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Posted 12 July 2023

The Cannonball Run Movie - £4.99 @ iTunes Store

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A classic comedy with big name stars and lots of cool cars! Based on a true race event, Burt Reynolds leads an all star cast in this ultimate quest to win The Cannonball Run. A bunch of people in souped-up cars, some disguised, vie for the title of 'Winner' and they'll do anything to get it. Never before has such an amazing array of talent been assembled for one film. We're treated to the combined acting prowess of Roger Moore, Farrah Fawcett, Dom DeLuise, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr, Jackie Chan, Peter Fonda, Bianca Jagger and the one and only Burt Reynolds.
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  1. alanmason's avatar
    I got it when it first came on iTunes. Just a heads up. It doesn’t have subtitles for the Jackie chan Japanese spoken parts. But it does have subtitles if you get it on prime video.
    michael.boundary's avatar
    I can confirm iTunes does have subtitles for the Japanese language spoken parts
  2. Dribbles_MacTavish's avatar
    Loved this film as a kid, not sure if it has dated well though. Very tempted, thanks.

    Heat added
    michael.boundary's avatar
    If you’re on the fence it’s available for free via PlutoTv if you don’t mind the ads.
  3. themachman's avatar
    Love it, but part 2 is better. Though not available anywhere by the look.
    ITV4 have shown it few times though. Still laughed my head off watching it!
    michael.boundary's avatar
    By the looks of things it’s currently only available in the US in SD.
  4. marblestingray's avatar
    ELVIS_THE_PELVIS's avatar
    He’s not a father……. He’s a…… mutha …. 
    gold standard comedy 
  5. Maverick_TF's avatar
    Quality film! This and the second one are brilliant

    Along with Smokey and the Bandit I grew up watching these films over and over as a kid, watching them as an adult for first time was like watching a new film with the innuendos
  6. Dribbles_MacTavish's avatar
    One of my favourite Burt Reynolds films was Hooper, where he played a stuntman. But can't seem to find it whenever I look online to watch it.

    Wait, just found it on YouTube! (edited)
  7. tcf's avatar
    Good film, but the blooper reel on the closing credits is even better.
  8. thefinest1's avatar
    Cannonball Run 2 was the better one i thought! but still this one was a good romp! not to be taken seriously
    ELVIS_THE_PELVIS's avatar
    Very funny 
  9. bussty3's avatar
  10. paul_gynn's avatar
    Had to buy, wish part 2 and cannonball fever were available
  11. ELVIS_THE_PELVIS's avatar
    What a film.


    so believable to watch,like they were not acting.

    da da ddddddddddddddddd
  12. HottUKDealer's avatar
    Love Roger Moore in 2
    themachman's avatar
    He wasn't in 2
  13. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Absolute Classic.

    They just don't make them like they used to.

    Check out some of Burt Reynolds other films if you've never seen them.

    Cannonball run trilogy, Smokey and the bandit trilogy, hooper, sharkey's machine, deliverance, white lightening, the longest yard (better than the vine Jones remake), heat, city heat, stick and many others.
    michael.boundary's avatar
    Burt Reynolds wasn’t in the 3rd Cannonball Run or the 3rd Bandit film.
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