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4TRADE 2 Gang USB Socket 2.1A Brushed SteelTravis Perkins - £8.38 @ Travis Perkins
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Previous deal This 2 gang switched socket has 2 USB ports ideal for charging mobile phones, MP3's and cameras. The USB ports help to Free up your sockets for other devices t… Read more
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I never understand why they feel it necessary to charge more for a different colour.... im after black insert ones.... which are £13!!! Nice spot by the way for those wanting grey!! (y)



Estimated delivery march 2020 lol


Probably right. And I expect he's got a T6 or transit custom and starts work at 10.30am (embarrassed) yet the brexit has made things hard (y)


Got a link?

Nest Thermostat and Google Home Mini bundle for £199.20 inc. VAT with FREE next day delivery @ Travis Perkins
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Brilliant deal for Nest Thermostat AND Google Home Mini, especially when you can buy a Nest Thermostat on its own for £180-£219. Plus they’re also offering free next day delivery o… Read more


I'd like installation bundled


Disappointed with Hive deal, I am now also looking forward to Nest


Same here, require two more, want to see them around the £160 I paid from Screwfix.


Fingers crossed. It was last July I got it at that price

Armstead Contract Matt 10L £15 @ Travis Perkins
Found 16th Oct 2018Found 16th Oct 2018
Thought this seemed really decent seeing as other sellers are pricing it around £27. I've seen the Crown deal (Brilliant white 10L) but not everyone wants brilliant white. Person… Read more
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10% discount for travis account customers as well (y)

Janzbro magnolia as well


Nice one pal


Thanks OP. Ordered for click and collect.


Good paint, good price

2 x Nest Protect 2ND Generation Wired Smoke and CO Detector S3003LWGBWith Code - £162 (with code) @ Travis Perkins
Found 14th Oct 2018Found 14th Oct 2018
Know more, worry less. The new Nest Protect looks for fast burning fires, slow, smoldering fires and invisible carbon monoxide. It speaks up to tell you what the problem is and whe… Read more

Anyone that is on back order - I got a txt saying mine were being delivered today


Looks like this isn’t available anymore as doesn’t deduct and when looking at fine print it says it doesn’t include best smoke detectors 😡😩


FYI opened one of mine and it's manufacture is July 2018 so definitely isn't old stock. In terms of alarms, maybe you have a CO leak in your house... Mine has never gone off unexpectedly, even when cooking it's been pretty good (placed 3-4 meter from hob in open plan). The light is a really good feature, lights the hall for guests when they go to toilet in the night! The cost is high I agree (up front) but works out to £8 a year which isn't too bad for keeping family safe.


The have removed the nest protects from the offer ;(


Yes, posted above, or below, actually

Holdon Chalk Line ABS Body 30m - £1.80 @ Travis Perkins
LocalLocalFound 20th Sep 2018Found 20th Sep 2018
Holdon chalk lines for site measuring and layouts. Heavy duty fiberglass tape Metric and imperial graduations 30m length Soft touch handle Mark straight lines like a pro but … Read more

Low stock nationally.

4TRADE 2 Gang USB Switched Double Socket 2.1A Brushed Steel  £7.55 @ Travis Perkins C&C
Found 14th Sep 2018Found 14th Sep 2018
As above. Good price for the brushed steel type. 10% off click & collect orders using code COLLECT10 Other less 10% qualifying items - worth a look (nerd) ..... travispe… Read more
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Brilliant, was about to buy 3x 2.1a phone adapters for the kitchen which would of cost £15 for cheapo ones. Bought 3 of these sockets instead for £23 today, although had to travel 40 miles round trip to the nearest one with stock. All fitted, look good and work fine. Now need to update the fused spurs lol


Thanks to the OP for posting these, just to let people know the image displayed is incorrect and these have screwheads displayed.


Won’t accept Northern Ireland postcode?


Ordered. Thanks


Nicolas: As in if I changed the sockets in the room to this I ld want a matching light switch too, cheers I called local Travis Perkins to check the same thing. The guy at the branch informed they don't do switches with same finish. So I ordered my switches from Screwfix

Nest  Protect 2ND Generation Wired Smoke Detector and CO2 Detector S3003LWGB £81 with code at  Travis Perkins
Found 14th Sep 2018Found 14th Sep 2018
Usually around £99 for the wired version

You want me to elaborate the fact that I prefer the battery version? Why? It's not rocket science and it's my opinion. What needs to be elaborated? If you must. It's simply that a battery powered one can be placed anywhere. You are not restricted to somewhere with a 240v supply.


