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Web hosting (100 GB), domain name and Office 365 email for 1 year £14.40 @ GoDaddy
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
1 website 100 GB storage Free domain name Unmetered bandwidth Free Business Email - 1st year 24/7 support

Terrible host, I’ve had cancelled services with them for years and they still pester me constantly calling, emailing, despite me unsubscribing from everything. Nearly as bad as 1and1 🙈


Namecheap is fantastic. Great company.


Yep, they're very good. Including their live chat which you rarely get kept waiting, and they actually try to answer any queries, unlike godaddy who love to sell you trash products in live chat, that do absolutely nothing to resolve the issue you have.


I have used namecheap for about 10 years now. Full email on two account plus personal domain hosting costs me about £6 a year give or take


GoDaddy? No ta.

GoDaddy domain name registration only 1p!
Found 5th Nov 2016Found 5th Nov 2016
GoDaddy domain name registration only 1p!
GoDaddy are now offering 1p domain name registrations for the first year!

I wonder who owns them


Showing up as 4.49 How do you get 1p?


They spam me with emails every day asking me to renew. Their customer support is phone only. I phoned up for them to stop emailing me. I still get emailed everyday. Never again.


the worst customer experience I've had - cold


Can't you move away from them before renewal?

.com Domain for 0.99 plus cashback with go daddy
Found 2nd Apr 2015Found 2nd Apr 2015
.com Domain for 0.99 plus cashback with go daddy
Go Daddy has been very supportive over time as i have been with them for some time.24/7 phone support in this price with possible cashback i doubted you can go wrong, well that's j… Read more

I know this is an old thread, but if you've used the cheap codes already and don't want to sign up for a new account, try asking live chat for a voucher code. Worked for me.


ah, now I remember someone mentioning this last week. I will go and see if I can find any useful guides online. Thanks!


You can do it all for free including hosting via Google. And buy a domain name at any time for it


great timing OP. I am looking at setting up a simple website for pictures to accompany my coolcarcuffs etsy shop but am a bit unsure as to how to proceed. i might get a free one using at wordpress using the extension hope this gets hot so there are lots of helpful comments!


once you have purchased a domain if you want to set up multiple emails for that domain for free check out yandex mail with custom domain.

£0.81 (inc. fees) .com domains on GoDaddy!
Found 13th Oct 2014Found 13th Oct 2014
£0.81 (inc. fees) .com domains on GoDaddy!
Great domain price for a .com for UK customers! Note that it's only this price for the first year so you may want to change provider after then! EDIT: If you can't get it to work … Read more

Yeah I got the hosting from another place. I posted another Godaddy code up what offered private registration and domain for cheap.


For that price I doubt it! You can get it easily enough from elsewhere there if you know what you're doing or if you don't I guess you can buy it from them!


Can anyone please tell me what comes with the domain. Is email included along with a page to build a website?


I was not aware of this! Not good to hear about :/


No that's not the right offer, :S, sometimes it doesn't seem to work! Try googling ".com £0.69 domain" to find the offer!

£0.69 .com domain from Go Daddy
Found 15th Aug 2014Found 15th Aug 2014
£0.69 .com domain from Go Daddy
Not the world's favorite site but luckily domains are one thing you can set and forget. And at 69p it would be mad not to take it. (Not sure if this includes the 11p ICANN fee?) … Read more
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doesn't work for me, goes from 69p plus 11p icann fee to 1.99 plus 6.99 for a second year ..


