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Brewdog Lost Lager 6x 330ml Cans £2.14 @ Tesco (Blackburn)
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd MayLocalLocal
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsi… Read more
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Not too many hipsters in Blackburn no wonder Tesco need to free up the shelf space


Anyone found this in any other stores?


Mr President oh yes! hahhaa Looks like my local have removed some of the nicer beers from the 4 for 6 :(


Great deal but as everyone else has said its gotta be the worst lager from brewdog. Need a deal like this on the Mr President or something tasty


A decent deal. The lager is a bit insipid though.

Reduced Bundles direct from Brewdog - Ales/Largers/Cider/Sprits - Headliners £56.95
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Many bundles on offer. For myself the headliners bundle ticks the boxes at 56.95 reduced from 71.40. Brewdog is hardly the … Read more
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I got emailed it, give it a try VAN7S4SGY4BQ


How do you get a 15% code? Thx.


Do you want my 15% off code?


haha orange and grapefruit thanks will try


Brewdog vs Cloudwater at Tesco is a cracking NEIPA - £3 a can so not a fridge filler at that price. Northern Monks Tropical World Smoothie IPA is also beautiful.

24 x Brewdog vs Cloudwater NE IPA £54.25 @ Brewdog Shop
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
I’ve had this on watch for awhile (previously sold out) and see it is back in stock. There is also free delivery for any size this weekend I believe so you could order the box of … Read more

This is a great beer...


£5 per litre. I'll stick to Crudgies 6X


Me too, was sure it would be good, but wow it is excellent. Keep voting cold you lot, more for me hehe


Well I've just got to give you a great big thank you for posting this. It arrived today and after a good chilling I've tried my first one. I'm very very impressed, its everything I look for in a proper American IPA, its lovely. I cant belive this got cold, people dont know what there missing out on. Thanks again :)


Roaster coaster <3

Brewdog vs cloud water 440ml 6.8 abv- One case of 24 cans - £48 (£2 a can) + £5 Delivery ( free delivery if you order 2 cases) @ Brewdog
-87° Expired
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Brewdog are selling this amazing ipa for £48 a case which works out at £2 a can. Delivery is £5 but if you order two cases it’s free. Also new customers can use code welcome10 for… Read more

I was referring to thier interviewing "scandal". Jenn is my sister's friend so I have heard first hand about it. But people believe what they want and they are entitled to that. Yes BT got a "boost" from Hieneken but to me that is how business works...each to their own. Seeing Neck Oil in my local on draft I am not one to complain.


Gone up to £55 now though


This is a great, great beer. Bargain at £2 a can.


It’s £3 a can in Tesco. This is £2 a can. Anyone voting this cold should have their account revoked as they don’t understand how this site should work. All that aside, this is a ridiculously good beer for £2 a can. It’s very good for £3 a can. But people will try and compare it to wholly different products. It’s a failure of how this whole site works that a deal like this can go cold.


Yeah I like this, I feel like I've had a hundred NEIPAs now but they weren't £2 a go! Would be interesting to know how much input Cloudwater had into it (might be lots, might be a bit of input into the recipe and a name to help it sell).

NHS workers 50% off all orders at Brewdog Hop Drop - direct from their bars to your door (selected locations)
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
NHS WORKERS GET 50% OFF LOCAL DELIVERY FROM BREWDOG BARS ORDER BREWDOG FOOD AND DRINKS THROUGH HOP DROP APP Brewdog now deliver their food menu and beer, direct from their bars… Read more

It’s not true for anyone. NHS Mail is available with username and password from anywhere in the world on a normal browser. For ALL NHS staff


I have email on my phone, you all can ask your nice IT departments 😁


Ive got a * address and can access it outside of the hospital.


Not true. Don't know of any hospital I've worked at where ward-based staff don't get an NHS email address.


This is all irrelevant because you don't need to access you NHS email account - you just need to remember your email address...

Brewdog Punk IPA £13 for 12 cans at Tesco (Min basket £40 + up to £7 delivery)
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Please shop responsibly. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been seeing a lot of community demand for basic household items. Please consider others and don’t stockpile - we all… Read more

It will show in your Prime Now app if it's available in your area


Got a link?


