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Posted 26 July 2023

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, Unlocked Android Smartphone, 512GB Storage, Mint, 3 Year Extended Warranty (UK Version) with voucher

£949£1,14917% off
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, Unlocked Android Smartphone, 512GB Storage, Mint, 3 Year Extended Warranty (UK Version) amzn.eu/d/6kQi6gF

£100 off original price, plus a further £100 voucher.
Amazon More details at

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You also get 12 months of Disney+ and a free Samsung official Flip5 indigo silicone case with ring. You need to add it via the additional promotions section on the page!

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It looks like Amazon.co.uk is one of the retailers to buy from to get the free Samsung Buds2 Pro via samsungoffers.claims/sam…ing
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Credit @captain_brown for 256GB deal so I checked other option.

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  1. Aftab_Zafar's avatar
    Free case can also be added
    and 50% off starter kit
  2. NotToast's avatar
    that big front screen and Samsung decides to limit it to widgets only
    V1nce's avatar
    It does allow you to run any app on the front screen, but it's a setting you need to enable through the samsung goodlock app
  3. oOFincHyOo's avatar
    Had the flip 3, worst phone I have ever had, I loved it for its compactness in my pocket and the little front screen when folded but after 9 months the screen protector was creasing/cracking down the middle making the screen unresponsive, I took it off, then contacted Samsung as under 1 year warranty “oh you took the screen protector off? £250 please”

    Moral of the story, balls to Samsung, never using their phones again, and balls to flip/fold phones! (edited)
    Lordoflight's avatar
    Flip phones scream easy to break and gimmicky to me. I'm sure they are fine but I just can't see where they fit for me
  4. Sully1's avatar
    This time around - quite terrible offers in place. I mean £949 is not deal by any stretch of imagination.
    alurlol's avatar
    You say that now wait until Apple announce even more price increases this year
  5. mcav's avatar
    Under no circumstances is nearly £1000 a good price for this device.
    afroylnt's avatar
    +1 (million)
  6. fishmaster's avatar
    Flip has to be the worst form factor for a phone. It worked as a feature phone because you hardly used a feature phone back in the day. Now you use it a heck of a lot more, having to open it, first world problems aye but it's less convenient and it offers up reliability issues due to the mechanics and the screen flexing.
    plewis00's avatar
    Agree. The mechanical folding thing was never resolved fully, anything opening and closing like that is going to cause material fatigue and be exposed to dirt and dust in the fragile bits - as well as the displays being as soft as cling film… hardness rating of around 2.

    I honestly think the Surface Duo design might be better as no bending of the substrate.
  7. deleted531767's avatar
    I think in maybe 5 or 6 more iterations they might have nailed this tech. (edited)
    plewis00's avatar
    Probably. I mean they can’t even eliminate the crease yet, which is quite disappointing for a £1k Flip (more noticeable) or £2k Fold… 
  8. TechNinja's avatar
    This year Samsung pre order deals are not good.
    prisat's avatar
    It never was actually.
    Not just samsung. Same with apple as well.
  9. jco83's avatar
    Amazon not offering any monthly payment options it seems. *❌ WRONG! They are (edited)
    deleted531767's avatar
    Why not pay it in full? (edited)
  10. OllieFTH's avatar
  11. yoyo59's avatar
    Wait 6 months and get it for 300 like flip4! Lol
  12. deleted1945554's avatar
    The flip has been done to death.

  13. RoosterNo1's avatar
    Screen glass is now that good, my 3 year old phone is still mint.
    WHY would you go back to a plastic one
    A gimmick too far imho
  14. cheekchap's avatar
    Would've bitten but Leaks were wrong, still no Dex on Flips.
    Forecaster's avatar
    For Dex you'll have to wait for Flip'n'Folds instead.
  15. half_empty_soul_'s avatar
    samsung done it again, in USA total cost after trade in for example flip 4 and voucher is $50 with buds 2 pro its $100
    UK and EU pays for freaking muricans deals
    babydinosaur's avatar
    They frequently show price before VAT in the States because the tax rate is different per state, so it would show as cheaper. Is that what they've done there?
  16. dealhunter6k's avatar
    V5 and I still don't know anyone with one, nor have I actually ever seen anyone with one.
    ChrisRX's avatar
    So? What does that matter?
  17. werdoomed's avatar
    My other half was interested in one of the galaxy flip phones, we went down to the O2 shop and they told us that they are rubbish.
    prisat's avatar
    Different people, different opinions and different preferences.
  18. prisat's avatar
    in 2023 when i see small pieces of gadgets costing 1000 £'s, lol...
    plewis00's avatar
    When you think of it like a mobile computer and something you interact with for hours each day, it’s not so hard to justify.
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