Unfortunately, this deal has expired 7 June 2023.
Posted 20 May 2023

Various Flavours Brewdog Beer Cans 24 x 330ml | £19.99 at DiscountDragon (+FREE Delivery)

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    People see Dragon Discounts and vote cold, even though it’s significantly cheaper than supermarkets. Reasonable dates on these. Heat from me (edited)
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    It doesn't state free delivery for 1 crate. Also Worth noting that if you buy this deal it states you cannot buy anything else unless you add more beer! So either buy 1 + postage or buy 2 or more. Cannot add other items to basket! That's rubbish from a store. Clearly items are either not in the same warehouse or they just can't be bothered with handling other items when shipping crates of beer! (edited)
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    It is free delivery for one crate, and it took me 5 seconds to find that out by going to checkout.
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    Wee Heavyweight was tempting for next winter but just seen someone on Untappd has said it contains Lactose. Can anyone confirm?
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    Mine arrived today, it does list 'lactose(milk)' in the ingredients on the can
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    How come they have 14 months left on them?

    I always thought Brewdog BB date's were exactly 12 months after production...
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    Depends on the beer style
  5. sysenblaze's avatar
    Why is this cold?? There is a 7% IPA with no weird flavourings in for 17.99 delivered.
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    Don't know if it helps but the remaining beers in this offer have been reduced to a more reasonable £14.99 ,i am trying the Milkshake IPA might be interesting or not at 63 p a can
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    Nice one cheers 🍻
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    love dead pony club, hazy jane and guava,what are the others like as seen sickly to me (edited)
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    Had hazy Jane which is nice but this is hazy Jane in guava which I haven't tasted before. When I actually had a life and worked in the city centre I used to often go to the local and have Dead Pony which was my go to pint (lovely, a lot nicer than lost lager). (edited)
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    Good deal for the Mondo beer, at 7%, giving that a shot. Thanks op
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    Is it beers I wouldn't actively seek out to buy?
    Is the discount big enough to tempt me?
    The answer to both is a no from me ..
  10. cbates60's avatar
    Punk IPA - bb 20/06/2023
    24 cans for £19.99 + postage, or spend £25 for free postage
    60 cases available at time of posting

    discountdragon.co.uk/pro…ns/ (edited)
  11. AndyLias's avatar
    Cheers Jefferzuk.
  12. tommytbone1's avatar
    I think the days have gone for good beer deals from these guys
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    Why the lack of heat on this?
  14. H1.HWK's avatar
    Showing free economy delivery for me on x1 case. Might grab some of the helles later, thanks Jeff.
  15. hermano2's avatar
    £5.99 delivery....claiming remote address

    Remote Area & Non-Mainland UK: £5.99 surcharge. Postcodes: IM (ALL), BT, FK17-FK21, IV (ALL), HS (ALL), KW (ALL), PA20-78, PH19-26, PH30-44,PH49-50, ZE1-3,TR (ALL) (edited)
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    Ordered 3 x crates (hazy Jane, Dead Pony & trying Big Mountain), I had a 5% voucher from them for being a VIP customer - only ever ordered once before so they must be desperate!

    WELCOME10 (New Accounts only) gives you 10% off. Tried just now but says coupon limit for account has exceeded (edited)
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    This should not be cold. Some decent beers here for decent money.
  18. tommytbone1's avatar
    It's cold because they've increased their prices significantly recently. Hazy Jane was regularly 24 for £12.99 or 48 for £29.99, likewise for a couple other brewdog. They stopped a couple of those deals early and now they appear again but more expensive.
    We're not impressed and protesting (probably just until our stock levels run out!)

    Remember these are short dated and hoppy beers so can affected by time. I think DD forget this when pricing (edited)
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    But it says min best before 21/07/2024? And it’s still cheap, but I take your point…I would also be annoyed at having to pay more for the same thing.
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    Admittedly, the prices are a bit higher but these appear to be the prices that were being charged by Beermonster who no longer seem to have an independent site. No idea why DD were always cheaper even though they did the shipping for BM.

    Would buy a few if I didn't already have a full basement with my previous purchases of beer from DD and BM (bought the last of the Hoppy from them as they still had stock when DD had sold out, but at £5 more).
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    Also Duration which is premium
  21. mikeygahan's avatar
    I had an order for beer via Discount Dragon and their own courier DPD, refused to accept it from them or deliver it to me, as it was badly damaged. Poor quality
    . (edited)
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    Looks like most are sold out
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    Jefferzuk Author
    Most? 5 out of the 10 out of stock and they've added more flavours since xD
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    In date now as well 
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    Crikey, they want £27 for the crappy 5.1% variant of Elvis Juice which will be out of date by the time you receive it


    Their pricing is all over the place. The Basic Shake with over 12 months of date left on it at £15 was an absolute bargain but that Elvis Juice is a horrible price
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    yes shocking considering you can go the Asda and pick up 8 x long-dated 6.1% cans for £1.25 a can
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