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Skechers Mens Air Cushioning Trainers (Sizes 6 - 9.5) - W/Code via App

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About this deal

Reduced to £25, extra £5 with code via the app.

Currently £39.99 at M&M Direct

Delivery is £4.99

Sizes Available


  • SKECHERS low profile lace up trainers with Air Cooled memory foam cushioning and Skech-Air shock absorbing midsole.
  • Synthetic and textile upper.
  • Textile lining.
  • Lace fastening.
  • Padded ankle.
  • Air Cooled Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole.
  • Skech-Air shock absorbing midsole.
  • EVA sole.

Help & Information

Studio More details at
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  1. Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Never used “Studio”, are they reliable?
    little_green's avatar
    No problems with buying but hassle to return (edited)
  2. Felix_1's avatar
    It would be a cracking deal if somehow we can manage to cut the shipping cost.
    crofter's avatar
    You can't. All Mike Ashley owned online shops have that £4.99 basic delivery charge.

    He probably makes a nice profit out of that alone.
  3. sonosppp's avatar
    oh yay childrens sizes
    finknottle's avatar
    Counselling is available if you feel you’ve something to compensate for pal. We all come in differing proportions  
  4. Dantooine's avatar
    Does anyone else remember Skechers years ago when they were half decent looking and didn't resemble old peoples orthopaedic shoes
    BargainBully's avatar
    Yup, they used to feel/look good.
    Current ones? I'd rather poop in my own hands and clap. Horrible things.
  5. idontwant123's avatar
    Ordered thanks. Hope they’re comfy & true to size
  6. zocom's avatar
    Ordered thanks
  7. stroppyjock's avatar
  8. Durzel's avatar
    Ordered. Thanks.

    My working from home shoes are falling apart, so these will do nicely.
  9. j0nY90's avatar
    Thanks op

    but what about the men with big feet?

    Those are ladies sizes lol
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    I know 2024 ladies that are buying larger 10+ shoe sizes. It’s becoming very common now, not just men anymore
  10. darkstryder360's avatar
    No Arch Fit - still worth getting?
  11. wonger73's avatar
    Do you have to open an account and have a credit check to purchase?
    PD2K79's avatar
    No, you can chose to pay in full by card/PayPal, or open a credit account.
  12. wonger73's avatar
    Is APP the discount code I have tried to use that as a guest but it didn't work.Do you have to set up an account to use the code as I'm wondering willl they do a credit check if I do that?
    PD2K79's avatar
    No credit check.

    Set up an account online - when you pay you are given the option of:

    Studio Pay - credit check
    Pay in full - no credit check
  13. KeepForgettingPassword's avatar
    Page is not loading for me, or even the homepage (access denied message).
    PD2K79's avatar
    Just tried and it’s working ok for me but yesterday I was getting access denied messages for ASOS via the links here
  14. matais's avatar
    Code isn't working for me, coming back with: Sorry, that promotional code is invalid
    PD2K79's avatar
    Are you using the app? Code doesn’t working on their website 
  15. Justintime12's avatar
  16. markpolke's avatar
    The hobbit lads will love this!
  17. zocom's avatar
    No 9.5 for me and £4.99 delivery to store
  18. Stuart_Badg's avatar
    Great trainers for the price. Cist me £30 though still good value, I think
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