Unfortunately, this deal has expired 5 September 2023.
Posted 7 July 2023

Vitus Mach 3 VR Hybrid Bike (Claris) £339.98 delivered @ Chain Reaction Cycles

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Reduced from £649.99 to £319.99 plus £19.99 delivery.

Fast hybrid bike with road bike components. Weight 10.4kg.

If you have slightly more budget the Sora model also has hydraulic brakes which is well worth the upgrade:

Chain Reaction Cycles More details at
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  1. djlondon22's avatar
    Can anyone recommend a bike suitable for leisure/fitness that will be easy to maintain please. Any of the above mentioned recommended? Thank you
    N0bodyOfTheGoat's avatar
    chainreactioncycles.com/p/v…xus for £259.99 is insane for a 3-speed internal hub geared hydraulic braked hybrid!

    sheldonbrown.com/gea…tml suggests the gear inches would be approx 42/58/79 (which will lower with a slimmer 27.5" slick). The easiest gear is roughly the same as 34T chainring with 21T sprocket on my 22-speed road bike, so you would need to be fairly fit to tackle long inclines of approx 3% or steeper on this hybrid.
  2. Pav241's avatar
    I am honestly no expert when it comes to bikes but is this bike really any good? What makes this a good hybrid bike can it handle off road? Looks from the pictures the tyres are slicks how are they going to perform when it's wet most of the time here in the UK? Any advice would be greatly appreciated to help make a decision whether or not to purchase. Thanks
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    They're all pretty decent now, the brand name bikes.

    If you're cycling in mud you need knobbly tyres otherwise in the dry most tyres can go anywhere.

    I take all my bikes everywhere, I only really struggle in the mud in my local forest so take a mountain bike otherwise any bike will pretty much go anywhere.

    If you haven't had a bike for a while you'll be amazed how good modern bikes like this are. If you have the budget spend the extra and get hydraulic brakes though (link in description) but if not you will still love this model.
  3. emvhcjrfcjzavdyyuc's avatar
    You guys just cost me £400
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
  4. Vitalic's avatar
    Anyone got any recommendations for a women's hybrid?
    r4w80's avatar
    I recently bought a halfords Parva for my wife and she seem happy with that. 25% discount with totum too. But my daughter has a vitus and I am very impressed by them. Makes me want to change my aging Norco!
  5. Mark727's avatar
    This or the Sora? Is it worth the extra £80?
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    I would say for me it's worth it for the hydraulic brakes. But if you're on a budget you will still love this model.
  6. muppet31's avatar
    Looks a good deal, would this be ok for a bit road and trail type riding, haven't had a bike for about 30 years and looking for something a bit on and off road but not sure what to look for, might go a bit dearer if the right one pops up.
    coldo's avatar
    Yes this would be ideal . You can't go wrong with a hybrid bike for on and off road action ( I use an older Boardman hybrid bike ) looks like fairly chunky tyres on this so will be ideal but could always put more grippy tyres on if doing more forest trails etc .
  7. Flombard's avatar
    the VRS is OOS in large. I'm 6ft - can I get away with a medium or will ift feel cramped? (edited)
    stevieb12321's avatar
    Will feel a bit cramped!
  8. JC7's avatar
    If you’re 180 in height would you go for the medium 175-180 or large 180-185?
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
  9. Aznar's avatar
    I must stop looking at bike deals. I have to many already and prices are fantastic. Very tempting....

  10. dealpickle's avatar
    I found this impossible to shave with, don't know why people rate them so highly. Very difficult to clip on the handle.

    This.Is.Dog's avatar
  11. James_Hunter-Jones's avatar
    These are insanely cheap. I was going to get a ribble hybrid for a grand using cycle to work but may just get the hydraulic brake version of this.
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Great bike, I love hydraulics too
  12. C0mbat's avatar
    This has been coming for a couple of months. The prediction was that the price crash was going to happen in May but we're starting to see it now. Demand fell off a cliff last year and there's just too much stock in these large suppliers.
    M91's avatar
    And yet whenever I try to find anything it's either OOS or the variant I need is much more expensive than the price that drew me in from the search engine/comparison site. In conjunction with the pointless, duplicitous existence of Wiggle, I personally find this company an absolute blight on my online shopping experience.
  13. lightrider's avatar
    highdon's avatar
    Very light indeed!
  14. RifleEyes's avatar
    Seems like pretty much all the Vitus range has had some insane discounts on CRC,
    I bought this the other week for £349.99 - chainreactioncycles.com/p/v…xus

    Have e-mailed asking if they can refund the difference, great city bike, hydraulic brakes all for less than £300 with very little maintenance being hub geared.
    Daytrix's avatar
    Bought the same one a few hours ago
  15. RifleEyes's avatar
    Got given a £90 gift card for the difference... If anyone wants another 20 quid off this or any other crc bike I'll sell the voucher
    Outis_XYZ's avatar
    Hey! Any chance you're still selling this?
  16. coldo's avatar
    Now that is a beautiful looking thing ! ❤️
  17. LeonJamesBrookes's avatar
    The VRS model for £399 is excellent for the money. That's the one I would get
    Flombard's avatar
    OOS in large, Would have gone for it
  18. yoyo59's avatar
    I went for a ribble communter hybrid al sram in Novemebr and I think I was looking at these as well, they was £600 but I never heard of the name before and they do look kind of cheap, managed to get the ribble for 599+ delivery and accessories just under 700, but this for 300 is a bargain I must say

    side note the mach 3 v vrs sora claims to be rrp £800 but no carbon fork? (edited)
    James_Hunter-Jones's avatar
    How are you getting on with the Ribble and would you recommend?
  19. jofromk's avatar
    It's a great deal. Shame about cycle2work scheme not accepted for a while now :-(
    glenncruise's avatar
    Cheap anyway m8
  20. moosheck's avatar
    Just bought 500 quid bike from decathlon. Not saying is bad, but this is out of this world for the price. Damn
  21. NeverBagHolding's avatar
    How is this compared to specialised sirrus x 2 , just bought it last week for £600 and now I’m seeing all these deals considering returning it lol
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    That's also a beauty! Enjoy it
  22. stevieb12321's avatar
    Anyone got this? Looking for something to start cycling to work on. Approx 30 miles a day. Any thoughts!
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Yeah do it! Beautiful bike for commuting. Not as fast as drop handlebar but otherwise perfect for it, rapido
  23. jimboo54's avatar
    If I'm 5 ft 7 and the wife is 5ft 2, is there one we could both ride. Was looking for a bike for her but this is Better than mine. I'm on an 18 inch frame at the moment (edited)
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Maybe a medium or small? Or get a step through hybrid?
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