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Posted 21 November 2022

Very Good - Refurbished - Microsoft Surface Pro 5 £175.99 / £231.99 with Keyboard and stylus,delivered @ eBay / newandusedlaptops4u

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Very Good - Refurbished:

Seller notes:
“Surface will have wear and tear plastic, and may have minor white blemishes & minor scratching around the surface of the screen. Professionally installed with GENUINE Windows 10/11 Operating system & license provided under the Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher Program. Ex-business machine fully working and tested by qualified engineers. Perfect use for School, College, Small Business. UK Mains adaptor provided. 1 Year RTB warranty included. Wi-Fi enabled. Ready to use out of the box.”
Quality: Very Good - Refurbished (

4032441_1.jpgProcessor: Intel Core i5-7300U 2.60GHz

4032441_1.jpgProcessor Generation: 7th Generation

4032441_1.jpgMemory: 8GB Onboard RAM

4032441_1.jpgHard Drive: 256GB SSD

4032441_1.jpgScreen Size: 12.3" Multi-touch widescreen. 2736 x 1824

4032441_1.jpgCD Drive: None

4032441_1.jpgOperating System: Windows 10 64 Bit (Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro Above)

4032441_1.jpgBattery: Minimum 2 hours standby

4032441_1.jpgGraphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 620

4032441_1.jpgAC Adapter: Original power adaptor included

4032441_1.jpgWiFi: Yes

4032441_1.jpgNetwork: WFi Only

4032441_1.jpgUSB Ports: 1

4032441_1.jpgVarious: Front & back camera - Stylus & keyboard can be added above.

Return postage - 30 days - Buyer pays return postage
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  1. Avatar
    I got offered a surface pro 5 with keyboard for £160 and skipped it, want at least 8th gen quadcore really and can get an 8th gen quad core laptop from itzoo for like £145 if you're not desperate for this as a tablet. I had a sp4 for 4 years and never once used it as a tablet, horrible machines, can't use as a laptop either without a tray due to them being top heavy. (edited)
    I was going to buy it then I saw 7 th gen and stopped. They must have installed Windows 11 by bypass check method .The default Windows installer won't install windows 11 for 7th Gen Intel CPU . Lack of Android apps , constant restarts ,is biggest reason I prefer Android tablets . (edited)
  2. Avatar
    is the processor too old? i5 7th gen???
    I’m using my original model and that processor is far too old. It’s not really an i5, it’s a mobile variant so it’s only dual core.

    For a usable 2-in-1 it’s a good price but I’d try to find a Surface Pro 6 or 7.

    Side note, if you are looking for reviews or comparative deals it’s a Surface Pro (2017), they never officially called it a Surface Pro 5.
  3. Avatar
    For anyone buying this, I’d bought one from a previous deal on here, and super happy with it.
    I’d set up a discussion about art packages, gaming, helpful info etc for others that bought one so posting link here if it helps
  4. Avatar
    Damn, I thought it was £175 with the keyboard and stylus. Still, a great deal. The Surface Pros are pretty ageless and you can't really tell what generation most of the models are from. Only problem with these is there's a fault where the SSDs die, if they do you've got yourself a paperweight. As the SSDs are non-replaceable. I got one myself.

    I've exaggerated a tad, It's not quite a paperweight as I've installed Windows on a USB stick and I run it from there. It's slow but it works. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    I'm using a surface pro 4 to zoom, plex, surf and download stuff.
  6. Avatar
    Mine arrived. Condition fine but screen not working with touch. Is being replaced before the weekend so great customer service. Fingers crossed for second one.
  7. Avatar
    Voted up but do check CEX before you buy as they often have Grade C (which are often Grade B from other retailers) at £160. I have the SP4 which I find very fast with an i5 and you can balance it on your lap and I just carry round in a doc holder with my notepad to meetings and I'm happy.
  8. Avatar
    would it be worth it getting it without the keyboard and just picking up a 3rd party one?
    I’ve got the 4, would not recommend without the keyboard. Still in use daily, still fast enough for standard use, chrome/emails/word etc..
  9. Avatar
    I bought one similar to this and it’s everything I need but it keeps restarting with a Stopcode error. Thinking this is software related so eventually I should be able to iron it out. They run fast and will do anything.
    May be hardware related . Stop code errors like Blue screen of death are related to hardware mostly .
  10. Avatar
    I'm using a standard 128gb Microsoft surface 3 and have for the past 6 years for my travel blog and small e-commerce business, it was good enough back then and the same now
  11. Avatar
    Daughter has a surface pro 4, not sure on specs. Accidentally spilt water on it and now won't turn on. I'm assuming it's probably cheaper to buy this than it is to get it fixed? Is this any good for handling light gaming, Minecraft, roblox, sims 4? General early teen gaming basically.
  12. Avatar
    2 hours battery
  13. Avatar
    Cracking price and ordered with keyboard plus stylus. That’s my wife’s Christmas present sorted!
  14. Avatar
    Morning all. This looks ideal for my purposes. I need something to write on, nothing more. My question : is the seller reputable? 
  15. Avatar
    Very good feedback on eBay and a 12 month return to base warranty. I’m willing to give them a go as a lot of this should be covered by eBay if anything goes wrong.
    I’m feeling the same way. Thanks for responding and enjoy the new toy 
  16. Avatar
    I bought a portable monitor and i'm just thinking i should have went for something like this instead. I am only using it for streaming media eg apple tv+, prime, youtube etc... does this have a fan and able to play media without skipping frames at 1080p?
  17. Avatar
    Had the Surface Pro arrive Friday and I’ve unboxed it tonight (currently upgrading to Windows 11 via bypass).

    Item as described so thumbs up to the seller from me. It has authorised refurbisher all over the packaging and while there is some wear and tear on the Surface Pro, this is excellent for the price.

    Very happy
  18. Avatar
    Mine arrived, seems OK but battery capacity seems to be down to 68% (cycle count 110 according to powercfg /batteryreport). Going to see how long it lasts unplugged. What capacities are others receiving?
    My first the screen didn’t work. The replacement works fine but 62% battery. Its basically got to be plugged in but I wasn’t planning to move it much so it is ok for me. How long is your battery lasting?