But surely this doesn't qualify as a "craft" ale anymore. The stuff is everywhere so must be mass produced these days.

£12 in asda


I love Wychwood, been to their tap room a few times. That said, those Firecracker bottles are 500ml not 660ml, which makes them equivalent to 66pm a can. That's a great price and although I'll admit I haven't tried firecracker, and I expect I'd like it, but it's also 3.6% which saves around 13pm a can in duty vs Punk IPA. You have made me want to get hold of some Hobgoblin Ruby for £1.25 a bottle though!

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Brewdog are offering everyone a free beer when their pubs open again (Via voucher)
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Brewdog are offering everyone a free beer when their pubs open again, just needs a few details and they will email you a voucher

Can't wait!


A free pint is worth the wait


and only a half pint which even at their overinflated prices is only £2.50


Sadly the Stone Berlin brewery was sold to Brew Dog a year ago, they still contract brew a limited range for Stone though.


Stone opened up in Berlin and have pretty decent UK distribution now. Annoyingly unlike most German breweries you can't buy direct and dodge all the UK tax.

48 x Brewdog Lost Lager for £48 delivered at Brewdog
-281° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Please shop responsibly. As Coronavirus uncertainty develops, we are seeing a lot of community demand for basic household items. Please do consider others - we all need to work tog… Read more
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£1 per can for craft beer is a good price. Brewdog cans/bottles are £2-3 each normally unless on some great offer. Not sure why your deal has been voted cold Brewdog beer is craft and is a step above a lot of beers so this is a good deal. Would be even better if it was Punk IPA or Elvis Juice.


I was referring to the Quench stuff, but agree...


Lost Lager in Tesco is £10 for 12 cans / £40 for 48 cans. Should be cheaper tbh!


I think it's a good deal, better than tescos and free delivery...


OP was intoxicated on Brew Dog at the time of posting.

10% off your first order @ Brewdog - New customers
-203° Expired
Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Some decent limited release beer at the moment. Free shipping on all full boxes too.
Read More

Still works. Took 7 days to be delivered from order. Just ordered another


Cheers great deal! Managed to order 48 cans for £55. That works out 2p per can more than the the Tesco 8for£9 offer but no queue time, delivered and much larger selection. Great in times like this.


Tesco often do 8 cans for £9. Just saying..


Thank you, registered and got the discount.


Mine just arrived by Hermes, got a decent deal on a full box of headliners and some specials. Don't know why this so cold (haters gonna hate) the only thing that's going to be cold, is my my beer later after I finish work. There is an Elvisjuice with my name on it

2 Packs Brewdog Punk Ipa 8X330ml - £9 at Tesco
232° Expired
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Beer. Led by belief. Driven by passion. Bonded by people. Guided by taste. United by BrewDog. United we stand for better beer Fiercely defiant and independent Enjoyed wo… Read more

You clearly do not understand craft beer!


Oh yes!!! They’re my breakfast beers ;)))))


I see the East Coast Crush and Brooklyn beers that have been on HUKD! (y)


Maybe worth noting that my reply was to 656FU


They’re mostly local brewery’s, small set up,not mass production cans. 4-5 ppl working there making the most incredible beer you’ve ever tasted. The finest most expensive hops money can buy. I compare them to eating fillet steak instead of rump (brewdog) or Asda smart mince (John smiths) lol Usually I pay around £3.30 a can if I buy in bulk but at around 7% they are nice to have one or two at end of evening, bit like a decent wine or brandy! Not chuck down ur neck stuff just very good high quality beer by local small batch brewing companies.

BrewDog Drive Thru - 30% discount or 50% discount for NHS with codes - pick up your favourite food and drink from our bars
1054° Expired
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
BrewDog Drive Thru - 30% discount or 50% discount for NHS with codes - pick up your favourite food and drink from our bars
Introducing BrewDog Drive Thru, the new way to pick up your favourite food and drink from our bars! We want to ensure our customers can still get their fix of epic food and even be… Read more
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This was last week, before the lockdown.


