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Posted 11 July 2022

Status Mains Kit (For Camping Electric Hookup) £20 (Clubcard Price) @ Tesco

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Cheapest I could find by far. Just £20 with a club card. This is the version with USB ports too.

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  • Product Description
  • Status Mains Kit
  • Ideal for camping, the Status Portable Mains Kit will allow you to safely connect to a camp site electricity supply. The mains kit includes - Heavy duty 16 amp IP44 rated connector with a 15 metre cable. For added safety, RCD circuit breakers will shut down the electricity supply if a fault is detected. 3 x UK 3 pin mains and 2 x USB sockets. Also included is a carry handle, tent pole clips and a power on indicator.
  • H38cm x W9.5cm x D12cm
  • Safely Connect To The Campsite Mains Supply
  • Circuit Breakers For Added Safety
  • 3 x UK 3 Pin Mains and 2 x USB Sockets. 15 Metre Cable

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  1. stinkyknuks's avatar
    Can't find the length?
    pazzyt's avatar

    Replying to

    You can make 10M extender leads up with the right grade 1.5mm or 2.5mm 3 core external flex ,the blue male and female connectors are cheap enough in say Toolstation.
    Check online for correct the wiring termination diagram though the Live/ Neutral pins are not usually marked on the connectors and its too easy to reverse the wires
  2. kneale81's avatar
    You can search if a store has stock in it on the Groceries app. It even tells you which aisle the item is located. (edited)
  3. Welcome2Nell's avatar
    Is this any good to run electric to a shed?
    tievolu's avatar
    Only temporarily. A permanent installation requires a new circuit on its own RCD at the consumer unit, with armoured cable going to the shed, preferably buried about 50cm underground. You need an electrician to do it properly because it's notifiable under part P of the building regs.
  4. UsefulRanger's avatar

    47775495-BcsPV.jpg (edited)
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    Replying to

    You have, or you Havant?
  5. tievolu's avatar
    The website says they're back in stock for me too, so I've unexpired this.
  6. Boony2310's avatar
    Picked one up at Leicester Beaumont Leys today.
  7. mxer450's avatar
    Had one for 3 years never been able to get EHU pitch always have to rough it lol
  8. slex88's avatar
    Great deal. Thanks OP. Just ordered for collection from Tesco Hanley.
  9. ccs_digital's avatar
    PIcked one up in Tesco Extra St Helens last night, had several more on the shelf too.
  10. sagem's avatar
    Wow that is so cheap for one with USB ports! Out of stock for me
  11. d8smt's avatar
    Out of stock
  12. Catalin_Pascu's avatar
    Still in stock, just ordered one in Nottingham
  13. yellowplum's avatar
    Can you cut the plug off at the end and wire up a 3pin?
    Andrew_Smart's avatar
    Yes you could
  14. MicksteryMan's avatar
    V good, I got one in the Spring for £25 second hand although seemingly unused...no USB's ...and thought that was decent
  15. mrspatch's avatar
    Thanks OP.. Just collected mine in with our shopping
  16. Alex_Z's avatar
    Im pretty desperate for this.. how come its saying in stock for others and out of stock for me, does it allocate me to my local branch?
    warfish's avatar
    It's letting me order it (near Nottingham). Although it says I need to pay a £4 basket fee unless I spend £25 and I did find a collection slot for 25p. I think I'll drive down though and see if they actually have stock.
  17. measures's avatar
    Having no luck getting one of these
  18. soapqueen040's avatar
    Grrrr out of stock in London
  19. deleted543435's avatar
    Been in 4 stores, non of them stock it
  20. foolsgold99's avatar
    Excellent ordered it with my usual food order and arrived yesterday
  21. EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Should I give up? There seems no way to have it delivered or check stock anywhere?
  22. deleted2447758's avatar
    I had my order cancelled with no notification at all. Showed up to the shop to collect it, wasn't there. Tried to rearrange for delivery from three dirrebt stores, no luck, removed from basket every time. I'm proper guttrled, really wanted it for a camping trip I have booked in the summer, next cheapest is £45 with USB slots
  23. vanilla8's avatar
    I have an order coming from Romford tonight
  24. scubajoe's avatar
    I collected mine this afternoon. Plenty of stock in Glasgow Silverburn.
    Thanks OP.
  25. markiedon's avatar
    I bought one tonight off the shelf in Ayr.

    There was one more left.
  26. Leeeroy's avatar
    plenty on the shelf at prestwich tesco if anyone's local. they are with the car things - NOT the camping section
  27. measures's avatar
    Managed to grab one this week woohoo!
  28. rosydozy's avatar
    Will this work on a European campsite? I’m not sure if the hookup plug is the same?
  29. UsefulRanger's avatar
    Still oos in every store I’ve checked
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