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Posted 26 December 2022

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Smart Watch + £75 adidas Gift Card - £296.10 / £196.10 After Trade In / Or £283.74 With Buds2 Pro @ Samsung EPP

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Two cracking prices, trade in any smart watch for £100 off via trade in to get the watch and claim £75 adidas gift card for £196.10 which includes the D-Buckle sports band

Further to that, if you add the buds2 pro to basket, then add a trade for those, you can get them for only £87.64 after trade, lowest ever price for them under £90

About this item:

  • GPS route tracking guides turn-by-turn directions for cyclist and hikers
  • The biggest battery in a Galaxy Watch - built for outdoor adventure
  • Measure your body composition with Samsung BioActive sensor
  • Monitor your health around the clock even at night
  • GPS route tracking - The all-new Route Workout feature lets you import GPX format workout routes from your smartphone to your watch, syncing your route list.
  • Long lasting battery - Go hard knowing that your watch can keep up, with the biggest battery capacity among our wearable series.
  • Bioactive sensor – The powerful 3-in-1 Samsung BioActive Sensor controls three health sensors effectively, monitors your heart rate and tracks your cardiovascular health to detect unusual heart rates and blood pressure.
  • Sleep tracker - Our improved sleep tracking technology tracks your sleep stages to help you create healthier sleep habits and identify your sleep.
  • Durable smart watch - Now 2x tougher front display thanks to Sapphire crystal. It even looks indestructible with Black Titanium or Gray Titanium body.
  • Provided when GPX format route file is imported for hiking and cycling and route is set as target under Samsung Health settings.
  • Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Not intended for use in detection, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring or management of any medical condition or disease. Any health-related information accessed through the device and/or application should not be treated as medical advice. Users should seek any medical advice from a physician.
  • Requires Samsung Health app version 6.22.1 or later and paired with Samsung Galaxy Phone with Android 8.0 and minimum 1.5GB RAM

Samsung More details at Samsung

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  1. Avatar
    Out of stock...
  2. Avatar
    I'm getting £328.54 with earbuds.
    49146487_1.jpg@MrSwitch could you help ? (edited)
    Need to add a trade in for the buds too
  3. Avatar
    It says any wireless buds for trade in?
    I'm a bit confused what type of earphones I can use to trade in.

    Is it as long as its wireless? Or do I have to trade in a galaxy wireless earbuds?
    Any wirless, so some cheap ones you no doubt bought from this site
  4. Avatar
    Do you have to wait until you receive it to submit the claim for the & £75 adidas voucher?
    Yeah, as you will need the invoice number, which is only generated on delivery
  5. Avatar
    This is a big watch which is prone to catching and knocking against things. Add that to the coating on the watch body being very easy to mark and adding either a Samsung (or an aftermarket case) is going to keep the watch blemish free without adding too much bulk to the watch.

    Charging is easy if you just rest the watch on its side with the charging port (which is magnetic) attached to the watch. (edited)
    I was scared of scratching mine as I'm prone to knocking my watches against walls, doors, etc. so bought a Spigen case with built-in strap for £20 from Amazon - especially useful as the watch I bought didn't include any strap at all!
  6. Avatar
    Are they going to send email with all the trade in details? Bought the watch but didn’t receive anything regarding the trade in item
    They will send you a bag to return your item in with the instructions
  7. Avatar
    I got one when it was released, its got a good screen but nice had damaged easily around the edges. I'm disappointed with the build quality to be honest
    Damaged like paint peel or dents?
    Did the screen itself get any scratches?
  8. Avatar
    Has anyone claimed the adidas vouchers for more than one watch? (edited)
    Up to 4
  9. Avatar
    Got this delivered last week, have it paired to my pixel 6 and am well impressed with it. The D buckle strap is excellent by the way, had been looking at third party metal straps, but on receipt of watch am delighted with the D buckle. Don't have the thickest of wrists but the way it adjusts is great and it really looks the part. Wondered about charging with it but you just twist the strap to turn it basically inside out to allow you to charge.
    I've got a pixel 6 and can't decide between a pixel watch and this. Can you get all the Samsung functionality and features through your phone?
  10. Avatar
    Cracking deal
  11. Avatar
    Thanks @MrSwitch - didn't realise I have EPP through my work perks and managed to get this - sending in a old Huawei smart watch I don't use anymore so hopefully this links to my new S22 smoothly (edited)
    BTW @MrSwitch quit posting Samsung deals - that's a phone, tablet, laptop and watch I've bought in last 2 months because of you (mind you had cheap trade ins but still...quit it)
  12. Avatar
    I'm going to continue to wait for buy 65" OLED Samung TV with free S22 Ultra and free Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro for £1299 with any TV Trade in.
  13. Avatar
    Worked for me, what a cracking deal, thanks @MrSwitch
    My pleasure man
  14. Avatar
    Ordered the grey one with defence discount to take it under £200 with an old Fitbit I had in a cupboard
  15. Avatar
    The page you requested is not available
    Sorry, we are having a problem executing your request.
    The page you requested could not be found.
    Logged in to the EPP site?
  16. Avatar
    Switch the strap to the cheaper ones and save another £30?
    The other straps aren't available currently unfortunately
  17. Avatar
    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but both colours showing out of stock? Only the LTE one available?
    I've just ordered fine - defo selecting the watch5 pro 45mm version? (edited)
  18. Avatar
    no paypal for me as a payment.
  19. Avatar
    Is a Garmin Forerunner 35 a smart watch??
  20. Avatar
    Would an old broken fitbit charge qualify?
  21. Avatar
    Great deal but mines showing as £229? (edited)
  22. Avatar
    Can i trade in mobile phone? (edited)
  23. Avatar
    I have my basket unfortunately at £317.85.


