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Alcohol Free Brewdog Raspberry Blitz 4 Pack £1.13 @ Tesco Instore
LocalLocalFound 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Spotted these on clearance in the Leigh store along with assorted other craft can/bottle beers at various cheap prices. really nice and since these are usually about £1.50 a can co… Read more

Leigh near wigan, probably gone now though. Been lot of stuff on clearance in that store on the end of the beer aisle. Not been since, so dunno if anything left


Leigh, Wigan, or Leigh-on-Sea?


I like sour beers, I'll simply add a quadruple vodka, hey Presto.....


Horrible !!


Word of warning - if you're expecting these to taste like a sour... look elsewhere. If you think of them as a raspberry flavoured sparkling water, they're actually quite nice.

Brewdog Elvis Juice - £1.21 instore @ Sainsbury's
LocalLocalFound 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Decent sale. Aberdeen Berryden Sainsburys

Best Brewdog variety imo but never reduced in my local Sainsbury’s ;(


Thank you very much


I pray they're in stock at my local (strong)


Were half the original price in mine, shelf completely empty though.


Lovely stuff. (y)

Brewdog Lost Lager 12-Pack - £7.50 @ Brewdog Shop (+£5 P&P)
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Good price and possible further discount if you know a shareholder. You do need to order 24 to reduce postage. Good price with sell by end of August.

I might invest a couple of million in their shares :)


With shareholder discount this is 50p a can! Bargain! Thanks OP


not a fan. their tap lager (the mainstream one) is a take on Belgian beer worse than hogardten that I had a free pint last year. More expensive too. check the freebies for more free pint coming soon to a few locales btw. I may go then.


Only £12 in tesco if you don't want more, prefer the punk or Elvis juice tho so I'm out.


Very average lager, they should stick to ales

Brewdog Indie Pale Ale 4x330ml cans Instore @ Sainsburys (Manchester)
LocalLocalFound 10th AprFound 10th Apr
4x330ml cans (fridge pack) of Brewdog's Indie Pale Ale. Makes it 72p per can! Found in Fallowfield Manchester Sainsburys. There was quite a lot left. Unsure if nationwide, probabl… Read more

My wife just purchased 4 packs of these at this price from Courthouse green Coventry, thanks for the heads up.


Also the same price in Cobham Sainsburys. Definitely not the best Brewdog, but better than most non craft beer.


pick up some shares too :


It's the worst Brewdog beer I've ever tasted. I've only just realised that I haven't even touched the brand since trying this. I'd just about drink this if it were free.


Bottled water is cheaper and tastes similar (I’m a brewdog shareholder btw but this is not a special beer).

FREE Pint of Punk IPA Caft Beer from brewdog for the first 100 people through the doors at 5pm at selected bars on selected dates
23/05/2019Expires on 23/05/2019Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Free pint of Punk IPA at selected bars on selected dates. See link for full dets. Cheers! Bristol 11th April Leeds 18th April Birmingham 25th April London 2nd May Manchester 9… Read more
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Heads up, this is in Leeds today, I'll get round as many as i can! Did anyone go in Bristol last week?


Fantastic deal going to all except Bristol and Cardiff.


it's more hassle than its worth. You could make the effort to get to the nearest participating pub and be customer 101. It's easier to get a 4pack of larger from Tesco.


Not in Liverpool, boooo.


thanks for sharing :)

Brewdog Indie Pale ale Sainsbury's £2.66 4 can pack
LocalLocalFound 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Reduced to clear 4 can pack Indie Pale ale £2.66

£4.02 for viewers in Scotland (thanks to the SNP?)


Good price - sh1t beer. And I generally like Brewdog. Got a free can at Booths last Christmas, never bought any. Seen at this price in Sainsburys Morecambe today, which suggests it's nationwide.


About as much as it's worth.


Good price for terrible beer.


Anyone know if national?

Brewdog Elvis Juice £5 at Asda
LocalLocalFound 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Love this stuff - it's usually £6-7 for the 4 pack. Perfect for the sunny weather 8) Found in Asda Arbroath
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Sainsbury's have the bottles reduced to 90p in some stores.


...if you buy two


Try Cactus Jack grapefruit IPA homebrew kit. Makes 23 litres for around 22 quid and I think it tastes very similar to Elvis juice.......but that's just me.....and my family shun me for being tight. I maybe tight, but I'm tight and pi$$ed. .


