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[Steam] Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (PC) - £5.09 @ Steam Store
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
The Complete Edition includes Grand Theft Auto IV and the Episodes – The Lost and Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony. Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, and Luis Lopez all have one thing in comm…
Avatar thewrecker7477
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worth a buy then?


You tried any of the mods/patches? On the steamdeck


If anyone has a Steam Deck this runs like a dream on it - out of the box it seems better optimised than my gaming rig (3070Ti). I think not having the settings maxed out makes the difference. Perfect game for a handheld as most the missions are quite short.


I suspect it’s a bit like how every other game from Epic died horribly, because they realised that every penny spent on a task other than Fortnite was a waste; Rockstar are All GTA Online, All The Time now.


I think the expectation is that one of the most successful game companies in history would fix one of the biggest selling games in history.

Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox One / Series X/S - Xbox Hungary - £4.73 (2,135.00 HUF No VPN needed) @ Xbox Store
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Now running at a rock solid 60FPS on series S/X this The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. What does the American Dream mean today? For Niko Bell…

You can grab the complete edition in one retail box for £15 from CEX, or £13 if you buy both the game itself and the dlc retail disc from CEX, assuming you have a Series X to put the discs into, but otherwise it would cost you £16.40 from the MS 360 store digitially version of everything.


how do you get the dlc for this these days? I want to try the Ballad of Gay Tony


It has the best main character and story, for sure. A lot don't like the missions of the main game, but the second DLC has a bit more variety. The graphics are dated and the combat is basic, but the atmosphere, music, and, as I said, story are all still top notch. I wouldn't worry about feeling forced into friend activities, they are entirely optional and the perks make little difference to the game. I still play it once every couple of years. One thing is that one of the last missions (you have s choice between two paths) is bugged on Series X as you have to push the X button repeatedly to complete an action and it doesn't work at 60fps.


I tried playing it the other day but just couldn't do it with how blurry it looked. Almost like someone has smeared butter all over the screen. I think the DLC is on sale through the game too just now.


This is the best in the series!

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5): Premium Online Edition PC Rockstar Games Launcher - £7.99 @ CDKeys
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Code is for Rockstar Games Launcher What's included with Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5): Premium Online Edition Grand Theft Auto V base game Grand Theft Auto V - Criminal Enterprise Starter …
Avatar tomdavies
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Is this still best price? Looking to buy to play with a pal on laptop and steam deck


I just downloaded this on the PS5 for free. I got $4m for some reason.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition (Switch) £29.95 at The Game Collection
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Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Internet Download Required Three iconic cities, three epic stories. Play the genre-defining classics of the original Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice C…

I've put 20+ hours in to San Andreas and runs smoothly on first gen switch. Only issue I had was with the MADD Dogg mission launching early and not being able to complete. Work around was to go complete other missions then go back to it. Bought when £37 on Amazon so missed these current deals but still generally happy with it.


Oh well, I’ve gone for it! Need to stop buying switch games!!


Still awful on switch though.


Might be the first time I would actually recommend the GTA Trilogy now. The patch did wonders for the game. Hopefully they got another big patch just as one last big push to improve visuals further.


Don’t know why this is being voted cold. After the recent patches this is a very playable game. Haven’t seen this below £35 anywhere so hot from me.

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[PC DVD] Grand Theft Auto IV - £9.99 (New) @ Amazon
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Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Avatar uncleberry
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Can't imagine any collectors are scouring HUKD for sealed copies of decade-old games or will be spurred into action by possibly saving a few quid. Maybe the OP has a specific passion, but without any editorial comment to explain, many of us take a wider view to consider these deals cold.


They are both used copies, op deal is for new hence why I said find a couldn’t find new physical copy cheaper, keep working..


That's for a used copy though. Don't know if this new copy is sealed but there are collectors out there that want NEW/SEALED. I'm not bothered myself but I understand the reasoning when you see games like Mario 64 on N64 and compare the prices between new/sealed and used


Okay mate here we go: 1) Click the link 2) scroll down literally about 100 pixels 3) buy the used copy for £3.25 with free delivery. 4) take the rest of the day off. Certainly not £12. And although we should be happy that people take the time to share deals... spam deals, click bait or affiliate spamming should be called out as it drives people away from the community.


Great game, awful price. I paid £7 for all GTA games up to and including this and the 2 DLC stories on Steam.

Grand Theft Auto V (PS5 & Xbox Series X) £21.85 @ Base
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Obviously the digital version is still on offer on PS5, but if you want a physical version this is a pretty decent price considering RRP is/was meant to be £34.99 (per Techradar ( https://ww…
Avatar notthelongestusernameever
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GTA 5 online download is free to June 14 for PS5 owners you don’t need the PS4 version to claim GTA 5 story mode isn’t free


I’ve been told it’s free now if you have the PS4 version? Below pic sent to me by a friend.


If you've never played it you're missing out. Fantastic game.


I tried finding it on the mobile phone app but that just shows me the free gta v online that I’ve already claimed. Can’t see the ‘new’ ps5 normal game.


Gave it a go the other day and the controls feel really dated, why x to run ?,