Well, trying to work out how to spell the word what for starters! ;)


Please elaborate your comment.


What word is confusing you?


Nest Protect devices "talk" to each other using a mixture of Bluetooth LE and wireless. The wired versus battery choice is purely about how the unit gets its power and has no bearing on how the units communicate with each other. You can easily mix wired and wireless variants with no issues at all. I have four in our house - they are expensive but I live in a tech house, like new tech and they are also practical and potentially life saving devices (yes a £20 alternative would also potentially save your life but how dull are they?! (excited)) When paired with the app, you get notifications of the alarms going off which is useful if you were ever out and there was an alert - you can also start a test from the app and when enabled, it can act as a geofence for other Nest products too (like the thermostat). The lights are also very useful - the white light turns on if you approach a unit in darkness and provides enough light to safely pass - e.g. we have one at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top (outside the bedrooms) and i can get up stairs and into my bedroom without turning the lights on just with the lights the Protect's provide. You also have the peace of mind that the units test themselves daily and give you the green light at night to show all is well. The battery variants need six lithium AA-sized batteries which aren't cheap but I've had my protects for about 3 years now and only changed the batteries once so they last. You can eek more life out of the batteries by disabling some of the features (like the lighting) but that takes away one of the benefits of having them installed IMO. Nest is also integrated into a wide range of home automation platforms too, mine is hooked into my Domoticz platform where I can trigger events based on an alarm (for example turning on all the Philips Hue lights in the house or shutting off the boiler if there was a CO alarm).

Holdon 7 Piece VDE Screwdriver Set £4.80 @ Travis Perkins
Found 12th Sep 2018Found 12th Sep 2018
Free c&c. Holdon 7 Piece Vde Screwdriver Set. Professional tools for electricians, rated to 10,000 Volts. Rated to 10,000v 3.5mm x 75mm Slotted Screwdriver 4.0mm x 100mm … Read more



Mick_Willis: All of the cheaper sets have Phillips screwdrivers most UK electrical terminals are POZIDRIVE so they don't work properly & will wear out quickly.


Thanks OP managed to order a set with the additional 10% using code “DISCOUNT10”


Just bought 2 and stanley blade £2 good find


Or pay £12 delivery

Knauf Insulation Earthwool 170mm £13.20@ Travis Perkins (C&C)
Found 9th Sep 2018Found 9th Sep 2018
£13.20 for 170mm loft insulation. Free delivery over £50. If you go in store I find Travis Perkins are always willing to deliver for free regardless of cost.
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Seem multi-buy discount has ended.


Website lists bulk saving if buy 4 or more of £12 per roll inc. VAT. Is it worth getting 100mm thickness and double laying it? As 100mm (8.3m2 coverage) compared to 170mm thickness (4.9m2 coverage).


I’ve used this on a nice number of occasions, simple to cut and does make a difference. Made from recycled glass bottles apparently.


Its ok as in its cheap but it the worst rockwool i have used will need to use a mask !!


cheers op, the free delivery over £50 swung it for me

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt Magnolia 7.5L Paint for £24 @ Travis Perkins
Found 4th Sep 2018Found 4th Sep 2018
We are in the middle of painting the new house and wanted a nice colour to cover the ugly bright purple previously present in the rooms. Went to Homebase over the weekend and pick… Read more

This is good paint, I use it on walls and ceilings (white) Nice and thick with good coverage, much better than standard paint.


Don't know about the price but disappointed that not a record as per my keyword feed (shock)

Bosch GSB 18V Li-ion Professional Compact Combi Drill Set 2 X 3.0Ah Batteries and Accessories  £108 when you C&C @ Travis Perkins
Found 9th Aug 2018Found 9th Aug 2018
Bosch GSB 18V Li-ion Professional Compact Combi Drill Set 2 X 3.0Ah Batteries and Accessories £108 when you C&C @ Travis Perkins
With hard case. The Bosch GSB 18V combi drill is equipped with electronic cell protection, protecting the battery against overload, overheating and discharge. The electronic motor … Read more

It’s a proper quality drill, better than the DIY level stuff from Bosch/DeWalt/Makita. It’s not brushless though so there is better high end stuff around from the big brands. But you’d pay a lot more