Paragon internet groups cloud/cluster platform seems ok, They have 3 different brands with slightly different pricing/limits, using it via their TSOhost brand to host a few sites after I couldn't be bothered to maintain my own VPS for that purpose anymore.


been to the website and where is it???????????????????????? 0.69 per year every year or only first year or only the monthly cost???????


bluehost (been with them for 3yrs and no probs) or 1and1 (been with them 7yrs, a bit dearer but good service)


What site do people recommend for domain and website build/manage for an ecommerce site? Not fussed about saving a few quid as long as service is good

SPECIAL OFFER! SAVE 20%* OFF YOUR ORDER OF £41 OR MORE! New Private Registrations just £2.55 per year!
Found 14th Dec 2013Found 14th Dec 2013
SPECIAL OFFER! SAVE 20%* OFF YOUR ORDER OF £41 OR MORE! New Private Registrations just £2.55 per year!
Simple special offer, Spend £41 or more then get 20% with go daddy, I think it is pretty neat offer, what do you think?
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Owner is a dick. Go with namecheap. I switched to them from godaddy and have had no issues plus their open exchange service is better than the email service at godaddy. But that's just my opinion.


I always go with the cheapest providers when buying a domain as I host with a different company. I can save as much as £10 per domain just by researching promo codes and using alternating domain sites. I know that godaddy have a data centre in the Netherlands but I don't know if they host from there.


So the ad says normally £6.49 for a address for 1 year. Even two years ago i paid £7.10 for a 2 year lease for a Also not sure where their hosting is ie. UK or offshore?


Is there a code for this please? Don't forget there 42% cashback through TCB.


Ahhh! So this is when you set up a domain with Go Daddy! I think you may want to add in a bit more info onto your title Apart from that, I am not sure how much these normally cost so I will not be voting

Domain hosting half  price for 12 months + Free Domain £1.00 @ GoDaddy
Found 28th Jun 2013Found 28th Jun 2013
Domain hosting half price for 12 months + Free Domain £1.00 @ GoDaddy
first month $1. three different packages
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and as i have a domain name reg with them, will there be costs to divert that url to another provider ? thanks


can someone please tell me who's the best domain provider ?


Cold for the elephants


Not too bothered about the elephants...however I would like customer service to at least TRY and solve my hosting problems rather than always attempt to sell me something. Email via their Godaddy 'workspace' is worse than useless. You get what you pay for.


PRICES ARE LOW, SERVICE IS LOW, PRICES CREEP UP AND UP! AND IF YOU FORGET TO RENEW. GOD HELP YOU. Owner likes to shoot Elephants and show off about it.

SSL Web Certificates £3.99 from £43.99 @ GoDaddy
Found 16th Apr 2013Found 16th Apr 2013
SSL Web Certificates £3.99 from £43.99 @ GoDaddy
Protect transactions and customer data with a SSL Certificate. This is showing as £37.99 but if you put them in the basket they are £3.99!

Damn. Was half way through filling out when I had to go for lunch. Hope you remembered QuidCo? :)


+ 1 :(


They do/Did. We bought 5 years


Would love to know if they allow the 3.99 price. Expired now though


£33.99 now :( Expired

.Com Domain Name for only 77p at GoDaddy
Found 29th Mar 2013Found 29th Mar 2013
.Com Domain Name for only 77p at GoDaddy
Just put FB99COM in the promo box in the cart to activate. Th US price is $1.17 which includes ICANN fees.

did you complain on their twitter account? or call their CS?


I have a dozen or so sites hosted with Godaddy. They are often down, or servers so slow that clients leave before the page loads. My advice would be to look elsewhere.


I went through the whole process only to find there was no option to pay by paypal on the checkout screen even though they say they accept paypal....grrr...waste of time.


No such thing as 100% uptime


keeps failing on payment - anyone else getting this??

Godaddy 1 years hosting + 1 year domain name for £9.05 (+ £50 Quidco Cashback)
Found 25th Mar 2013Found 25th Mar 2013
Godaddy 1 years hosting + 1 year domain name for £9.05 (+ £50 Quidco Cashback)
If you purchase a years hosting & domain name (.com) it shows as £9.05 if you use the code: cjuh1m You can also get £50 cashback through Quidco. Remember to change the defaul… Read more
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went to confirmed today-wohooo!


Happy to report Quidco confirmed & paid here!