Because they are £4.50 each in tesco....


Excellent points, plus some may live in close proximity to asda but not Morrisons or, as stated above, may live in a country that doesn't offer these multi-buy deals. Better watch though, you might just be making too much sense for some

Brewdog Elvis Juice 330ml bottle - 0.90p @ Sainsburys (in-store)
LocalLocalFound 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Went into Sainsbury's today and found this bargain on the beer shelves. Not my thing but I thought others on here might enjoy it. Cheers!

Makes no sense.


Homebrew for hipsters....


Still full price in Seven Sisters Local, dated March 2020.


Voted cold, as a shareholder these should never be discounted! Joking voted hot, one the best BrewDog beers


I'm in love. I'm all shook up

Brewdog Dead Pony Club 330ml bottle in Iceland for 90p
LocalLocalFound 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Best price I've seen, works out as £3.60 for 4



Was the post mortem on the dead pony? (unicorn)


Go for the session indian the post mortem and elvis are way to strong the have one called quake that taste of lemon juice and puke


I brought the last three in the Didcot store. Really nice session ale. Bargain


Agree about the Elvis 🕺 Juice but think this tastes great too, heat

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Trade a grapefruit for a 1/2 pint Elvis Juice in Brewdog bars - 50p
LocalLocalFound 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
For one day only on Tuesday 26th March, simply swap a grapefruit for half a pint of Elvis Juice at your nearest BrewDog bar! Easy peasy...
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I asked on Twitter but they didn't reply. Assume they'll be binned


An absolutely fabulous brew. Elvis Juice! (party) :o :D


They couldn’t risk someone tampering with them. Can’t see them going in cocktails.


:o (shock) (horror)


Best beer they do imo.

Brewdog 12 beers of Christmas instore at ASDA Doncaster £12
LocalLocalFound 12th MarFound 12th Mar
12 different Brewdog beers including Punk IPA, ELVIS JUICE, 5am Saint, Indie, Electric India, Clockwork Tangerine, Dead Pony Club, Hop Fiction, Get Out Claus, Jet Black Heart, Mist… Read more
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Appreciate that but it’s brewdog not brew dog-It makes a big difference


It's the just 4th result if you searched for Brew Dog. :/


I bet my Dad is harder than yours though (strong)


True what they say about being up north is like living in the past, Christmas finished ages ago for us down south.


Sorry. I did have a quick look but didn’t go back that far

BrewDog Jet Black Heart stout, 330ml bottle - 90p (+£5 Delivery)
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
This is quite decent . Delivery is £5.00 for up to 24 bottles.

She's missed her mouth! (highfive)


semi sweet , aroma of vanilla ,chocolate, cocoa A hint of coffee. Thin to medium, needs more body and alcohol ..OK for 8 cans for £10


This is actually a very good deal. Cheers and hoted vot.




Cans in Morrisons 8x330 for 10 squid. Nice dark beer.

Brewdog Lost Lager 12x330ml Cans for £6 - Reduced To Clear - Instore @ Tesco (Thurrock)
LocalLocalFound 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Brewdog Lost Lager 12 pack of 330ml cans - Reduced to Clear £6.00. Found in Tesco Lakeside, Thurrock. May be nationwide? Was 3 on the shelf, I took 2. May be more in the warehouse… Read more
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Decent lager but not worth its normal price. I guess that's why they are clearing the stock. At 50p per can it's ok I guess. Normally you get a four pack of Brewdog beer for a fiver.


Good find this, think this is nicer than the much hyped Hop House 1


Not a bad drink, worth it for 50p a can


About the right price for it.


Also £6 @ Tower Park Poole.

Free standard delivery @ Brewdog
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Until midnight get free standard delivery at Brewdog. Saves a fiver for anyone looking to buy some of their beers.

I found one last week, maybe I got lucky


That ship will have long sailed by now


£1.50 in Tesco though if any stock left due to seasonal ale


Electric India 660ml bombers are 3 for £6, £2 each with free delivery plus any EFP discount. Not bad.


