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Posted 3 February 2023

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Smartphone + Screen Protector £1134.81/£984.81 With Any Trade In **No Referrals**@ Samsung

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

10% off automatically applied when you add the official screen protector (2 pack), £10.71.
throw in any phone, with valid IMEI number.

Save your S21 ultra and S22 ultra to sell on ebay or gift to your partner/kids.

Samsung More details at Samsung

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    What you think will happen if i send a different phone to the one i put on the order page with the IMEI number? I put other broken phone and done imei number of a google pixel 3a that i bought for £87 last year. It works perfectly so was thinking bout swapping phone over for an actual broken android or a basic £10 galaxy ace or something similar. You think they will care that imei number doesn't match up?
    If you email the trade in team and say the phone you were going to send now doesn't turn on after further inspection

    However you have replaced with X imei
    They email back and say thanks for letting them know and they will update once its received

    The only issue with this method is that the value can't be changed
    However in your case I don't feel this is applicable

    Email: samsung@tradeinresponse.co.uk

    Not normal CS
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    Canceled to reorder for extra diiscount but now IMEI is already used how long does that take to unlock?
    Normally about an hour or two
    Other thing you can do is ammend the imei slightly so it accepts it on the site
    The trade in team will update the imei to be what they actually received when it arrives (I have done this in the past)
    They are fine with doing this.
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    Phone arrived today, loving it. Just need to find the time to apply the screen protector.
    I watched this video and it came out good. Usually my screen protectors end up squint or full of bubbles.
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    Confusingly after the email saying its been delayed then another saying delivery tomorrow, I now have a DPD text saying its coming today between 15:11 and 16:11, what a shambles !
    Hoping you are okay through this difficult time
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    Soooo, after lots of issues with ordering this for the second time, lots of hunting for discount codes, and a cancelled order (my initial one from yesterday night), I've finally managed to grab a green one (512gb) with the green silicone case, for £908.55

    I've also ordered a wireless charger and some screen protectors from Amazon, for just under £20.

    TopCashback is showing me just under £63.

    Sooo, I guess mine comes to a total of £870, which I'm very happy about!!

    Can't wait to receive it on the 10th of Feb!!!!!
    read some pessimistic comment about TCB cashback when you used 10% code.
    Fingers crossed though.
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    Can you trade in a broken phone or one with custom rom?
    It states software must not be changed and phone must power up and hold charge!
    Yes just make sure you water damage the phone first so they can't boot it up
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    The Caseology case cost £12 from amazon and the samsung case was £31 from Samsung.

    Look at both. Im only keeping one of them.

    Caseology Nano Pop Case... amazon.co.uk/dp/…are (edited)
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    When sending in your trade in device, do you need to send it with the charger plug if it came with one? I can't see it says anything anywhere....
    No, you just need to send the phone.
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    Is this standard from dpd?

    "We won't ask you to sign for your parcel, we'll take a photo of it instead in your open doorway as proof it has been delivered."

    1400 quid phone, feel like they are taking the proverbial.
    They normally have a picture of the parcels and your feet so wear socks
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    Can I return my phone? It's been opened! Its underwhelming. The camera is better but not worth an upgrade
    The terms state you have 14 days if you change your mind.

    However it must only be used like you were inspecting it a shop
    Any use beyond this deductions to the refund can be made.
    The last part is a little vague!

    Im returning mine (only as I bagged a half price one through my work)
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    After reading through comments and various S23 deals. I've now managed to get it for which is think is best price at £680 (£640 with topcashback)

    Trading in my S21 Ultra 512gb
    10% referral code
    10% off adding a screen protector
    Topcashback tracked at £40
    Try logging out of Samsung account and add code. Then signin at checkout.
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    Will this be a single sim or dual sim ?
    ConnectivityData Connectivity5G

    Wi-Fi and 4G CallingYes

    Fast ChargingYes

    Sim TypeNano

    Dual SimYes

    Type of Charger ConnectorUSB-C

    Type of Audio ConnectorUSB-C

    Wireless ChargingYes


    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G | Pre-Order Now | O2
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    What happens if you forget to send the trade in?
    T&C's say they can charge you back for the difference and if the funds aren't available they remote block your phone / device
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    Can windows phone be used for tradein? Or it needs to be android?
    Any phone means anything even a 3310 nokia
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    It's just not meant to be for me. Came back from doing some shopping and thought sod it, I'll order it. No screen protectors now so instead of 585 it would be 639. Looks like I'm back to sticking with the S22
    I bought a 64gb usb flash for £11
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    Did anyone get JUST the samsungfinance confirmation email? I've not had an order confirmation but have had the approval, so starting to worry.
    I did the finance last afternoon 3pm and today 2am got the order recived email
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    VoucherCodes have an offer on for S23 Pre-orders!49488311-2Cjm3.jpg
    This or cashback?
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    When I took out the finance Thursday it offered me from 20th. I cancelled it Friday and paid outright today I was offered from the 17th.
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    Does anyone know if an iPhone 7 32GB with a broken home button but still powers on etc... will get accepted as "any broken phone"?
    Yes it will - Only criteria within this field. Is that it turns on
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    How are people getting them so early?
    When I ordered, the earliest option for delivery date was Monday 20th!
    Did I miss an option to get it early but not on an assigned date or something?
    Perhaps you have chosen exclusive colour, which is released a bit later (starting from 17th Feb). (edited)
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    Well I've finally done it and ordered it.

