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If fast transfer speeds aren't of concern and large storage space is needed for saving all those precious bits and bobs, a traditional Hard Disk Drive or affordable portable drive are decent options. To save time when bargain hunting online, HotUKDeals groups all deals for HDDs together on a special “hard drive” page.With the benchmark on HDDs usually measured against their available storage capacity, this advice-jammed buyer's guide to hard drives delves into other features that make hard dri Read more
Toshiba P300 3TB 3.5'' SATA High-Performance Hard Drive (OEM) £56.57 @ Ebay/Ebuyer (USE CODE)
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Posted 9 h, 10 m agoPosted 9 h, 10 m ago
Item description "The P300 is available in capacities up to 3 TB. P300 - HIGH-PERFORMANCE HARD DRIVE. This design makes for more precise, faster read and write speeds, and instant … Read more

About to get 2TB for a similar price. Will get this now. Thanks OP 😁😁


I have to say you actually helped me save almost £40 on 2 3tb WD Red Hdd. Thank you very much, I will make sure I always have your notification on.

WD My Passport 4TB Portable Hard Drive - Black £76.89 @ Ebay/Ebuyer (Wth Code)
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Posted 11 h, 41 m agoPosted 11 h, 41 m ago
WD My Passport 4TB Portable Hard Drive - Black - Portable Hard Drive - 4TB - USB 3.0 - 2-year limited warranty • Auto backup with included WD Backup software • Password protection… Read more

better value yes, but this is a usb powered 2.5" drive & enclosure and that is a mains powered 3.5" drive & enclosure, so they arent really that comparable.


£15/Tb is my new buy in, this is over £19. The deal for the 8Tb yesterday was the one to go for.


In normal days, the price is 74-78. Suddenly yesterday the price jump to 109. And with the discount it would be 78 also. Hummmm


(lol) (lol) (lol)


There's a 20% off code for certain outlets on ebay at the moment, so there's bound to be a number of good deals.

WD My Book 8TB desktop external hard drive with auto back-up software 3 year warranty £114.99 with code delivered @ WD
Posted 14 h, 23 m agoPosted 14 h, 23 m ago
(shock) Now that is a cracking price (y) TRUSTED AND LOVED HIGH-CAPACITY STORAGE. Compact outside. Powerful inside. Store massive amounts of photos, videos, music and document… Read more

unless it actually said the code is invalid (Plex pass customers) - i think its just that the discount wouldnt be off the existing promo price, itd be off normal price - so there promo price is still cheaper than your discount... Ric


:( can't get code to work , any ideas. copied and pasted and typed. Thanks


5OFF1UK code says invalid ??


For those that don't like noisy drives. This hard drive is very noisy compared to other 3.5" drives.


Now this makes things interesting. .. And then I read the rest of the comments ;(

WD My Book 8 TB Desktop Hard Drive - Black (FYI: Comes with auto backup software & built-in 256bit AES hardware encryption) £119.99 @ Amazon
Posted 21 h, 21 m agoPosted 21 h, 21 m ago
Equipped with WD Backup software for Windows and Apple Time Machine compatibility for Mac Works with acronis true image WD edition software to schedule full system backups Passwo… Read more

Thanks for telling. Additional cost, maybe better value to buy smaller ones without the need for cooling system. I was weary of these high tb hard drives, maybe wait a bit longer it to stable. Also 10% of it, can never be use. they should market it as 10tb less 10% ie 9tb :)


How reliable are these? Tempted for backup.


Yes they get very hot. I only run them to back up data then they're off most of the time.


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/wd-my-book-8tb-desktop-external-hard-drive-with-auto-back-up-software-3-year-warranty-11999-delivered-at-wd-3252272 £5 cheaper from WD direct. Free P&P


wow this is the cheapest of unit per tb.. The first best one were 6tb at £87.49 16.6.2019.. so tempting...

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Crucial CT1000P1SSD8 P1 1 TB (3D, NAND, NVMe, PCIe, M.2, Solid State Drive) For £94.79 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Price Matched with Crucial Features & details Capacities up to 1 TB with sequential reads/writes up to 2,000/1,700 MB/s NVMe PCIe interface marks the next step in storag… Read more

so looks like intel 660p maintain speeds around 500MB, why people always say it drops to 50MB?


Thanks for taking the time to post that.Appreciated.