I have just got my one how does this compare to de Walt and Makita


Still a great price in my opinion. You won't be disappointed


£12 off. I’m still buying one at full price. Took me long to decide


Mine too, however on closer inspection it looks like one it's included! If you look at the picture on the side of the box there is no bit holder in the screwdriver bit set. Makes no sense at all but at least you know you're not missing anything

4TRADE 2 Gang USB Switched Double Socket 2.1A Brushed Steel £8.39 @ Travis Perkins C&C
Found 8th Aug 2018Found 8th Aug 2018
4TRADE 2 Gang USB Switched Double Socket 2.1A Brushed Steel £8.39 @ Travis Perkins C&C
As above £6.99 plus VAT - Appears to be a good price for the brushed steel type. Polished Chrome also available same price.......… Read more
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I’m just saying that’s the proper way to do it, as when you push the socket unit back in, chances are you will loosen the connection easily if it wasn’t tighten properly.


Electricians get so elitist sometimes, and really don't need to 'fully understand electrical installations' to replace a socket, you can start claiming you need to do lots of safety checks for equipotential bonding or some other fluff. Most of the training you get is for installations much greater than home environment. If there is an undetected fault condition exposed from adding a couple of USB chargers to a circuit, who's fault is that? the previous electrician who hasn't done his job correctly? - or we just blame the DIY'er who has just swapped a socket? The certificates you get don't necessarily mean you actually fully understand anything, just that you remember aspects of the training you had. Likewise, someone who has passed his driving test doesn't make them a good driver. We all know electricity can kill you if the dangers are not respected. Then again, so can falling asleep in the bath. If you're stupid enough to work on or touch live wires when changing a socket, or decide to take a bath when you can't keep your eyes open.....then i put that down to natural selection.


Yes I have. Look at my other replies... It's a fast charger which will only charge fast if it's connected to the adaptor, connecting through a direct USB connection takes hours. How is this news, I have no idea. 99% of modern smartphones have fast charging, I'm guessing you're using a 5 year old Galaxy S4 or an iPhone if you need explaining on how it works.


the delivery is a bit steep from here £12


so you've got a usb plug plugged into a socket that has a usb plug :/

Nest-Black-3RD-Generation-Smart-Learning-Thermostat-and-3RD-Generation-Stand £179.28 @ Travis Perkins
Found 31st Jul 2018Found 31st Jul 2018
Nest-Black-3RD-Generation-Smart-Learning-Thermostat-and-3RD-Generation-Stand £179.28 @ Travis Perkins
Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat with stand is £179.28 on Travis Perkins

Thanks buddy


The box does have a link that you can then find local installrrs. Mine cost £80 to install.


Hi there. Can anyone comment on getting it installed? Please.


Gen 2 controls hot water as well- mine has been running since 2016 and reduced my gas bill by £250 a year since install (same usage last 2 years roughly) versus 2014-16.


I had the 1st gen and just installed the 3rd gen in my new home. Very little difference. I needed the 3rd gen as it controls hot water for a conventional system. I think 1 and 2 only do combi boilers... Great product and this is a good price.

Buy two wired/battery-powered Nest Protect Devices for £162.00 @ Travis Perkins
Found 27th Jul 2018Found 27th Jul 2018
Buy two wired/battery-powered Nest Protect Devices for £162.00 @ Travis Perkins
Decent price for the wired Nest Protect if you are planning to get two. Works out at £81 each when you use the 10% off voucher (only possible if spending £150 or more exc. VAT). Ca… Read more

Customer services are reporting back as OOS for the wired version with no ETA


Heat from me. I bought one of the BT Shop ones and fitted last night. It's great. Even the wife approved. So need to get another 2, one for the loft which has some wiring I can use, and one for the ground floor, which needs a battery one; and looks like I can get one of each and still do the discount. Thanks, OP!


That’s a great deal for a great product! Luckily I said “usually” (excited)


Well obviously I don't know what future purchasers will get, but I ordered two 3 days ago - they are due to expire in May 2028. So I lost 2 months yes, but not in proportion to the discount! :)


Usually if the price drops it’s because they are old stock, so you don’t get the full 10 years of life. Therefore the price is just a percentage. Two years old stock, pay 80%.

Makita 1500W table saw MLT100/2 ( 240V / 110V ) £348 @ Travis Perkins
Found 10th Jul 2018Found 10th Jul 2018
Makita 1500W table saw MLT100/2 ( 240V / 110V ) £348 @ Travis Perkins
Makita MLT100/2 is a 240 volt table saw with a 260mm TCT blade and 1500 watt motor. Capable of cutting up to 93mm at 90 degrees. Electric brake Double Insulation TCT Blade Incl… Read more
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Around the same price elsewhere so no really a spectacular bargain.


