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Makita DTM51Z Multi-Tool, 18 V body only £99.99 at Amazon
Posted 5 h, 28 m agoPosted 5 h, 28 m ago
Usually around the £115 mark, down to £99. Body only, no batteries and charger.

Hi, just to note, I said the new one shares the design/looks of the 40v range. Didn’t say it is 40v.


One of Makita’s poorer tools. The new one is far better by all accounts but I’ve yet to try it personally, just to note, it’s not based on the 40v as someone mentions above, the 40v is still to come and will likely be based on the 52. This 51 offers the tool-less chuck but has a removable pin. The known problems are the locating pins shearing and the angle going out under force. The design loses the LED which was handy but not the huge deal some people make out. The oscillating movement of this model is low, circa 2 degrees iirc, this is lower than most competitors and results in slower cutting whilst being noisy and transmitting noticeable vibration, all areas the new model improves on. This is a decent price but even if your invested in the Makita batteries I’d consider buying an adaptor to use the batteries on the DeWalt version, it’s far superior. The Bosch is (marginally) better again but not a lot. Someone will probably mention Fein but they make little else.


That's exactly what has happened to mine, the chuck will quite often not properly clamp down and grip the tool blade. It feels fine when you first fit the blade, but with a bit of pressure comes loose.


Brilliant, been waiting for this to drop below £100 for some time now (y)


Good price, good tool if you already have makita batteries (y)

Scheppach 5 in 1 garden multi tool £189.99 + £9.95 delivery at Aldi Online Exclusive
Posted 8 h, 47 m agoPosted 8 h, 47 m ago
Solve all of your gardening needs with the Scheppach 5-in-1 Garden Multi-Tool. Featuring a nylon cutter, teeth cutter, chain saw, hedge trimmer and garden blower. With a 2-stroke e… Read more

I bought the 4 in 1 from Aldi a few weeks back for £130, not sure a blower attachment is worth an extra £70


Not sure how much better it is as a deal than the previous Titan 4-in-1 multi tool from screwfix but could be useful for some.

Gerber Suspension NXT multitool - Amazon - £27.73
Posted 23 h, 30 m agoPosted 23 h, 30 m ago
Nice multi-tool, cheapest its been by the looks of it.

This reminds me of early days hukd. Where I bought a leatherman and thought I was the daddy, only for all the kool kidz to state pssshaw leatherman are DONE, gerber or nothing you joker. So anyway I'm going to say that everyone who knows what's up uses SHINSEI and all else is trash


A salt, shirley


Cheers ta .


Hahahaha, I will save that for when my buddy mentions it again ;)


Well what do you expect the Police to do? A good case for assault and buttery there. Groan!!!! :p

Makita DTM51ZJX7 18 V Multi-Tool Cordless with Accessories in Makpac Case £120 @ Amazon
175° Expired
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
One for my fellow Makita fans! I was thinking about getting one of these a few weeks back, spotted this today, seems like a very competitive price; the bare tool is usually ~£1… Read more

It's £200+ for the bare unit. Looks good though.


FYI the new model is now out (DTM52Z).


Not really a deal


Yes it does. I got this a few weeks ago when it was at this price.


That's a great price when you consider the cost of a Makpac case which I assume includes the insert (y)

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Titan 4 in 1 petrol landscaping multi tool £149.99 (Free collection) @ Screwfix
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
£20 off. Just picked one up today and works really well. Comes with a mixing bottle too (didn’t know that and bought one with it! 🤦🏽♂️) 1 year warranty. Nev… Read more

I used the small-pro with the 2.4mm line - the line is really tough and lasts a long time - I've only just changed the first reel after a year and I strim a lot - mostly brush type ground.


Anyone know if bought the one with just spool trimmer n hedge cutter could you change the spool trimmer line to a bush cutter blade ?


Just for everyones interest you can buy an echo (or clone) easy feed 400 strimming head for this for about £9 on ebay. Dont have to take head apart to add new strimmer line, just pokes through the middle and you twist the head to feed the line in Also the bump feed is much more reliable than the genuine head that comes with it. Echo also fits straight on to existing spline.


I had two of these, the fuel line kept falling off inside the tank. Screwfix were ok about the returns. I gave up after the second one and bought a mitox instead. That was about 5 years ago.


They send me a wrench 🔧 mine didn’t even want to start after first 1 hour. Tweaking the valve got it going on the recommended mix. It’s important for long runs to keep it oiled. Also I start mine and let it idle 5 minutes to warm up. Typical of motors like this. The pistons and rings need a minimum temperature to seal up and run well. That’s what cold start does with the oil mix. It lubes under the rings. And also why you don’t run it longer than 30 minutes in one go. Turn it off for 10 it lubes the rings again.

Ferrex 300w Multitool at Aldi for £22.94 delivered @ Aldi
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Tool-free, quick change system Electronic speed control and constant power Additional handle lockable in 2 positions Cuts wood, metal and more Sanding tool for the perfect finish S… Read more

Yep exactly the one I used


This is the type of attachment you need. It doesn’t come with the Ferrex multi tool but you can get them from amazon/ebay for around a fiver


If it does they are a copper colour with tungsten carbide tip.


Mine didn't but is not from aldi. It was from wilkos. However I bought 2 on ebay for around a fiver. I cut out the grout lines on my tiled floor with a steady hand lol and rerouted with a darker grout as I didn't like the lighter colour I used. I also only used one blade or actually half a blade. The tiles are alot harder than the grout lines so just keep the blade deep enough and jiggle it a bit side to side. Did a great job on mine. Hope this helps ya.


Thanks. Do you know if this tool comes with the proper attachment?