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Free delivery
Free delivery
£10 off on first top up of at least £15 @ Lebara
Order a new Lebara sim card for free and get £10 off of your first top up of at least £15. - cost reduced to £5 at check out inserting FREESIM in Promo Code text box. - plus £5 fr… Read more

Can't seem to find where to add the FREESIM CODE ?


Still running


This still running or if not anything similar anywhere ?




how do I activate the net at the swab

50% OFF on lebara topup
Offer applicable only once per account.Not sure how long it is valid but it did work for me.

Amazing £5 top up for £2.5 Hot hot hot


Worked! Awesome! Got £30 top up that comes with £5 bonus for £15. Now with my new £35 balance I bought unlimited UK calls + unlimited international calls to Europe and 6GB data for £15. Close to the end of my balance I'll top up only a fiver and I'll be able to buy another £15 bundle again and the same month after that. I'm sorted for 3 months now for £25. Thanks OP! (y)

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% Off Top Ups @ Lebara + £5 Gift/Bonus
The offer just popped up while I was on the checkout page. You get a £5 on £20 and £30 top ups so I got a total balance of £35 after paying £15. Just put GET50 and click apply in … Read more

So 3 x 2 Gb x 30 days and a fiver left over for calls texts but on Vodafone network I'm out

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
Lebara - 50% off EVERYTHING
Was sent email for 50% of anything, code is HALFOFF

Did this expire?


Well spotted ,i was just about to pull the trigger


Just ad a note, valid for 1 month only


Plus cash back through tcb which has a £2.50 bonus at the mo and/or quidco which has offered a £10 bonus this week.


very good find, came really handy. thanks.

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30 Day Sim - 2GB Data For £2.50 / 10GB For £5 / 15GB For £7.50 + 100 International Minutes For First 3 Months @ Lebara Mobile
Posted 17 h, 56 m agoPosted 17 h, 56 m ago
50% off for the first 3 months with code LEBARA21

Bargain, i hope they have similar deals when my promo with smarty ends.


In my experience, better than three network but check your coverage area (home/work/commuter)


Thanks ordered one! cheers OP!


After 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. - just turn off the auto renew. You will lose the 50% (can't turn it back on).


Port out & back (asda sim is oft recommended - personally EE SIMs with £5 credit for £3 on eBay are my preferred option).

30 Day Sim Only - 3GB Data, Unlimited Mins & Texts For £2.50 Per Month For First 3 Months - £5 Thereafter @ Lebara
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
You'll find the deal via the link below https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/cheap-mobile-finder/sim-only/ Great deal for those who call and text regularly. Lebara use the Vodafon… Read more

Good deal but I have chosen MSE deal instead 5GB data unlimited minutes and text and 100 international min £2.99 for 6months £5.99 thereafter


Just ordered 2 and was charged immediately


When does charge starts? As i have to wait for my sim contract to end end of june?


Strange... I ordered the deal just before posting so shall see



SIM deal. 5GB data Unlimited calls £4.49 month Rolling Monthly Contract - Month 1-6 is £2.99pm / Subsequent Months £5.99pm @ Lebara via MSE
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Rolling one month contract. First 6 months half price at £2.99, then £5.99 for the next 6 months

wow, im always like (shock) when i see speeds like that for Lebara or any other provider for that matter (i live in central london), so u are lucky - i always average around 10Mbps at normal hours and once i at 5am got 21Mbps but that was max i ever had the whole month i tried out Lebara.


It's all location, location, location with these providers. Three is awful where I live, yet when I visited a friend half an hour drive away, I was pulling 130+ Mbps which is close to double of my broadband speed. Would have stayed with them no question if it was like this where I actually need mobile data. Hoping this arrives soon so can activate it before the weekend.


I received the 5GB @ £2.99 for 6 months SIM from Lebara. I was worried that the data speeds may not be on par with Virgin in which case I'd have dumped Labara and stuck with Virgin. These are the speed test results I got: Left = Virgin, Right = Lebara Labara absolutely trounces Virgin in both download and upload speeds - at least where I live. Looks like it's bye-bye Virgin hello Labara.


Lebara customer service told me that your data will stop once you reach the limit of your plan so you can't go over. Also their plans bar calling to premium rate numbers. If you want more data or to be able to call a premium number you have to purchase a top-up.


Is there a time limit after activating the Lebara sim to port your existing number over? I'd like to leave porting the number over till the middle of next month - I did chat with a Lebara rep who said I could port it over at any time e.g. in 6 months time if I wanted to but I don't know if he was telling porkies.

Half Price on any 30 day rolling sim plan for 3 months @ Lebara Mobile
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Prices start at just £2.50 per month instead of £5 and you will get this rate for a guaranteed 3 months.

i dont know where in central london u living but where i live in central london, i do not get any vodafone 5G indoors :)


I get over 300mbps downloads & 50mb uploads on my 5g from three in central london. Download a 4-6gb file in a few mins, super crazy fast. On Vodafone get about 10% less on 5g my mobile in the same area in Central london. Obviously don’t get these speeds everywhere but for the home broadband it’s way faster than anything else on the market for the 22£ a month that I pay. Been getting these speeds for over 18 months on my 5g router


this 5G thing is just a clever selling point to rope ppl in so they buy 5G router and 5G phnoes, as from personal experience even 5G with a vodafone 5G sim is none existent indoors and i live in central london! i even bought a 5G phone directly from them, so i can have fast speed to hotspot but when i got the 5G phone, it cldnt even pickup Vodafone 5G signal in my area! :(


Hi guys, I have a referral link that gives you 50% off any Lebara plan for the first three months (including unlimited), please message me if interested. I tried to use above code for Unlimited plan, but it didn’t work


Ok so all 4g I just thought it’s 5g as Vodafone is 5g Anyone know a good unlimited data deal with 5g? I don’t mind contract or monthly

Lebarra 1GB 300 UK minutes Unlimited UK texts 1 month rolling contract £1.99 (for first 3 months then £3.99)
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
I took out this deal to hook in a remote CCTV camera to the internet, when it was advertised here a little while ago. So when I needed another one - went back to that deal and foun… Read more

Worth considering this for an extra £1. It's £2.50 for the first three months, then £5 mth. 3GB a month of data, unlimited minutes and texts


i think all Lebara sim only are 1 month rolling contracts


How long contract?


