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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB 5G Smartphone £1099 / £949 With Trade / £882.18 With SmartTag W/Code (Select Accounts) @ Samsung

£1,099£1,24912% off
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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Click get deal, there should be a unique code pop up in blue at the top of the page, I have tested on three different devices, and I get a different code every time

Add any trade, and some accessory from the basket for a further 10% off, I added the SmartTag + for example.

Features & details

  • The use of conscious materials makes this our most eco-friendly smartphone ever.1,2 Recycled glass and PET film accent the phone's exterior, and box made from recycled paper makes it planet-loving from the moment it hits your hands.9
  • S Pen keeps the legacy of Note alive. Plus, it helps you ditch the dependency on notebooks, making sketches and memos effortless and eco-friendly.
  • Take crisp photos and videos, from dusk until dawn. Galaxy's most advanced camera sensor and fastest processor accommodate low light and reduce noise. And even the camera lens clears up the capture by toning down flare.
  • We nearly doubled the resolution on the Wide-angle Camera, to deliver a clarity never before seen on Galaxy.7 Zoom and crop for a whole new shot without hitting the shutter — or leave it intact for brilliant detail, corner to corner.
  • Maximize your free time with the most powerful chip on a Galaxy smartphone. Improved features across the board means everything from gaming to streaming is optimized and seamless — without draining the battery.
Samsung More details at Samsung

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    The code didn't appear for me when i selected the "get deal" link but goggled "Samsung s23" and the first paid link brings up the code.
    Can confirm this works!
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    not working as soon as i add an accessory from the list it removes the extra £150
    Can't be used in conjunction with10% off accessories offer
  3. Avatar
    To save anyone checking, it's more expensive going through bluelightcard
    Thank you
  4. Avatar
    Is the Samsung Pay+ 5% cashback still on ?
  5. Avatar
    Hello all,

    Maybe someone can help regards to the trade-in. I have a small ink leak (hardly noticeable when in use) on my note 10 plus which I would like to trade in for the s23 ultra. When going through the checks on the page 'Is your device in good condition?' It does not mention ink bleeds or ink blots but the following instead: 
    • Device powers on and holds charge
    • Functioning display 
    • No signs of screen burn, ghost imaging, discolouration, coloured hue image retention 
    • Normal wear and tear 
    • No cracks to screen

      It seems it should be fine, but has anyone had any experience with this before? Going to be a bummer if the phone becomes devalued even more.

    I would assume that if the trade-in company can penalise you for condition, they will.
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    For anybody concerned about this deal ending, the one on Amazon gives you basically the same price, albeit very differently. **Please correct me if I'm wrong**

    Amazon £150 discount/512Gb upgrade, free Galaxy Buds2 (on sale for £79 until recently), £150 trade-in bonus on a much more limited selection of phones (to Gift Card instead of cash). 1249 - £150 - £79 - £150 = £870 in value.

    Samsung gives you £150 trade-in bonus for literally any barely working phone, plus a big discount for the accessory bundle cheat, ending at around £870 again, but all cash. Possibly £36 in TopCashback but it'll probably be refused.

    For about the same price, Amazon give you an extra year's warranty while Samsung give you more choice of colours and 1 month of accidental damage cover. I'll leave it up to you whose Customer Service you think would be better.

    So if you actually want the Buds2, and would spend £150+ on Amazon, AND your phone is in their accepted trade-in models, arguably it's the better deal anyway. The offer is open to everyone too. (edited)
    Correction The £150 with the buds 2 isnt actually available but enhanced trade in is
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    Is this worth upgrading from the S22 ultra 512GB. I can get it for £629 with the current boosted trade-in.
    I did this, the differences aren't worth the upgrade tbh, I'd wait for the S24 if I were you. I only upgraded as I use my phone all the time and needed a fresh battery
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    With my s22 ultra trade in the code takes it to £499 but the code wont work if I add an accessory, still good price
    You need to add one from the list in the basket, that's what I did
  9. Avatar
    Why does a billions worth company got such a buggy and awful website ?,it's astounding me when there are much better websites from smaller companies
  10. Avatar
    Couldn't get it any cheaper ... S23 Ultra 512GB

    49568305-HntxC.jpg (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Just noticed samsung seem to have refreshed trade in Huawei p30 pro value.... I can now get £240 for it.... Thats actually pretty decent.

    Think i might cancel my original order and do this... Save me the hassle of ebay private sale etc i doubt i will get more for it....

    Annnnd Samsung are dishing out free £150 discount codes lol

    Edit: still better to sell p30 pro privately (edited)
    I did p30 pro trade on the 6th Feb value at £240. (edited)
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    Thank u mr switch u freaking legend

    Mr switch what’s your favorite matte black or the geeen (edited)
    I'd do the exclusive blue personally
  13. Avatar
    Says please enter valid code
    It wouldn't work on the graphite for me, not sure if the exclusive colours had anything to do with it
  14. Avatar
    Got it for £861 thanks Switchy! Code, add on cheapest accessory I could find (M13 case for £8) and trade in of old phone from 2009 but in perfect state for £150 lol. Was not supposed to get new phone but I did
    whattttt you got the m13 case added with the 150? I was trying my hardest for that but would not work in any order. In the end had to get a s23 accessory (even smart tag would work but more) for £869
  15. Avatar
    Hoe are you meant to get it down to 882? The code takes off 150 only
    trade in an old phone too I think, and add a smarttag or case accessory
  16. Avatar
    Same, not seeing any blue header come up with any codes etc?
    1. Search for Samsung S23 in google. Click on the very first link
    2. After the page loads click on Samsung on left hand side top of the page
    3. the page loads with a blue banner at the top of the page
    4. If it doesn't appear clear your browsing history including cookies.
    5. This will add 150 discount directly to your item when you click pre order on the banner
    6. Add in the trade in phone details
    7. after that choose the additional items in the list provided
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    How I got a code:

    OK what I did as I was annoyed no codes were working is to go online chat (sale part) and say I have a code, but it doesn't work, but I really want to pre-order the Ultra 23, and he said no problem. Asked me what colour I wanted and what size, and sent me a link to the basket with a code applied. And now I didn't check out, i just copied the code and have kept it for when I want to use it.