Same here , TCB 'Pending' for same day purchase :(


Quidco confirmed & paid :)


same here! still waiting for TCB though

1 year GoDaddy web hosting £35 (with £70 top cashback!)
Found 3rd Mar 2013Found 3rd Mar 2013
1 year GoDaddy web hosting £35 (with £70 top cashback!)
It could be argued there are better quality providers out there, but for decent enough mid-range web hosting, this is a cracking deal! Deluxe hosting is US$5/month. There is a 20… Read more
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Thanks OP. Voted hot. Paid £34.50 and £70 cashback tracked in 5 hours. Tasty £35 profit plus a free server to play with for a year. Appreciated!


All of that, plus the political stance of the owner, plus the sexist stance of the company, etc, etc There's a big *if* they pay out as well. Would I trust them? Nope. (ex-godaddy customer)


Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited diskspace... Danger Will Robinson! They can't offer that and don't. You use a lot of either of those and they'll force you onto an expensive plan (or delete your site). 99.9% uptime? Except for the "Scheduled maintenance" (read: every piece of downtime). Finally, they stuff as many sites on to each server as they can. Expect unpredictable (but mostly poor) performance. There's also a trend for unlimited hosts to close down sites that run forums.


This site should be called ''. I've used goDaddy for years and had no probs. There control panel is the best I've ever used\seen. The phone and online support is great (although the calls cost a bit) but all in all it's a good hoster and this deal is great.


GoDaddy hoasting costs £23.88 for 1 year (£1.99 p/m) as it is 50% off + £26 Quidco
Found 27th Feb 2013Found 27th Feb 2013
GoDaddy hoasting costs £23.88 for 1 year (£1.99 p/m) as it is 50% off + £26 Quidco
+ Get paid £26 to set up web hoasting account Quidco is tracking £50 cashback for setting up a basic hoasting with GoDaddy. The hoasting costs £23.88 for 1 year (£1.99 p/m) as it … Read more

The CEO killed an elephant on safari - quick google search should bring up some results.


Why so cold?


good one :)


Should be HOT


Part host, part roast = Hoasting.

.com domain name £1.29 (1st year) GoDaddy
Found 24th Jan 2013Found 24th Jan 2013
.com domain name £1.29 (1st year) GoDaddy
good price for a .com domain name only for 1st year additional purchases are £5.49 a year. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

spam, already posted

Any .COM domain for £1.29 @ GoDaddy
Found 5th Jan 2013Found 5th Jan 2013
Any .COM domain for £1.29 @ GoDaddy
GoDaddy are offering any .COM domain for £1.29 for the first year, one per customer. This just appeared to me on my GMail adverts. Great deal! PECIAL OFFER! .COM just £1.29*! Addi… Read more

Not sure why this is expired - I used it today


iv been using godaddy since around 2000 and its a great company


Sheep noise, actually. But in the spirit of the (previous) season that works just as well. If you don't like GoDaddy, fair enough. That doesn't make this a bad deal.




That's pretty much what I'm beginning to feel. It's less about the quality of the deal than people's preconceptions about the topic, or the retailer. Price doesn't even seem to come into the equation.

GoDaddy years hosting and domain 50% off (£28.69) + quidco tracking at £50 cashback
Found 22nd Dec 2012Found 22nd Dec 2012
GoDaddy years hosting and domain 50% off (£28.69) + quidco tracking at £50 cashback
I saw Godaddy had 50% off of hosting plus domain and qent through Quidco which tracked at £50 cashback. I'm not sure if this is what I will get come the final payout but it may be… Read more

congrats then :)


Got my Quidco confirmed today. :)[image missing]


Eff that guy, he should be shot on an African hunt.


Hunts elephants and supports SOPA type campaigns hot hot hot.


IIRC the founder/MD has the scruples of Richard Branson... never a good thing!

