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LOGIK LHP8W22 8 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White £329 delivered @ Currys

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Looks great cheapest deal so far online great reviews

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  • Heat Pump technology dries your laundry at lower temperatures, which protects your clothes and saves you a bit of energy, too
  • The 8 kg capacity means you can wash a whopping 40 t-shirts, or even a double duvet
  • Sensor drying protects your clothes from being damaged by overdying – the cycle stops when garments are at the perfect level of dryness, helping your clothes stay looking newer for longer
  • With the rapid Shirts 20' program you can have up to 3 shirts ready to be ironed in as little as 20 minutes – perfect for when you forget to dry your top for a night out
  • It has an LED drum light that turns on automatically when you open the door
  • Capacity: 8 kg
  • Energy rating: A++
  • Sensor drying

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  1. Avatar
    Playstation 1 consoles have shot up in price
    Glad it wasn't't just me. I thought it was one until I re-read the title.
  2. Avatar
    only 1 year warranty, granted can extend to 5 years for £90

    Think it's worth taking out the warranty, you need to run these at least a few years to start to make the running costs saving over a regular condenser dryer.

    I have a Samsung heat pump dryer, it cost £560 a couple of years ago, has broken down twice, fixed FOC, glad of the included 5 year warranty. I know I can run it for at least 5 years with the warranty without additional cost, I based the running cost per load savings over that period against the cheaper condenser dyer
  3. Avatar
    I have one of these, best thing I've bought this year, uses less than 1kWh of electric to dry a load, it's in the garage though so it will be interesting to see how it fairs when the temperatures drop.
    Curious too, that's the only reason I've avoided heat pump.
  4. Avatar
    Does that have a container where the water is collected? Or a pipe?
  5. Avatar
    I have one of these, it's superb and dries clothes very quickly. The fluff filter is slightly annoying at first but you get used to it.
    Hi, do you know if you can reverse the door?
  6. Avatar
    10-28 days delivery……
  7. Avatar
    looks like is made by beko
  8. Avatar
    We have one.

    Great little unit, not too noisy. Have it in the kitchen and the noise is less than our previous vented machine. Cost is far less and the humidity is less sensor seems to work well and stops the load so it doesn't dry out the clothes and damage them (most modern dryers do).

    For the money, great unit.

    The 18 model gets better reviews, but they're difficult to find.
    Do you know if the door can be reversed so it can be opened leftwards as opposed to rightwards?
  9. Avatar
    That's a lot of money for a tumble dryer.
    Not for a heat pump dryer. This is very affordable for that technology.
  10. Avatar
    Does this have a water container or a pipe where the water goes out? (edited)
    A container that has to be emptied every time.

    Wife didn't like the idea but doesn't care now as its so easy.

    I'm fairly sure theres no official retrofit option for an outlet pipe.
  11. Avatar
    What’s difference between these and the beko condenser dryer?
    The difference is this isn't a condenser dryer this is a heat pump dryer it works using a heat pump and is far more efficient and therefore costs less to run.
  12. Avatar
    We have one. Old cold house in Scotland and in the utility room with no heating at all. Works perfectly. Great buy.
  13. Avatar
    Says 20 quid delivery
  14. Avatar
    I have a condenser version of that which is very good but it badged Electra, might be worth checking out if they have a version
  15. Avatar
    thanks OP
    my dryer broke this morning so purchased this. reviews seem good too
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