Speed of any disk is relative to how it is being used, copying small files will be a lot quicker than large files. I copied 4 files around 14GB total size and these are the speeds, remember this is only one example. All disks had plenty of room for the files. 1 from SSD to USB stick (Sandisk Ulta) 2 from Intel 660p to Crucial MX500 3 from SSD to intel 660p NVMe M.2


Thanks for feedback.Appreciated.


It is slow for an NVMe drive, but faster than any SATA drive and faster than the Crucial here. "Slow" is relative. Personally, I'd challenge anyone to actually notice the difference between SATA and NVMe, let alone the smaller difference to the 660.

WD My Book 10 TB Desktop Hard Drive - Black £175.42 | 169.27 With Fee Free card @ Amazon.de (Germany)
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
£175.42 delivered to an UK address using your UK bank card via the default amazon currency converter or £169.27 delivered to UK using a fee free card (Revolut Card, Starling Bank).… Read more

Bought this for 169.99 10tb model. Bad sectors. Returned.


I know they go straight into a G8 no modding, I would say the N54L would be the same.


This is the best price at the moment. I ordered one from amazon.co.uk at £159.99 a couple of weeks ago when they were out of stock. They've just been replenished and will ship tomorrow (y) Thank you for the 3.3V pin link! I'll be shucking mine to go in one of the bays of a HP N54L server and didn't know it wouldn't be a straight swap. I appreciate you sharing the knowledge. (highfive)


Yes. Not a drive fault, but a sata quirk. (Regular sellotape cut with regular scissors)


To clarify is the power pin issue is not actually an issue with the drive but that the pin specification shuts the drive down when 3.3v is supplied to the pin and on some psu that pin is always high?

Kingston A400 960GB 2.5" SATA III SSD, 500MB/s-450MB/s for £89.98 Delivered @ CCLOnline
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Couple of Quid cheaper, If you want to buy from Novatech (Deal LInk), Price Matched with Amazon UK (LINK ) Key Features: SATA III Interface 2.5 Form Factor Up to 500M… Read more

Hi why are some ssd 1tb and others 960gb? Why the 40gb diff isn't it just a waste... Any ideas?


You think that's bad? Try integral brand ssd 1tb before formating was 896.2 Gb from my memory site.


^^ Thanks. I have been using a Adata drive for 2.5 years without a prob so I would be happy to buy another... I realise I could have just been lucky but I think there is always a risk whichever make you go for.


The Crucial one at just under £100 is probably the better bet, worth it for the reliability, though for that reason I'm holding out for the Samsung EVO to drop


There are anecdotal reports of the Adata one being prone to failure.

Seagate 4 TB Backup Plus Portable External Hard Drive with 2 Months Photography Plan 2 year warranty Silver/Blue £82.98 delivered @ Amazon
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Blue link: amazon.co.uk/Seagate-Portable-External-Creative-Photography/dp/B0196J3UZ2 The Seagate Backup Plus portable drive simplifies backup for those who want to help protect t… Read more
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Isn't this price just the going rate now for 4TB drives?


tl dr: The Backup Plus and Expansion are more or less the same, with the Backup Plus smaller dimensions, more warranty but a heftier price tag. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-seagate-expansion-and-Seagate-Backup-Plus-external-hard-drive


Does anyone know what’s the difference between this drive and the expansion model? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seagate-Expansion-Portable-PlayStation-STEA4000400/dp/B017KE8OG0/


Very nice. Thanks


4tb! My goodness.

Seagate 5TB Back Up Plus Portable Drive £112.99 at Argos perfect for XBox One & PS4 (Price has dropped by £7)
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Seagate 5TB Back Up Plus Portable Drive perfect for XBox One & PS4 (Price has dropped by £7) Seagate Backup Plus Desktop drives are available in capacities up to 8 TB and com… Read more

Cheaper elsewhere and according to the Camels it's been as low as £90 in the past, so this is £23 dearer than the lowest price and as such it's cold for me.


Probably a My Book, it will need a seperate PSU


Do you need an extra external power cable to run that?


Got a wd 10tb for 160 on amazon worth waiting


It’s currently £109.99 at Amazon and is often ~£105 (see at Keepa.com).