Surely picking up a takeaway is not one of the reasons for leaving your home? They still hatch serving?


Which wasn't doing food last night anyway! I had an order accepted and a phone call 5 mins later to cancel. Not what I wanted after a 12 hour day at work...


I had insider information anyway so I pretty much knew I was right all along. Just surprised it's today not Monday.


No evidence, no winnings. Unlucky. (lol)

BrewDog Mistletoe Mafia 80p per can + £5 delivery
80° Expired
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
BrewDog Mistletoe Mafia 80p per can + £5 delivery
There's a selection of BrewDog beers on sale right now, most notably Mistletoe Mafia which are 80p each or 4 for £3, or their popular Elvis Juice for just £1.50 a can down from £2.… Read more
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Or free delivery codes?


Any discount codes pls?


Hey, sorry for the people on their high horses on this website. Here is the link to the offer with Vegan filter on:


Thx, ordered 100 cans of various beers. 20% bond holder discount helps!


Probably has a 1 click macro.

Brewdog Lost Lager x 4 £3.25 instore @ Morrisons (Canterbury)
292° Expired
Posted 18th MarPosted 18th MarLocalLocal
Brewdog Lost Lager x 4 £3.25 instore @ Morrisons (Canterbury)
£3.25£535%Morrisons Deals
Seen in Morrissons in Canterbury, not sure if it's countrywide. Stock up now for the impending doom of self isolation.
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They're also opening Drive--Thru beer and food order points at their bars, with ordering by app:


The haven't stopped making beer (I would be pretty upset), just using their distillery to make hand sanitizer while we are in a crisis. Which won't be for sale to the public, but they are giving it away to those who need it.


They have stopped beer production and are now making hand gel called brew gel




Ooh I’ll make sure I go tomorrow

Craft beer tallboys 2 for £5 at Tesco - Vocation Love and Hate, Brewdog vs Cloudwater NEIPA and Brewdog OG Hazy
350° Expired
Posted 17th MarPosted 17th MarLocalLocal
Craft beer tallboys 2 for £5 at Tesco - Vocation Love and Hate, Brewdog vs Cloudwater NEIPA and Brewdog OG Hazy
£5£617%Tesco Deals
Vocation Love and Hate, Brewdog vs Cloudwater NEIPA and Brewdog OG Hazy (rebranded version of what was Hazy Jane) are now in a 2 for £5 offer. Three of the best beers on the superm… Read more
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Does this count as a multi deal?




I tried to be funny, your also funny, but for the wrong reasons.


Thanks for your interest and the compliment, but you’re not my type.


Anyone hear a parrott? Whos a prity boy then!!

BrewDog Quench Quake - £1 For 330ml bottles @ Sainsburys Local (Tees)
423° Expired
Posted 11th MarPosted 11th MarLocalLocal
BrewDog Quench Quake - £1 For 330ml bottles @ Sainsburys Local (Tees)
£1£2.2556%Sainsbury's Deals
I know a sour is not to everyone's taste but... tasted this at one of the Brewdog bars and love it. I've picked it up at 3 different sainsburys locals in the north east. All cut to… Read more
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Try this one if you get a chance, one of the best sours I’ve had.


Yes sorry, typo : No bottles only 4 packs


4 pack is £6 here


Tesco's had 4 packs @ £4 or 2 for £9. No single cans though (I only wanted to try 1) I picked up a tin of.Florida Weisse @tj2015. Quite tart, I like it.



“BrewDog: Craft Beer for the people” hardback book 50p at Sainsbury's (Buckinghamshire)
225° Expired
Posted 10th MarPosted 10th MarLocalLocal
“BrewDog: Craft Beer for the people” hardback book 50p at Sainsbury's (Buckinghamshire)
£0.50£2098%Sainsbury's Deals
“BrewDog: craft beer for the people” hardback book, only 50p in Sainsburys. RRP £20, and still £14.75 on amazon. Stashed a copy away for Father’s Day (y) 🏻 Hope this helps… Read more

I found them in the beer section :)


Is this in the beer section or book section?


Sad bar steward.


Over priced.


