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Posted 6 July 2023

Victorinox Tinker Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Medium, Multi Tool, 12 Functions, Blade, Screwdriver, Red - £17.94 @ Amazon

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The ideal companion for all crafty men and women Key features: Includes a reamer, punch and a Phillips screwdriver
Swiss made pocket knife with 12 functions: bottle opener, can opener, key ring, large blade, Phillips screwdriver 1/2, reamer, punch and sewing awl, screwdriver three mm, screwdriver six mm, small blade, toothpick, tweezers, wire stripper
Lifetime assurance: Victorinox assures all knives and tools to be of first-class stainless steel and also assures a lifetime against any defects in material and workmanship (save for electronic components two years) Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse is not covered by this assurance
Dimensions: height 14 mm, length 91 mm, weight 62 g Scale material: ABS / Cellidor Item number: 14603 Item name: Tinker
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  1. sashforth's avatar
    I have the Huntsman and the Spartan knives and, I am not sure which I prefer. The Huntsman has a few more tools but that can be a disadvantage sometimes when I am struggling to find the one that I want. Being a triple layer knife also makes the Spartan that bit smaller and lighter making it fit better in my trouser pocket.

    All the Victorinox knives are good so you just need to decide which blades/tools are most important to you and then keep an eye out for a good deal. I got my Spartan from Amazon but I got my Huntsman from CPC Farnell but they seem less competitive now.
  2. afaruque74's avatar
    £4.99 delivery without prime.
  3. Renoir64's avatar
    This is knife I carry all the time. I must use it every day for one thing or another and at this price it's a steal.
    doesitmatter's avatar
    Just curious, what you need everyday for?
  4. Prodigy-XOfficial_.'s avatar
    thanks, last thing i want is to get in trouble with the law =(
  5. davee58's avatar
    I had the exact same knife for years, a good knife!
    Then I lost it.
    Unfortunately, airport security found it for me at the bottom of my carry-on luggage, and confiscated it.
    Fockw1t's avatar
    Strange thing this. I went on holiday two weeks ago for a week. Airport security pulled me over and wanted to check the rucksack I was carrying. I put two and two together and remembered that I had left this knife in the pocket of my rucksack (or at least thought I had but was not 100% sure). I answered all questions as honestly as I could about packing etc. The security guy looked in the pocket of one side and pulled out a small hand gel which I told him to throw away (it was taking ages).

    No more checks and we were allowed to go on our way. When we got out of the airport and on our transport at the other end I checked the pocket and there it was, this knife. Lucky for me but a little lax from security. (edited)
  6. Prodigy-XOfficial_.'s avatar
    is it legal to carry on you or in the car in the UK?
    smegal's avatar
  7. FizzyRascal's avatar
    You won't get into trouble with the law with this unless you're actually using it as an offensive weapon!
    Have leathermans but my mini swiss army knife always gets used before the rest do for minor everyday jobs baragian OP ty
  8. Adrian_Brz's avatar
  9. Leeps's avatar
    This is such a good deal. I just upsold myself to the deluxe tinker while it was on offer though. Twice the price!
  10. Linas_Einikis's avatar
    Great tool. Reading some comments made me laugh. Seriously people carry knifes so they can open amazon packages ? In all aspects, people carrying pocket knifes on a daily basis, must be feeling insecure (why the fxxx would you need a knife in your pocket each day?) and show a bad example to the youngsters. Knife crime is increasing, especially among teenagers who pull out knifes rather than fight nowadays. Despite the size of the knife, I don't agree that anyone should carry a knife. Unless you are camping, hiking, fishing, or doing a similar activity.
    black.knight's avatar
    Narrow minded, closed, view of things. What you feel you need to carry is greatly influenced by your job, family situation, travel plans etc.

    A pocket knife or multi tool is a tool like any other. Used for it's purpose, it's completely functional and makes your life easier. You don't think about carrying it, until you need it.
  11. black.knight's avatar
    Got a mini one (Manager or Signature I think it's called) on the keyring with knife, scissors, pen and nailfile/screwdriver.

    Brilliant for opening parcels, snipping loose threads and the occasional scribbled note.

    Got a larger Spartan model in the laptop bag but only occasionally need it (always had a simple bottle opener on my keyring too). Leatherman Wave kept in a hidden spot in the car, easy to get hold off if needed.

    I find the prices fluctuate a lot on Amazon and there are so many minor variations. Decide what tools you need and just go for it. Lots of extra add ons like the micro screwdrivers which sit in the corkscrew tool - check them out, perfect for glasses wearers

    I do love EDC stuff but some of the Youtubers make me laugh with what they try and justify you/they need to carry. Affiliate links must make a decent return! (edited)
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