Intel ® SSDPEKNW010T8X1 Intel SSD 660P Series Internal 1TB for £98.99 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
##Available for £97.27 @ CCLONOLINE## As some prefer Amazon, So, it's up to you. Product description Solid State Drives (SSDs) set the standard for storage performance, stabi… Read more

Thank you, very informative.


If you read the reviews in detail, the problem was the launch price. Now that it's down at the same price as SATA drives, it's better than any of those and a Good Deal. Same problem as all the QLC drives - the technology was supposed to be cheaper than TLC, but with a small performance penalty. And they launched them at the same price as TLC drives. The market has sorted itself out now and they're priced where they should be.


Just bought similar, realty is if you have SATA SSD don't bother upgrading as the standard user/gamer would see much performance increase. I've only just upgraded my CPU, MOBO & Ram from an old 3770k set up & thought I'd try a NVMe drive as the MOBO supports it. Boot times are around 1-2 seconds faster on a clean OS install. What is a plus for me is the size & no wires ! Not that I'm bothering showing off my PC as it works for use, not an RBG side show. :D


I have one of these. Itt's performing very well for my usage in gaming and 4k media.


It will be cheaper near end of the year as new gen devices emerge

4TB WD Elements Desktop External Hard Drive £69.99 with code delivered @ WD Store
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Reliable, high-capacity storage for ultrafast data transfers. High Capacity in a Compact Design The compact design offers up to 10TB capacity, making WD Elements desktop storage … Read more

I got some recently and they all had 4Tb WD Blue drives inside.


NTFS is read only on mac. Exfat is compatible read and write on both pc and mac. SO you owuld need to save your data and then format drive to exfat.


Just got a my passport for mac. If I plug in directly its fine but if I plug into the router so its effectivly a wireless hard drive you can copy files off but if you try and copy files on it says ‘I don’t have permission to read the files’ lol i am the administrator and have read and write access. It appears that smb sees the file format to ntfs. But time machine only works with mac hfs file format. Any ideas? BT Smart hub is the router


Had a 2tb for years. No issues.


There were a couple of Warehouse 4TB drives for 55 quid this morning. Nice :)

Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
SEAGATE 6TB IRONWOLF NAS HARD DRIVE 3.5” SATA III 6GB’S 7200RPM 256MB CACHE KEY FEATURES Rotational Vibration (RV) Sensors IronWolf Health Management (IHM) enabled Designed for al… Read more

Thank you. Not sure who changed the pic to the 4TB one (confused) (flirt) , I had uploaded the 6TB pic when i posted the deal this morning, pic of which I had also saved on my phone so have uploaded the same pic again


Despite the pic showing 4tb, it is for the 6

WD 4tb My Book External Desktop Hard Drive with auto back-up software 3 year warranty £71.99 with code delivered @ WD Store
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Complete Backup Equipped with WD Backup software for Windows and Apple Time Machine compatibility for Mac, the My Book desktop hard drive can back up your photos, videos, music an… Read more

Good deal have some heat, got one ordered, thanks op!


Yep, was just about to say the same, says 1-2 months wait, but mine's coming today as they updated the delivery date. Here if anyone's interested https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01M0SH124/ Credit to the OP of the post.


What HD is inside this? WD Red? (Probably not)


Just asking as i was about to buy this one instead for £84.99 WD My Passport; speaking of specs is the deal any better?? I understand i’m just paying more for a smaller size, but also saves me from using an external AC adapter! Heat added tho. ;) ;)


Just because it's cheaper per TB, doesn't mean that someone is gonna want a larger capacity drive

Seagate 8TB Backup Plus Desktop External Hard Drive with 2 Months Free Adobe Cloud Photography Plan 2 year warranty £129.99 @ Amazon
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Two integrated high-speed USB 3.0 ports on the front allow you to connect and recharge your other USB devices Formatted for Windows computers out of the box Install the provided NT… Read more
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expired now :/


Already posted buddy, I was gonna post it couple days ago too but saw the following post and was like leave it. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/seagate-8tb-xbox-game-drive-hub-12998-seagate-8tb-back-up-plus-desktop-hard-drive-12998-6-tb-8998-free-delivery-at-amazon-3233633

Toshiba X300 4TB SATA III 3.5" Hard Drive £92.99 at CCL Online
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Good value and for this fast and reliable drive, Key Features: 4TB Capacity 7200RPM Spin Speed SATA III Interface 128MB Cache 3.5" Form Factor 1 Year Warranty