12 x 330ml cans Brewdog Punk IPA - £12 @ Morrisons
394° Expired
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
12 x 330ml cans Brewdog Punk IPA - £12 @ Morrisons
£12£1520%Morrisons Deals
12 pack of Punk IPA for £12. Promotion was supposed to be to clear the old packaging stock but the new packs are scanning at this price too. Should be national

Nice spot , had two with my Morrison’s steak pie at lunch time! (y) 🏻


Cashout? Practically impossible, I suppose they may pay dividends one day. In all likelihood, they'll probably get taken out by one of the mega brewers, and your £25 share might be worth quite a bit more...


How easy is it to cash out though? They're definitely shady considering they held fake "job interviews", took the ideas of the applicants, and used them in their campaigns. They threatened to sue a bar that had the name "punk" in it. Then there was the sex-discrimination case they lost. Definitely a great company. (confused) Only still trading because hipsters keep buying their overpriced drain cleaner.


Yes, so 50 empty cans of beer will get you a share worth £25... Sounds fair to me? Shady, its not like they sell guns is it!


"Shares in BrewDog cost £25 and the minimum investment is one share" according to google. So £50 of beer will get you one share in this shady company. The only good thing about them is they tell you their recipes for homebrewing. I've always found their beers to be substandard for the prices they charge though.

Brewdog Elvis Juice - 4 x 330ml cans - £3.50 at Sainsbury's Great Yarmouth
340° Expired
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th FebLocalLocal
Brewdog Elvis Juice - 4 x 330ml cans - £3.50 at Sainsbury's Great Yarmouth
£3.50£750%Sainsbury's Deals
Just saw this in Sainsbury's Great Yarmouth. 4 cans of Elvis Juice, half price at £3.50. Loads of shelf at time of posting. Unsure if nationwide?

Yes they are but Sainsbury's had other beers reduced, not just Brewdog.


Aren’t they rebranding?


Aye, I’ve tried it pal. It was the “Now or Never” part of my original comment I was eluding to!


The Sainsbury's Local in Hayes, Middx. was doing the Instamatic white IPA for this price.


If you've not tried it then I would definitely recommend picking up a pack at this price.

Brewdog 5am Saint for £3 @ Sainsburys Pinhoe, Exeter
284° Expired
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th FebLocalLocal
Brewdog 5am Saint for £3 @ Sainsburys Pinhoe, Exeter
4 cans for £3 @Sainsburys Pinhoe, Exeter. This is limited edition, so probably be more store specific.

Available in Sutton too. At least half-a-dozen packs. Though Sutton still hasn't reduced the old Elvis Juice packs.


Got the last two different types of seasonal brews in Wellingborough and Bacchus raspberry.


I picked 2 up, but there were about 8 packs left, but looks like the there's none left now, ref the comment above this one.


Did you leave any in store?


Got a pack, thanks. Last one though!

Brewdog Funk Punk IPA 500ml bottle £2.05 @ Tesco Yeading.
204° Expired
Posted 20th FebPosted 20th Feb
Brewdog Funk Punk IPA 500ml bottle £2.05 @ Tesco Yeading.
£2.05£559%Tesco Deals
It tried this one yet and I wasn’t going to pay £5 to find out if I liked it. But just over £2 worth a go. Loads left on the shelf when I finished. May be national as is reduced… Read more
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Wetherspoons works on buying coming up to or past it's sell by date alcohol in mass quantity and flogging it cheaply. Definitely tastes different to having a pint of Punk at brewdog! But you can't complain for £3.50 a pint.


The punk ipa in the brew dog bars is 5.6% as opposed to 5.4% in wetherspoons. It doesn't really explain the dramatic price difference though.


Yes, the Titanic Plum Porter is a good one IMHO. Sometimes have it at the Wetherspoon's at £2.15/£1.85 (on Monday) on cask. Picked up a few bottles of the Brewdog Funk Punk at £2.05 from the OP's store but not tried it yet.Looking forward to it though, as it's a new one to me. Still can't work out why Punk IPA is significantly cheaper at Wetherspoon's than Brewdog's own bars. (confused)


The Untappd app is great for this.


How do you keep track of which ones you have tried?

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