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Posted 5 July 2023

Victorinox Jelly Quattro Swiss Card - Onyx - £15.60 @ Amazon

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About this item
  • 9 functions: Letter opener, stainless steel pin, nail file, screwdriver, toothpick, ballpoint pen, ruler, quadruple screwdriver & tweezers
  • The Victorinox Swisscard Quattro is designed in the shape of a credit card to can carry it in your wallet, briefcase, purse or backpack
  • Open a letter, write a cheque, tighten a screw, remove a splinter or simply file a jagged nail!
  • Color: Black Transparent
  • Material: Cellidor & Stainless Steel
  • The Victorinox Swisscard Quattro is designed in the shape of a credit card so you can carry it in your wallet, briefcase, purse or backpack
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  1. MPD1's avatar
    Remember, it's not legal to carry in public (in the UK) without a good reason. Trivial as it may seem, that's a fixed blade.
    billymacs's avatar
    Enough this is perfectly legal to carry in public. The fixed blade is less than 3 inches
  2. sharq's avatar
    I prefer the one with scissors ✂️.
    Rarely have I needed to open a screw or whatever else that square thing does. I've used the scissors many times though, even the tweezers came in handy.

    Also Airport might take the knife and scissors away when carried on oneself. Victorinox customer service were excellent and replaced my scissors and knife free of charge.
    trev55's avatar
    That's odd, I've flown with one in hand luggage many times and never even been asked about it
  3. boombadoom's avatar
    I flew to Japan with one of these in my wallet, didn't get stopped in the UK but on the way home I was stopped and had the knife taken off me, maybe depends on local laws / who stops you
  4. thrawn123's avatar
    Flew with it for years (and walked around with it), no issues until I had a flight via Beijing and the knife got confiscated.
    Was always around £12 on sale, £16 is just about the max I'd pay i guess. Tweezers, knife and pen most useful to me but all been used.

    EDIT: policing in this country is relatively adult. They will not throw the book at you, at most advise you shouldn't carry it around in future. But when are you actually going to get searched by police? (edited)
    MPD1's avatar
    I agree, but it is factually illegal (without good reason) and at the discretion of the officer, so seems a bad idea to me to leave yourself exposed when there's so many great legal options from the very same brand. Just my 2-cents of course, we're all grown ups and can make our own decisions.
  5. billymacs's avatar
    Has anyone ever been prosecuted for carry one of these?
  6. James_Londoner's avatar
    One week I visited both 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament with one of these in my wallet.

    Downing Street security didn't bat an eyelid, but the security guards at the Palace of Westminster confiscated it and gave it back when I left.
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