Thanks for sharing - heat :)

Milwaukee M18BPD 18v Combi Drill, 3 x 3ah Batteries, Charger etc £151.20 @ Travis Perkins
Found 25th Jun 2018Found 25th Jun 2018
Milwaukee M18BPD 18v Combi Drill, 3 x 3ah Batteries, Charger etc £151.20 @ Travis Perkins
Was in two minds about posting this as I'm sick of mods pulling my deals down, but it's a really good deal and thought someone would benefit. The batteries and charger are worth tj… Read more
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Gutted oos


Thanks for that. A bit sad I missed it. Good find :)


It was £151, but now it's gone up to £168 so I've expired it (y)


Thanks. How come it's listed as £151


It was £168 inc Vat.

Bosch GSB 18v Li-ion Professional Compact Combi Drill Set 2 X 3.0Ah Batteries, Case, Charger & Screwdriver Bits £108 @ Travis Perkins Delivered or C&C
Found 14th Jun 2018Found 14th Jun 2018
Bosch GSB 18v Li-ion Professional Compact Combi Drill Set 2 X 3.0Ah Batteries, Case, Charger & Screwdriver Bits £108 @ Travis Perkins Delivered or C&C
As above. 10% on click and collect orders only brings this deal down to £108 Delivery also available. Decent price with 2 x 3Ah batteries, drill/screwdriver bits, charger & … Read more
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Nice one thanks ordered heat added!


Depends really on what you paid and battery power, how many batteries ? The model you have mentioned is brushless’ that’s an advantage over the Bosch, but is a drill / driver ( no hammer drill function ) so it’s not a combi drill where as the Bosch is. torques are similar decent from both brands so other then yours not being a combi drill I’d say you’ve bought a decent drill.


I purchased a few days ago a DEWALT DCD777N is this combi drill any better?


No this has brushes.

Hive Active Heating (Heating and Hot Water) Self Install - Free shipping - £150 @ Travis Perkins
Found 29th Apr 2018Found 29th Apr 2018
Hive Active Heating (Heating and Hot Water) Self Install - Free shipping - £150 @ Travis Perkins
First post! Seems a good deal compared to elsewhere. Free shipping until Monday. Also 3% TCB.
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I've tried it close to the first rad on the system set high, and last rad in the conservatory. Either position overshoots. and then takes a while to drop and it's during this period can feel cool. Apparently Hive does not have TPI which most cheaper thermostats have (apparently stops burning gas as it approaches target temp to see if it temp continues to rise, but the keeps burning small amounts to keep as close to target). There's a massive thread on Hives website relating to this issue


If you're house is feeling cold surely that would suggest you've got the thermostat in the wrong place? Try moving it.


Depends what you have now. If you have the traditional ancient setup of a mechanical room thermostat and a separate time controller, putting control of both time and temperature into a single programmable device has benefits - such as being able to set different temperatures at different times of day. But you can achieve this with a £30 programmable room thermostat. Having it connected to the internet is useful if you go away, so you can switch it off while you're away and have it back on for when you return. I'm not sure if the Hive does this, but the Nest has a feature where it monitors how long it takes your heating to work and also checks the current weather outside and adjusts the time for starting the heating accordingly - i.e. if you want it at 22 degrees for 7am then it might turn the heating on at 6am if it's a particularly cold morning, or 6:30am if it's not.


I managed to get the fully installed option + kit for a total of £151 during a recent eBay 20% promotion. I swithered about self install but with an older Ideal ISAR boiler I thought it worthwhile paying for a professional. Given it took him nearly three hours to install the kit I think that was money well spent - I suspect it would have taken me a lot longer!


I admit I know next to nothing about Hive, but I'm starting to want one. We are running on an oil boiler, can I use it? I take it, it is just a remote (smart) thermostat?

LocalLocalFound 7th Apr 2018Found 7th Apr 2018
DeWALT DCM563PB Hedge Trimmer 18v BODY ONLY one of the latest 18v range extension to the popular XR DeWALT system allowing professional performance with the big bonus of using cord… Read more

No, but you could have bagged a battery and charger that did with the £67 left over :)


Dewalt Test



No, will not


does th Does the Makita version fit my Dewalt batteries then?