They will definitely be oem but there is no indication on the web page. The same drive is available for more on Amazon and they are advertised is "bulk" purchase ie oem. 24% unhappy indicates a bad batch. I have asked for clarification. for X300 the warranty should be for 2 years https://storage.toshiba.com/consumer-hdd/internal Same Price at overclockers with 2 year warranty and honestly described as oem https://www.overclockers.co.uk/toshiba-4tb-x300-high-performance-hard-drive-hdwe140uzsva-hd-042-ts.html#tech_specs


my only issues with these and i have a few - is in my NAS - they get pretty warm... especially in UNRAID on Parity Check Day!!! Not sure now if i put N300 or X300 in my NAS now ive mentioned this - I have them on the side at home - so will check - think its a good deal either way - i do prefer WD Red for NAS though


You do know why most drives now have a one year warranty? They are slowing the manufacturing of them down because SSD's and M.2s are taking over it has NOTHING to do with the reliability of the drive? I am online everyday for at least 12 hours as I make my wage from being online and I have to have access to my 4 X300 drives and each one has been used thousands of times without a single issue...You are over dramatising something..


1 year warranty? your kidding me. This means it is an oem drive and you will have no warranty with toshiba. The warranty is with Amazon for a replacement. Sorry I will give these a miss. If I am paying this amount of money for a hard disk I need to know it is reliable. It is a good deal cheaper than on Amazon though and the cheapest I have seen for a 7200 rpm internal drive.


I have FOUR of these in my main PC, 7200RPM is spot on! it is one of the best drives Ive ever had, Not quite as fast as my Samsung 970 PRO 1TB but then these drives (X300) are there for storage and I suppose as its the 7200rpm could be used as a C:drive. I paid £120 per drive so this is a REAL good find..!! Make no mistake these drives are fantastic! I did all the reviews and almost everyone of them was great. They wont fail like some drives will and their performance is really good... IF you cant afford a high volume SSD and you need a new C:drive this is the answer. IF you are looking for storage for your online games,work files or personal files this drive again is perfect... (party)

WD Red 2 TB NAS Hard Drive @ Amazon £57.90
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
This is the cheapest this has been on Amazon ever as far as I can see. Not in stock so any orders placed will be back ordered, but Amazon is the seller. Personally I'd buy larger… Read more
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In my experience Amazon usually re-stock faster than their ETA's suggest.


What's the chances of there really being no stock for (at least) four weeks?

Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 Internal SSD (250GB for £39.14, 500GB for £60.89, 1TB for £105.26) @ Sold by SLJ Trading & FBA
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
High Performance Apply the Voucher ... Expires ###19/06/2019### Posted having good feedback from the users here @ HUKD Product Description The Sabrent 1TB ROCKET NVMe PCIe… Read more

I currently have a Kingston A400 240GB drive installed as my OS drive. Generally happy with the performance and wouldn't complain about the speed at all. If I wanted to buy extra storage for a games library (I am not a huge gamer by any means, so only likely to have a dozen or so games installed at a time), would this be more beneficial than just buying a 7200rpm 2TB HDD in regards to day to day tasks and actual gaming performance? I don't mind at all if levels or games load a tad slower, as long as it doesn't actually affect gameplay itself. In terms of day to day use, I use Photoshop a bit, work with PDFs, multi tab browsing, trading.... is this likely to offer a significant improvement over the SSD for those tasks?


Ordered thanks. Been waiting to push the boat out plus also had £45 Amazon voucher so made it a bargain


2TB costs you £247.94 from £284.99. ;)


No 2Tb?!


If you are buying one of these for your Macbook Pro please remember to check that your model is compatible and that you will need an adapter to connect it to the logic board. The adapters are cheap but take a while to deliver. Check on the Macrumors forum as there is a long standing thread about upgrading MacBook Airs & Macbook Pros (2013-2015) with NVMe SSDs

4TB WD Elements V2 2.5" USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive
£79.99 delivered @ BT Shop
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
When connected to a USB 3.0 port, WD Elements portable storage delivers maximum performance for data transfers. Transfer a full-length HD movie in a fraction of the time it takes w… Read more
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It's £90 (annoyed)


Yep same here. (skeptical)


Coming up as £89.98?


Think it's sold out "sorry this page cannot be found"


Don't forget topcashback

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