It should say it's half price first 3 months. £3.99 is full price from 4th month.


The expired one was 4months .

30 Day SIM Only - £15 / month unlimited data, minutes and texts @ Lebara
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Lebara SIM Only Uses Vodafone network 30 day SIM only. £15 per month, for the first 3 months. New customers only (I think you just need a new email) Then £25/month afterwards… Read more

thanks for the links, the Android APN is the one i had set it to after i got the Lebara sim and internet wasnt working and then after a few day internet failed and then i went back into APN settings and chose something else and it worked for about 2 days and today it happened again ie mobile internet went down and i went back into APN and had to choose yet another APN for it to start working again, just dont know what going on (confused) ...will see if it happens again.


My friend didn't have to reset any APN. However, found these couple of pages on Lebara's FAQs. iPhone APN settings Android APN settings


what APN are ppl using, as this is the 3rd time after joining Lebara i have lost complete internet access until i go to APN settings and choose yet another different APN, for it to startup back on again, never had to do this when i was with Voxi and before that EE on the exact same phone? (confused)


thanks for that, will check them out too (y)


Unsure if they do credit check, but another MVNO on similar price points to Lebara would be LycaMobile. But where I am, LycaMobile reception and speed is not as good as Lebara.

8GB unlimited texts unlimited minutes £8 - New customers @ Lebara first month then £15
Posted 5th Jul 2020Posted 5th Jul 2020
8GB unlimited texts unlimited minutes £8 - New customers @ Lebara first month then £15£8 Free P&P Free
8GB Unlimited UK minutes Unlimited national SMS to United Kingdom 100 International mins to 41 countries Unlimited UK texts

It was on MSE as posted above on a 30 day rolling contract.


8GB of data


I would avoid Lebara. Lebara customer service is garbage. My father in law had a direct debit set up but it failed a few times. Indian call centres they have are not very helpful. Also on payg they used to so frequently change their terms and prices.


Thanks everyone. I quite like the idea of having roaming (though it's not essential) so the mse linked deal looks better than Vodafone to me as that's very basic


You're spot on. My research, last week, found that the three deals you mentioned are currently best ones. Lebara and smarty are better as their contracts are one month rolling. Lebara offers free roaming, on top of EU countries, if you travel to India.

50% off Unlimited call plans for the first 3 months or 25% off all data plans for the first 3 months + Earn up to £50 for Lebara referrals
-46° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Please do not offer or request referrals. Received an email from Lebara stating that you can earn up to £50 for referrals. Plus you get 50 / 25% off for 3 months https://mobil… Read more

well i like many prefer a reliable network than a reliable customers service team that i seldom if even deal with :)


obviously you have not experienced their customer services. I rather talk to Robots.


what do you mean, Lebara cant be as bad as Smarty or those networks with Three backbone, Lebara's backbone is Vodafone, one of the best networks, if not the best network in the UK? (confused)


Oh It is....Lebaaaaaaara ... (pirate)


I know its raining but its not that cold

50% off at Lebara with code / Eg 30 Day SIM Only Unlimited Data / Minutes / Texts Plan (New Customers Only) @ Lebara
334° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
(Works on all data plans) Unlimited Data Unlimited UK minutes … Read more

Hi guys, I have a Lebara referral code that gives you 50% off any plan for the first three months, please send me a message if interested so I can send you a link, wouldn't let me add it on here.


what APN are ppl using, as this is the 3rd time after joining Lebara i have lost complete internet access until i go to APN settings and choose yet another different APN, for it to startup back on again, never had to do this when i was with Voxi and before that EE on the exact same phone? (confused)


wow, perfect then, thanks for your patience (highfive)


In the settings you can choose outgoing calls to be either the VoIP or cellular network, I don't pay for the Sipgate outgoing call features so I have it set so all outgoing calls are made through my sim card.


a question on this your particular setup ie after entering your sipgate account details into the router's voip configuration - as i understand it, thereafter when someone calls your sipgate geographical number, the panasonic cordless phones will ring and when someone call the mobile number of the sim in the router again your panasonic cordless phones will ring but what happens when you make an outgoing call on any of the panasonic cordless phones? ie which account does it use to make the outgoing call?, the sipgate account or the sim card mobile account? (confused)

50% off Unlimited call plans for the first 3 months or 25% off all data plans for the first 3 months @ Lebara Mobile
369° Expired
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
£3.75 for first 3 months, £5 thereafter 30days No contact 2GB 4G Data 1000 UK mins 100 International mins to 41 countries Unlimited UK texts £7.50 for first 3 months, £10 thereaft… Read more

I don't know exactly as I don't think we were checking for it. I mentioned it a few days after porting and she checked and found it had been added.


yeah but i went for the unlimited data and so no need to give someone who already has unlimited data, 5GB extra lol :) ...so thats why i asked @Brugmeister how long after portiing he/she got the £10 added to his/her Lebara account so anyway what did they give you after you ported yday then? :D


I ported my number yesterday and the offer was 5gb internet added to account. Deal has changed I guess


so how long after porting her number did she get the £10 account credit then? , i ported my number over yday and i didnt get any reward. :)


Oh no I have a sim but havent activated it, I really dont like the sound of this

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