    49147049-zDnlJ.jpg (edited)
    @MrSwitch can you help?
  24. Avatar

    thanks for the offer.
    For the trading, do you send the watch with its strap or just the watch alone? i actually like my intended trading watch strap.
    Also the buds trading, do you send just the buds or its case aswell if you select any broken. thx
  25. Avatar
    How is the battery of this watch? Better then watch4?
    Yes, got both and the Watch4 battery life really doesn't last more than a day and half for me - this last around 2.5-3 days. Still crap though compared to things like Huawei and Xiaomi watches.
  26. Avatar
    FYI its worth adding the 1 month free insurance just incase 😬
  27. Avatar
    Asking me to enter your employee email address to verify account?
  28. Avatar
    Is there any option to change the strap size?
  29. Avatar
    I’m getting an error when adding the black version?
  30. Avatar
    Both colours OOS now.
    Just bought grey one
  31. Avatar
    I can only get the bids to £96.14, what am I doing wrong? I’m in perks at work.
  32. Avatar
    couldnt get the £40 trade in disc for buds, so left the buds, just went for the watch instead, thanks OP

    How does the Samsung trade in thingamajig work.. Never done a postal trade in before...
  33. Avatar
    does anyone know if samsung will take a broken mi band 6 as a trade in, doesnt power on after a steam \ sauna session
  34. Avatar
    Thanks @MrSwitch .. got both.
    when did you get it?
  35. Avatar
    Showing as OOS/Coming soon. Anyone else have this issue?
    Yep waiting to order black
  36. Avatar
    It is possible to buy the watch only. simply remove the band in the basket after continuing check out.
    or anyone who wanted a third-party stainless steel band. (edited)
    Welcome to the wait!
  37. Avatar
    there were black ones available last night and there are grey ones available now.
    How can Un-expire the deal?
    Done, thanks for that
  38. Avatar
    Can you actually buy any cheap watch from ebay and send it through. I am thinking why to let go of my fossil if thats true
    That's what I did. Bought an £8 amazfit watch from Amazon.
  39. Avatar
    Does this watch work (all features) with non Samsung Android phones ? I have a pixel and don't want the pixel watch. Ive read you can install the Samsung health app (appears to be on Google play store) but the ECG stuff won't work. Any definitive answer ?
    ECG and blood pressure don't work with non-Samsung phones out of the box but can be made to work by installing patched APKs.
    I managed to get everything working between my Watch Pro 5 and Huawei phone by following the instructions in this XDA thread. Took about an hour of faffing about but was well worth it - even if just to get rid of the nagging feeling I'm missing out on a feature.
  40. Avatar
    ordered this a week or so ago but the due date seems to be getting delayed more and more (originally said 12/Jan, then 13/Jan and now 17/Jan). Is there a stock issue?
    Are you looking at the right part?
    Because mine (different deal) still shows the original "Arrives on" date (edited)