatar
    Have the 5600G, it has less L3 cache due to needing to fit in the integrated graphics onto the same size CPU.

    Roughly for performance a 5600G APU (c. £120) = 3600 CPU + GT1030 GDDR5 graphics card (over £200 in total). The 5600G is unbeatable value if it suits your use case. (edited)
  27. ziir's avatar
    I'm still using this cpu it is realy good , but if you do play warzone 2 it will struggle to maintain the fps
    JsFrk's avatar
    Not sure it's CPU. I play this game with this cpu and never encounter frame drops
  28. henry.ford's avatar
    Are they still making these?
  29. Seqenenre77's avatar
    Decent deal, but finding an AM4 motherboard for a decent price these days is like hunting for hens' teeth. Of course, if you already have the motherboard and are just looking to upgrade the processor, that's less of an issue.
    arCuThEDOWDr's avatar
    Agreed, B550 is end of line so expect stock to disappear quickly.
  30. 7bitretro's avatar
    Great choice. I have a 5 2600 and with an RTX 3060 more than capable of playing latest games. "Budget" CPUs should never be dismissed.
  31. Cameron92's avatar
    I'd go 12100 over this.
  32. swooper7's avatar
    Still rocking an FX8320 and RX480 8Gb ... At some point I'll need to upgrade though!
    Solee's avatar
    Highly recommend it, I had an FX-8320 and noticed the jump even to the Ryzen 1st gen
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