    Got the 1tb with Samsung 42w charger for £1,225.41 without trade in as didn't want to risk my phone not holding charge long enough.
    You'll relying on a charge point then! Powerbank could be useful?
    I always turn my location and Bluetooth off (when not in use) plus take the screen definition down a setting if I need to save battery.
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    with trade in - how do they want the old phone back? do we get time to transfer?
    They send u label n envelope with device. 14 days to send
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    Has anyone managed to get wifi calling working on their s23 ultra? I'm with vodafone at the moment and have 0 signal at home but with no wifi calling option I can;t use my new phone, can;t setup banking apps or samsung pay etc. very frustraiting.
    Disable and then enable wifi calling through your account settings.
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    Anyone found any good tempered glass screen protectors that aren't uv glue? All the ones on amazon have horrible reviews
    Go with Hydrogel, I do loads for all all handsets in the shop for my customers (sorry I don't sell online) fitted mine a few days ago andnits great
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    I'm considering this, but unsure what phone to use as an upgrade.

    I have a Note 4, that I was looking to use, but it does not seem to charge or turn on.

    Ive asked Samsung if that would be considered as 'Any broken phone', and all they do is state that it still has to switch on.

    What is the cheapest phone that I could get (and by tomorrow) to make do with the trade in promotion?
    Any old phone would do. It doesn't have to be smart. Ask friends, family. Check out CEX etc
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    just realised the phone i bought for trading in is dual sim....assuming i just use the IMEI number of SIM 1 for trade in?
    It shouldn't matter but use 1
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    Everyone who have delivered date tomorrow, have you got any information about that from smasung or dpd?

    My phone should be delivered tomorrow but no info about that and status is still "order confirmed"

    Graphite -512
    Got 'preparing dispatch' since ytd but no delivery slot yet. Will probably get one end of the day today as chenzz mentioned.
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    Mine has arrived 49500552-tGjAk.jpg49500552-LtLFY.jpg
    Does it have a screen protector pre installed please?
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    Cheers OP...

    Just ordered S23Ultra 512Gb Green with the Screen protector and traded in my S21Ultra 128GB. all for a grand total of £696.87

    Fourth Samsung i had in a row that I had immense deal on... all thanks to HUKD!

    s8 -> S10 plus -> S21Ultra -> S23Ultra 512gb
    How’d you manage thst
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    I believe those trading in their S21 Ultras and similar are leaving money on the table. You are effectively only getting £260 on the S21 Ultra as you would get £150 for any old broken phone.

    The best bang for buck is to sell it separately on eBay/ Facebook and trade in a broken £10 phone but a bit more hassle potentially.
    I literally don't want to give my s21 ultra to anyone. My camera doesn't focus, or i have to shake the phone to focus. When i call someone on fb or WhatsApp, my phone is burning and camera will be closed automatically. Samsung said everything is fine with my phone, they are really bad for warranty
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    49500555-xG5NO.jpgNice delivery at 8.50!
    Does it have a screen protector pre installed please?
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    I've just bought an S21 Ultra second-hand for £300 in perfect condition. Why bother chasing the rainbow
    True. But for only 1k, you can get 200M camera, s-pen, and Snapdragon!
    and sell it next year for about £650.00.
    You end up paying only £350.00 for S23 ultra.

    and your S21 ultra, with potentially heating issue, battery deteriorating issue, will be worth probably £200 next year.
    So it's £350.00 vs £100.00 for the real cost of one year usage. Not that big, you see.
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    Well at least Samsung are finally using proper snapdragon chips here in the UK. That's a plus.
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    It's arrived.
    Does screen protector applied be default?
  35. Avatar
    Wow - guess I will keep my S21 Ultra a while longer.
    apparently, if you do submit S21 Ultra for trade off, you can bring the price down to £76x.
  36. Avatar
    Don't know why this is cold? By trading in an S21+ 256GB model (£350), I get the price for the S23 Ultra 512GB down to £819.81, great deal in my opinion.
  37. Avatar
    .... oh and £48.42 tracked in Topcashback too!
  38. Avatar
    49475815-qriKz.jpg£688 after codes and trade-in
    This is the route I went down. Screen protectors. Codes and trade in. Seems like a decent price to me for a nice bit of tech.
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    Is it me or amount of freebies with S23 is not overwhelming
    With Flip/Fold 4 you had couple vouchers, buds pro and also decent trade in.
    I have placed the order for red 512GB but I was hoping that Samsung will throw little extra on top of free memory upgrade. Yeah, I know, first world problems... (edited)
    I prefer better discount or trade in offer instead of freebies like buds or watches.
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    Has anyone traded in a non smart phone???
    I have this burner phone working and its accepted the imei under other phones and listed as broken and taken off £150. Is it upto £150?? will they only give a tenner or the full amount?

    Any help. Thanks.
    If it's IMEI accepted, give it a try.