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Posted 11 September 2023

[Steam/PC] Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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One person is all that stands between humanity and the greatest threat it’s ever faced. Relive the legend of Commander Shepard in the highly acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy with the Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition. Includes single-player base content and over 40 DLC from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 games, including promo weapons, armors and packs — remastered and optimized for 4K Ultra HD.

Experience an amazingly rich and detailed universe where your decisions have profound consequences on the action and the outcome.

Relive the Cinematic Saga
Heart-pounding action meets gripping interactive storytelling, where you decide how your unique story unfolds.

Three Games, One Launcher: Play through the single-player base content and over 40 DLC from all three games, including promo weapons, armors, and packs.

Remastered for a New Generation: Experience the trilogy in 4K Ultra HD with enhanced performance, visuals, and graphics, all available in HDR.

Visual Improvements on All 3 Games: Updates include enhanced models, shaders, FX, lighting and depth of field, plus full-resolution audio.

Experience the Legend of Shepard
Create and customize your own character — from appearance and skills to a personalized arsenal — then lead your elite recon squad across a galaxy in turmoil.

New Shepard Customizations: With improved hair, makeup, eye color and skin tones you can create your Shepard in a unified character creator with all options available across the full trilogy, or choose to play as the iconic Femshep from Mass Effect 3 now available in all titles.

Gameplay Enhancements for the First Mass Effect Game: Enjoy improved aiming and weapons balance, SFX, better Mako controls, input/controls, squad behavior, cover behavior and gameplay cameras.

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Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition Official Reveal Trailer (4K)

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  1. AngeloPanzera's avatar
    I gotta say i dont need this because i bought it at launch but 10/10 game, worth it at £50 so damn worth it at £10, play it, play it three times best game evar ps. screw EA (edited)
    EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
    Couldn't agree more.

    Paid £40, 100hrs and 3x platinums later I regret nothing. Bought this on PC for ~ £13 a few months back, will play again one day. Only wish they would do the same to Dragon Age before Dreadwolf, but despite the success of this, apparently they're not going to.
  2. Rumcajs_9's avatar
    Mass Effect series is my Top 3 of all time. A must have game.
  3. marcosscriven's avatar
    This gets such rave reviews. Is it a lot of mindless shooting and macho talk? Or is there some puzzle/tactical aspect to it, and genuinely good story telling?
    Richyroo's avatar
    Well there is definitely a lot of talking and genuinely good story.

    There is also a lot of shooting, although I wouldn't call it mindless as you will also mix in yours and your squad mates powers.

    There isn't any puzzle or tactical aspect though.
  4. MaxJenson's avatar
    If you never got to experience Mass Effect back in the day, and/or want to wash away the taste of Starfield from your mouth. Now is the time.
    Frankie77's avatar
    Funny you should say that. I do keep up with the gaming world updates and new releases, but I never pay more than £15 for a game. While people are over hyping Starfield and paying £60 for a game, I've been getting the same enjoyment out of Mass Effect for the first time for less than £10. Patience is the key, i'll play Starfield in my own time. In 10 years maybe.
  5. Relievo's avatar
    I wish I didn't hesitate when this deal was live: hotukdeals.com/dea…771 - I hope it comes back.
    LaurenceGough's avatar
    Damn that was a good price, the bundle doesn't even exist now though... That doesn't look good.
  6. bananabandana's avatar
    Does the PS version get to this level? I think I'd rather play it on PS5. (edited)
    Frankie77's avatar
    It was free with PS Plus back in December. £11.99 with PS Plus now.
  7. Tom_Ratcliff's avatar
    I'm commander Shepard, and this is my favourite deal on the citadel
    Dale_Turner's avatar
    I should go
  8. DQ111111's avatar
    This or starfield?
    Rumcajs_9's avatar
    This 100%
  9. X.marX's avatar
    The best game franchise I have ever played.
  10. MoHoneyMoProblems's avatar
    Like Starfield, but good.
    EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
    What's wrong with Starfield?
  11. RoadieRunner's avatar
    Does anyone know if this works well with steam deck quick resume being EA and their launcher required?
    HairyFist's avatar
    Just finished downloading on my steam deck and playing ME2 right now. The intro is locked 60fps and there's a lot going on on screen. I imagine it'll be the same during normal gameplay.
  12. CAL23's avatar
    I got this on the EA App when it was on Humble Choice. Tempted to pick it up on Steam for the achievements. (edited)
  13. ninjapirate182's avatar
    Been tempted to get BG3 on my deck as need something new to play but was undecided.

    Glad I held off as this will do nicely instead. Only ever played ME1 about ten years ago and can't remember a thing
    EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
    I would not recommend BG3 on Steam Deck at the moment, it's "verified" but it barely runs, sadly.

    I had to turn to my PC for it. Hopefully performance will improve with FSR 2/further patches.
  14. Curiousben's avatar
    Currently playing this on my about to expire EA play on steam deck - any unnecessary bother if I buy this ?
  15. hearmeroar_miaow's avatar
    A man after my own heart
  16. dave1343's avatar
    These haven't aged well
    EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
    They were better than I remembered, especially the third one as I only remembered disappointment!
  17. ninjapirate182's avatar
    Anyone who's played this via steamdeck, how the heck do I get it to actually launch? I've installed it, and then nothing happens when I click play
    Online reading seems to suggest the EA player should have downloaded at some point but doesn't seem to be the case. I've downloaded the game to SD card and have Proton on my core memory, could that be an issue??
    shaunlsmith's avatar
    Which version of Proton are you using? I had the same issue with Elden Ring but once I switched it over to use the experimental version of Proton, it launched with no issues.
  18. Noveed's avatar
    Peak Bioware (shame about the ending of 3rd - still Peak Bioware though!)
    gopolog86's avatar
    did they not change the ending? sure they did as the backlash from fans
  19. Judderman1985's avatar
    Wasn't this free with Amazon Gaming? I missed it and now can't bring myself to pay for it
    Rumcajs_9's avatar
    It was indeed.
  20. adzg91's avatar
    I’ve got a foreign steam account but noticed this has third party DRM. Long shot but anyone have a similar setup and can share their experience setting up please?
  21. shop.uk's avatar
    Just bought it to play it on GeForce NOW.
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