Unfortunately, this deal has expired 28 February 2024.
Posted 14 February 2024

Various Medium Easter Eggs (e.g. Kit Kat Chunky 129g / Maltesers 127g / Smarties 119g / Cadbury Mini Eggs 97g) (More Card Price)

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Various medium Easter Eggs now reduced down to 75p at Morrisons.

Included are:

  • KitKat Chunky 129g
  • Maltesers 127g
  • Smarties 119g
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons 98g
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo 96g
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk White Buttons 98g
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs 97g


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  1. vinnynice's avatar
    These don't look medium to me. Good deal though
    premierfella's avatar
    I think the debate was had on this site last year about "Medium" eggs actually being what most of the population would recognise as "Small", but there are actually smaller Easter eggs than these >100g ones!

    If you want Easter eggs that actually look like Medium size, buy the "Large" ones
  2. greenalien1's avatar
    Just checked on their webpage and they are still £1.50, thought this deal went live today (15th) ?
    DealDiscloser's avatar
    You need to sign in to your Morrisons More Card account for the offer to be shown
  3. Friday-Ubaydah's avatar
    Ensure you pay for these Easter eggs with your Morrisons More loyalty card in order to take advantage of the 75p 50%-off deal.

    Payment without the More loyalty card will result in paying the full price of £1.50.

    Personally I'll resist the temptation, and await for the TCB Snap & Save Easter egg deal.
  4. Chris_RRN's avatar
    Cost me 60p each using the 10% off chocolate or sweets discount that can be activated in the rewards section of the Morrisons More app. Not sure if selected accounts. Went down from £2.25 for 3 eggs to £1.80!
  5. andrewworrall1's avatar
    Is there a limit on how many you can buy? I have quite a few people to buy for
    greenalien1's avatar
    on their main webpage it says max 12 per customer, if you need more you could always buy 12, take them back to you car then pop back in and get more or just take a few friends/family with you and get more in one trip
  6. themachman's avatar
    Cheers OP
    I'll pick a load up for Alder Hey hospital
    Grazz0r's avatar
    Seriously? Well done!
  7. Zek's avatar
    if 97g is a medium egg I don't want to see a small one
    Matty1302's avatar
    In a few years they’ll be putting one Crème Egg sized egg in a box.
  8. Soso_A's avatar
    Waiting for the topcashback deal. If you know, you know (edited)
    Mr_Ekho's avatar
    free egg? when? lol
  9. disappointed's avatar
    They might be small but a perfect size to fill each half with ice-cream , sauce and of course any chocs that come with it x
    greatnameuk's avatar
    is that one serving or 2 lol
  10. vickysx's avatar
    These are medium? Guessing small is a cream egg then?
    PizzaTheHutt's avatar
    i think they dropped the medium since they shrank so much they fell embarrased calling them medium
  11. Rmcstar's avatar
    Nice find!
  12. geordiehsk123's avatar
    Don’t mention this to “Eddie Abbew”
    Tanker11's avatar
    It's all about eggs with him but not the chocolate variety. His TikTok vids are great.
  13. Antagonist1's avatar
    I get the whole small/medium/large whatever, but in my mind, less than 80p/100g is the sweet spot, and this is way under, so heat!
  14. greenalien1's avatar
    Picked mine up today, yes some are quite small so not worth £1.50, chunky KitKat and malteasers seem the better value for weight
  15. JaguarMan's avatar
    Great find and thanks for listing
    For what it’s worth all
    The £3.50 eggs are going on sale next week 👌
    JaguarMan's avatar
    Large eggs £1.99 06.00 Thursday morning
  16. Turret-Buddy's avatar
    Time to stock up for the weekend. Thanks
  17. Bolkyloren's avatar
    Count me in
  18. andrewworrall1's avatar
    Have some heat OP just don't let it melt the chocolate
  19. Lewman's avatar
    Shocked to see the size of them in person when I was at Morrisons earlier!
  20. Paul_C_Buckley's avatar
    These are medium?
    Difficult to imagine what the small version is like.
  21. Txd977's avatar
    Does anyone know how long the offer is on for? Thanks
    JaguarMan's avatar
    Hi there txd977
    One week I believe as the £3.50 eggs are being reduced next week.
  22. mshovibaby's avatar
    Shrinkflation at it's finest! You get 7 mini eggs inside.
    adamdavies1qb's avatar
    refuse to buy mini eggs this year 80g packs 1.50
  23. Mr_Ekho's avatar
    FYI as I remember same price as last year so a bigger bargain this year
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Nopeeee, definitely a smaller bargain this year.
    It's same price for a shrunken egg.
  24. geordiehsk123's avatar
    Heat for the deal OP
  25. Idntkno's avatar
    Thanks OP
  26. Matty1302's avatar
    Not surprised as my local Morrisons prior to  this deal had 100s if not 1000s of these eggs stacked in a long row near the self service checkouts. They’re not selling at full price as people know they’re a ripoff.
  27. greatnameuk's avatar
    gets u in the shop .....
    User1976's avatar
    That's exactly what it's for
  28. Lavyloca's avatar
    thanks op will pick some up
  29. barnehurst's avatar
    These are impressively tiny
  30. HolyCactuar's avatar
    I guess they're medium sized for the vertically challenged.

    Think I'll stick with splurging at Hotel Chocolat. Their big eggs are dear, but quality.
  31. micketh85's avatar
    Malteaser and Kit Kat Chunky ones are good value.
  32. Ste10001's avatar
    I was saying to my partner the other day that I couldn’t believe how expensive Easter eggs were in Morrisons this year. I guess this explains it and they’ll discount them to a normal price with the more card price.
  33. markoUK's avatar
    Good price for what it is but surely people are savvy enough to realise these aren’t medium eggs, they’re small eggs.
  34. Bestbitter's avatar
  35. chezza02's avatar
    £2 for large easter eggs in sainsburys with nectar card
  36. cowtc's avatar
    Finding the malteasers one is like an egg hunt
  37. timbo995's avatar
    8 eggs for £6 with a weight of over 1kg of chocolate. Much better value than any extra large egg any day.
  38. Riley_Freeman's avatar
    Never used a more card deal before. How do you get it at the advertised price online? Still shows up in my basket at £1.50 even after signing up for a more card

    Edit: Took a few hours after registration for my More account to fully start working (edited)
  39. jennypenny's avatar
    When does this end?
    Granlands's avatar
    I am also trying to find out when it ends, is it today ?
  40. cainer1's avatar
    Stick to the Cadbury variants imo, i just had a Smarties one and the chocolate egg tasted pretty bad
    andrewworrall1's avatar
    I have to disagree. Just had a Smarties one myself and I have no issues whatsoever with the chocolate egg and the Smarties inside it. Each to their own (edited)
's avatar