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Steam Sale : Left 4 Dead 85p/ GTA Complete Ed. £5.09/ Max Payne Bundle £2.99/The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY £6.99/ Disco Elysium £8.74 & More

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    This is an extremely useful site that shows the price history of games (on Steam, Epic store, GOG etc). It also shows the price history from grey key sellers like CDKeys.

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    Does Portal get upgraded to the RTX version in the bundle?
    It’s a free dlc for all portal owners, Google it
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    Psychonauts 2 (£18.69) and Kena: Bridge of Spirits (£15.99) are the cheapest I've seen them available specifically for Steam (might have been cheaper on other storefronts).
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    I can strongly recommend Death Road to Canada. Only £2.74 and a great title on Steam Deck!
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    My steam deck isn’t ready for this…
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    Ah perfect. Was l;ooking for Portal 2 cheap yesterday as have a mate I wanna do co op with but it was 9 quid. I'll bite at 85pence!!! thanks op
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    Someone link me up to a good deal on a steam deck. I gotta have me some of these bargains!
    Best deal on the Steam Deck is probably just from the Steam Store itself. They are only selling direct, and they don't look to be reducing the price any time soon.

    Just got mine and I love it. Went for the 256gb, but games load fast enough from SD that the 64gb would be fine. It's still a little rough round the edges, but a hell of a machine for the price. (edited)
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    I really tried this time - BUT, I have checked through the sales and can't find anything I want to play that isn't cheaper elsewhere
    I agree. I got £50, credit for my birthday on Steam. But feels wrong to pay extra on Steam when I can get the games I want for £1+ cheaper else where.
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    I was hoping Nier Automata would be in the sale. Can't find a cheap key anywhere, and it hasn't been on sale for ages.
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    Wow half life alyx down to £19.99 - bargain!
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    Been waiting for this! Thanks
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    £8.74 seems a reasonably low price for Disco Elysium doesn't it? I know it's worth that and more, but I wonder if there have been better offers at other times. Given my backlog I could probably wait a year to play it!
    It was this price a few weeks back - its the same for most of the games. Its like deja vu.... I was expecting better.

    Ill probably pick up RDR2 though. £18 aint a bad price...
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    Had to bite at that portal bundle.. almost paid full price a month or so ago
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    I remember back in the day when i had only 762 games. Lol
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    Just picked up Midnight Express and The Ascent (with all DLC) for about £25 all in - both verified for Steam Deck.

    Between pouring hours into both Darktide and MW2 on my new 4090, these were pointless purchases.
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    Little nightmares 1+2 for £11 amazing games, similar to limbo
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