£0.73 for .COM domain at godaddy
Found 20th Dec 2012Found 20th Dec 2012
£0.73 for .COM domain at godaddy
Was logged in my account on godaddy and spotted this on homepage. SPECIAL OFFER! .COM just £0.62*! Additional .COMs just £5.49* per year! View offer details*Plus ICANN fee of £0.… Read more

Not for me either. Must be expired or for specific accounts.


A Brit created the WEB. Using an American machine in Switzerland.


Showing 6.99 is this expired?


They support that then do they?


All domain registers are money grabbers.The really annoying thing is it was a Brit that created the net yet the americans conveniently forget this and act like its theirs to profit from and regulate.

GoDaddy - Free 1 year renewal + transfer
Found 2nd Aug 2012Found 2nd Aug 2012
GoDaddy - Free 1 year renewal + transfer
I just went through the checkout and noticed that I didn't get charged anything for a transfer which includes a free 1 year extension. It comes up with a $9.99 fee which is … Read more
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Ah, you're having me on. They got no food there.


Could you wire in a cooker? i am in Syria.


Belgium Oh and Holland. I think that's it. And Germany should count as two as I went there when they were two diferent places. East and west. (_;)


Norway ( went there to tile a bathroom)


Hong Kong Cyprus Germany Poland Canada USA Singapore Gan Gander Scotland Ireland Wales And a few more but what has that got to do with it? oO

Godaddy hosting for FREE + profit after cashback at TCB
Found 29th Jul 2012Found 29th Jul 2012
Godaddy hosting for FREE + profit after cashback at TCB
Just bought some hosting I needed, but before I purchased I looked at cash back and realised I could get it for free! I will even make around £5 profit! Cashback here http://www.t… Read more
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Anyone actually get GoDaddy Cashback? i tried though TCB and nothing after a week showing in my account!


Elephants, the dude shoots elephants - what a b*stard


Have you actually read SOPA? It will affect anyone who uses the internet. And if you actually had a look at news regarding SOPA and other similar bills you'd see that boycotting has been extremely effective in getting these companies to stop supporting.


Or... You all could use the deal, make £5 profit and use the hosting to make a campaign website against SOPA... I do agree on one level with you that *maybe* buying hosting with godaddy is supporting SOPA, but then have you ever used or bought a BMW, anything from a diamond jeweler, oil, electronic minerals (which will be in your computer) all of which have funded things much much worse that SOPA. I suggest the answer is yes, but when I phone or computer comes up as a deal you dont cry conflict minerals do you... no. Probably because it will never effect you, so why should you care. I think you need to look at things in a different perspective and realise what actually is bad.


If you like the internet and how it works you should seriously consider not supporting the companies that support SOPA. You'd be surprised at how much just doing that can do.

Godaddy ".com" and ".co" domains, £3.25 per year
Found 3rd Jun 2012Found 3rd Jun 2012
Godaddy ".com" and ".co" domains, £3.25 per year
Go to and you will see .com domains are available for £3.25 per year up to 10 years and up to 3 domains. If you don't see it advertised on page, search go daddy… Read more
raulvibes (_;)




Good price you got then, never checked it before, i just came across his price when I needed yesterday. It seemed like a good price to me, but apparently not :)


And I know this because I purchased one.


They were at £0.96 a week ago

Domains for £1.04 (.com, .net, .org etc including ICANN fee) @ GoDaddy
Found 24th May 2012Found 24th May 2012
Domains for £1.04 (.com, .net, .org etc including ICANN fee) @ GoDaddy
I stumbled across this whilst looking for some voucher codes. Slightly cheaper than the previous GoDaddy deal posted, and you can still get your free .info domain! Probably the che… Read more

Rubbish, they made a business decision, and after it backfired in their face they tried to backtrack. Would not give them my business, ever. There are dozens of extremely reliable companies offering this sort of service. Wasn't this the company where the CEO was photographed shooting elephants?




Not valid anymore, code is not accepted


Hehe got mine for 0.92 for some reason, although they forced me to round it up to £1.00 by donating to charity ... god ...