    Bob's your uncle
    what did you tell that chat advisor the code was for?
  18. Avatar
    I can’t see this either unfortunately
  19. Avatar
    Get deal link updated
    now is wokring
  20. Avatar
    It is bud, choose a different day
  21. Avatar
    Have they changed this? Adding the tag gets rid of the voucher
    Same with me, price goes from £879 to over £1000 when I add the Tag.
  22. Avatar
    disable adblocks. code is showing.
    Thanks bro. Worked. best comment of the day
  23. Avatar
    Tried loads of stuff (disabling adblocker, different browser, different device, logging in) but still no code
    Try this:
    Sign out of Samsung
    Close Tab
    Delete browsing history.
    Open fresh tab.
    Try again.

    If that doesn't work, this is how I got mine to show:
    Do as above.
    Open a new incognito window.
    Sign into Samsung and hope for the best.

    To be safe I then opened a Samsung Tab in regular browser and added the code, then went through TCB and it was all there waiting for me.

  24. Avatar
    tried two different browsers , got two codes but samsung says invalid
    Try adding the code with just the phone in the basket, then add the accessory. Although the case I chose brings the price back up but the smarttag works
  25. Avatar
    49570202-dU9q6.jpghello - I just managed to get a code (incognito mode) and placed an order on a phone I wasn't going to buy
    final price £882.18 with a SmartTag+

    I now also have 2 codes, if anyone needs them, first one was given to me by another kind user from this forum and second one appeared after the purchase. (edited)
    remember to cancel the accidental cover before the month is up.
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    Samsung is determined to sell as many of these s23 ultras as possible,some great deals flying around,I paid 935 for my 512gb green ultra with a Samsung galaxy watch 4 included and three years warranty on each off Amazon,no trade in needed,the watch is worth 150 so I paid 785 for a 512/12gig ram ultra.It’s a three year phone.And it’s stunning.Just don’t buy them curved glass screen protectors off eBay they junk I got a pack of two for a fiver and they are a waste of time they don’t fit right,they creak and ruin the screen sensitivity,I’ve ordered some decent plastic ones off Amazon.There’s a voucher code for 30 percent off you get three screen protectors and also three tempered glass rear camera protectors for a tenner.


    49570639_1.jpg (edited)
    It was days ago I got it,I’m fairly sure it’s no longer available
    49570759-5tg8n.jpg (edited)
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    Guys works everytime. Clear your cookies and browsing history for the last 4 weeks at least, or 7 days.

    Go back to Samsung site. Accept all cookies. Toggle it Top of page and blue banner should appear.
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    £699 for the green if trade in my 21ultra without buying anything else I'm tempted couldi get it cheaper thanks in advance
    Add in a case or smartag to bring down the price 
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    Damn, am away until weekend so can't get IMEI number of phone i want to trade in. Anyway around having to enter IMEI now. I can't see away around it.
    If you trade in any £0 value for the £150, just pick up the any 0 value damage phone, and put any phone's IMEI.

    Once your S23 ultra phone delivered, there will be an email from MTR the Samsung trade in company, you can tell them the correct IMEI.
    This works for any £0 value phone.
  30. Avatar
    Is this worth the Upgrade from an S21 Ultra 256gb? I love this phone but wondering is it time to upgrade?
    I've got the s21 ultra and for me it's time to upgrade better camera faster chip and looks good
  31. Avatar
    If your struggling to get a code, Try this:

    Sign out of Samsung
    Close Tab
    Delete browsing history.
    Open a new incognito window.
    Sign into Samsung and hope for the best.

    To be safe I then opened a Samsung Tab in regular browser and added the code, then went through TCB and it was all there waiting for me.

  32. Avatar
    How did people stack the £150 loyalty code with the £150 code sent by marketing email. Once you add a code it only gives you the option to remove the code from basket ?
    Meaning you getting no extra £150 off, right?
  33. Avatar
    Saw the code on top banner but when entered it said not valid? I even tried it logged on to my Samsung account.
    See my comment below. Try use a free VPN just to add the code
  34. Avatar
    Can anyone PM me a code please. Mine isn't working even with a vpn
    You need to use the incognito mode in Chrome.
  35. Avatar
    Anyone got this working with s23+ ?
    Checked it on s23+ and it worked.
  36. Avatar
    If anyone can't get a code. AMAZON have the £150 voucher automatically added to checkout applied. (edited)
    You get 3 year warranty too
  37. Avatar
    I'm getting £477.18 with a s22 ultra 128 trade in, does that seem right @MrSwitch. If I ever get to meet you, I'm gonna slap you and kiss you at the same time because of you, imma have to file for bankruptcy. (edited)
    Looks good to me
  38. Avatar
    Not getting a code pop up under a blue banner any more (trying incognito with vpn)
    Same, literally disappeared as I was adding the accessory
  39. Avatar
    Full 10% cashback has also tracked through CS this morning, what a result

    Mine also tracked but be aware that the last few Samsung purchases I've made through CS using a voucher code have initially tracked and paid-out, only for a month later to then be reversed. I'm assuming this is because a voucher code was used.