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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro | Bluetooth | Black, Grey £334.90 (+£100 Trade in Available) @ Samsung EPP/Unidays

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Use the link on Unidays or browse to the Samsung student portal. No login required.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Pro 5 Bluetooth is available for GBP 235 after trading in any working smartwatch. Similar deal available for the 4G model. I feel it's a good deal at the price!

This price includes the trade-in price, additional trade-in bonus and student discount.
Samsung More details at Samsung

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    Figured it out to get this price you need to swap the watch band to a sports one.
  2. Avatar
    Does it use wear Os operating system? Tia
  3. Avatar
    Can you make payments with the watch at shop terminals etc?
    Yeah , has NFC
  4. Avatar
    Anyone else having issues trying to add the trade in part ? It allows me to pick the watch to trade in but then when I try add to deal it just comes up there's an unexpected error and won't allow me to add anything. Tried a few different options.

    So it seems to work if you add the trade in when at checkout instead. (edited)
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    Back in the day I'd have snapped this up in a heartbeat at this price. But with 3 kids I need to make sure I have enough for them to eat and stay warm.

    ...It's being delivered on Friday. (edited)
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    Great price! I bought the strapless version and quite like it paired with a white strap 48529699-xXyBI.jpg
  7. Avatar
    Great watch
    I picked up the one without a strap for for £206 other week.
    Then bought a hybrid strap via samsung.com for a tenner

    I sold my Watch4 for £100 and have claimed the £100 google voucher
    Pretty decent good value upgrade 👌
    May I ask how you got the hybrid strap for a tenner ?
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    No rotating bezel no deal, although this is a good price for it, what is it with companies deleting functionality? The rotating bezel was the best thing about the old watches. (edited)
    Subjective. Havnt missed it at all
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    Not sure why did they remove rotating bezel? Shame..
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    Got this deal delivered last week, i bought a £6 smart watch from ebay at the same time and sent that back as the trade in.

    Loving the watch havent taken it off apart from showers the band is really comfy (edited)
    How is the battery life?
  11. Avatar
    Had this watch for a week. as someone who has the classic 4 42mm, it was just bulky for my liking.

    And I really missed the rotating bezel (the main reason why I returned it)

    The batter life was stellar on it though. Only charged it twice in that week. (edited)
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    Good price, are you eligible for the £100 google play credit with this way?
    Yup so it says
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    This is a fantastic watch. I bought one a month ago. Great battery life with excellent functionality. The trade-in is brilliant too. You can trade in a £20 special! (Smartwatch)
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    Can't seem to get this price though unidays
  15. Avatar
    It is asking me to sign in ?
  16. Avatar
    Heat! Tempting!
  17. Avatar
    Same as the watch 4.

    Shameful that they cannot Innovate. They messed up the s22 as well.
    I love my S22 (from S10). As an owner, what problems have you found?
  18. Avatar
    Anyone gone from the 4 classic to the 5 Pro? Think I'd miss the bezel to manage alarms but tempted for the battery life.

    Is it the same straps?
    You will miss the Bezel, its not even touch sensitive, you have to touch near the screen itself, they really missed a trick with that. It's the main gripe I have, the strap also doesn't sit flat so any duo/triple wireless charger you have won't work unless you change from default strap.

    The two day battery is pretty good tbf thats the main upgrade for me. I also still have the Watch 3 with rotating bezel if im feeling fancy. (edited)
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    Reckon we'll get better deals on this for black friday? I've been eyeing the 4G variety for a while and being able to get it for £300 seems good
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    Great watch, I ordered it last month and it's fantastic. Perfect for general purpose but also sports. However I am far less praising of Samsung's website / shop which has terrible customer support. They still owe me my £100 Google Play voucher but are now pretending the promotion wasn't live for me when it was. I registered for it properly, have screenshots even, and they are being completely obstinate.

    Messaged the higher escalation email (uk.president@samsung.com) but as yet no response despite saying they endeavour to get back within 24h... 3 days ago.
    Don't keep your hopes up. Samsung's customer service has always been awful
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    Manged to pick it up for 264, 30 more than OP because I went for the d buckle magnetic strap awaiting the Google play voucher. Watch arriving next week
    The D buckle is worth the extra £30 i think
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    Anyone found the galaxy 5 Pro 4g version without the strap on the epp? Cheers!
  23. Avatar
    Can i trade in Pixel watch? Wonder how much I will get for that
    Just trade in any chinesium £10 eBay fitness band. That's what I did.
  24. Avatar
    Unfortunately that's almost £100 more than the OP's deal, as the trade in through EPP etc. gets it down to £234.90.
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    48533145-ioCPB.jpg🔥 from me. Picked this up 2mths ago through the Bluelight App with a trade in for £286. Big upgrade from my previous Galaxy watch.
    Why is it a big upgrade? I've still got the 3 and mulling over this
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    Can anyone with the BT version of this watch tell me if you can go for a run without a phone and can still listen to Spotify offline and also have your route saved and then uploaded to runkeeper/strava when it reconnects to your phone when back home?
    I have the 5 (non-pro) along with a subscription to YouTube Music.

    I can sync playlists from YTM and listen while running without taking the phone, and when back in range, it will sync from the Samsung activity app to Strava automatically. Seemingly Spotify supports offline mode too androidcentral.com/how…hes

    I've not tried an outdoor run with the Strava wearOS app but it's feature-light so would stick with the Samsung activity app.
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    Will this work though perks at work? I tried and all I get is system check samsung site is undergoing maintenance
  28. Avatar
    Very good deal
  29. Avatar
    Don't think they're be better deals black Friday
  30. Avatar
    Has anyone ordered more than one watch from Samsung on these trade in deals? I got one a while back, now every time I get the order cancelled the next day with no explanation
  31. Avatar
    How come it won't let me browse without signing in? Then when I do sign in via my Samsung account it asks me to verify my email then when I put my email in I've just signed in with it says a valid email is required
    You need to enter the Samsung EPP site via a 'benefits' site, such as perks at work, totum etc
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    I am trying to get the strapless version but doesn't seem to be available
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    So you can claim Google play vouchers. Has anyone figured out using play credit to pay for either Netflix or Spotify premium?
    i know you can use it for Disney plus - any app that lets you you use the google play store for billing should work
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    Can I trade in smart band or does it have to be smart watch?
    Yes, I traded twice a £8 rubbish fitness tracker from ebay (edited)
  35. Avatar
    Ordered. No issues
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