I'm new, so keep replies civil :) - but I have to ask. This deal is for 48hr courier delivery normally £5-6 being reduced to £0 but it's voting cold. I buy from the Brewdog online shop, so it sounds like a good deal to me, I save £5 just buying what I'd buy normally. Surely the fact you can buy their headliners cheaper elsewhere is irrelevant to the deal's heat ? (And Hazy Jane is lovely, but needs to be drunk fresh and stored cool.)

FREE pint in BrewDog Bars 25/01 if you wear a Kilt @ Brewdog
LocalLocalFound 24th JanFound 24th Jan
To celebrate burns night BrewDog are offering a free pint to anyone wearing a Kilt. Enjoy.
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What defines a kilt, i went in a sheet wrapped around me and got nothing but a stare.


That's below the belt


You want tights under your kilt in this weather.




In this weather? I’d expect at least 3 beers!

BrewDog Electic India case - 24 cans with free delivery £24 @ Brewdog
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
BrewDog Electic India case - 24 cans with free delivery £24 @ Brewdog
Not to all tastes (for me saisons are too much like vinegar), but this is a good price, including free UK delivery. The same price for 24 Lost Lager or Indie cans.



Back in stock


Anyone near Leeds give Raynville superstore in Armley LS12 2TF a look .. Fantastic beer selection .. Not cheap, but stuff you don't see many places .


Sold out.


I prefer Dogma or Tokyo, but each to their own

FREE Beer School / Tasting @ brewdog bars
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
30 minute tasting session and lesson in beer for FREE. IT'S FREE BEER! Following the release of the BrewDog Blueprint; our manifesto for the next decade on Planet BrewDog, we coul… Read more
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The craftsman is a cracking bar in Aberdeen. Fierce are decent, I invested in them but prefer brewdog beers. Tiny Rebel in wales are the best brewers in the UK right now id say


Not what I said at all. You just need a licence to distill. And maybe, just maybe, big spirit companies get a licence.... :/


I did geta sheet saying info like that, after i bought it, but your aloud to brew for your self, and does your comment mean that no company in the uk distill's ? As you say its illegal in the uk, strange


Nice. But it is illegal to distill alcohol in the UK. :/


I just make my own vodka , takes bout two weeks to brew, i distill it 3 times, works out about £2 per 10glass bottle, iv saved so much in the last year, about £500 , i gota kit from , cost me around £180 , yes you can prob make you own kits, but im well happy,

Half price BrewDog Beer Tasting for 2, £20 @ Travelzoo
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
BrewDog are offering a craft beer-tasting experience , including cheese pairings , for two at 35 of their venues across the UK for half the usual cost . A 90-minute tutored bee… Read more
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evostick47 Or do it for free?


We've done it a few months ago. Got 2 cans of beer, and tasted an other 2 on tap, no cheese. Basically it was 90 minutes of boasting about their success, good for them! The tour at Cairngorm Brewery or St Austell were so much better IMHO.


This is a really good experience.... cheeses are included and it lasts a couple of hours Only down side is then trying to sell shares in the Bradford Worth 10 per person easily Hot.


Tutored beer tasting? For £20 most will prefer a blootered beer tasting!


Over £10 a pint. Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to post it.

Brewdog Punk IPA 12 pack - £13 @ Tesco & Asda
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
Brewdog Punk IPA 12 pack - £13 @ Tesco & Asda
£13£1513%Tesco Deals
Slightly cheaper than the 2x4 for £9 offer according to my maths... Not a massive reduction but not often they give one at all...
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Cheers Bud. That’s why I put that in the title (excited)


Same price at Asda too.


Man Scotland is complicated. I’ll find a Tennents deal (y)


Rounded up to 23 units at 50p per unit. Might not be that, just the lowest it can technically be, as far as I’m aware.


Where are you getting £11.50 from?

Buy a case of Brewdog Beer, get their book “Craft Beer for the People” FREE (RRP £14.99) at Ocado
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
Buy a case of Brewdog Beer, get their book “Craft Beer for the People” FREE (RRP £14.99) at Ocado
Great deal on Ocado for a crate of Brewdog beer - choose from Punk IPA or a mixture (see photos) and get the book free. Have the book myself and contains advice on brewing yoursel… Read more

How odd. Just looked again and it’s not OoS for me :/ :/ :/


shows OoS for me


Craft beer lol, can buy it in every supermarket in the land


Just added 3 to my trolley without issue...?


Already!?! Wow.

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