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Posted 1 July 2023

Weight Watchers (Heinz) Chicken Noodle Soup 295g - 9p instore @ Farmfoods, Ipswich

In store: Ipswich ·
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Admittedly, not a giant sized can. But I guess the idea is you have less to "watch your weight"??? What a strange marketing idea that would be.

Now dropped to 9p!

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  1. Zek's avatar
    You sure do spend a lot of time in Farmfoods Moe
    Also didn't they change their name from Weight Watchers to WW (edited)
    moe922's avatar
    It's like a treasure hunt in there. I never know what mystery food item is going for cheap there. And when it does, it's like hitting the jackpot. A lot of these deals, I don't buy. But I share it with the community because times are hard and it's great to share!

    I go, probably, every fortnight.... Just for the shh and giggles.
  2. TangoTemptress's avatar
    They were 3 for a quid recently.
    I'm glad I only bought one deal.
  3. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Considering that Heinz soups are around the £1.40 point for 400g, this is a good price
    TrolleyDolly18's avatar
    "Considering that Heinz soups are around the £1.40 point for 400g"

    And will continue 2B, fer as long as we go along with it, by buying it.

    It's not as if we don't have options, fewer and fewer I grant you, but why not check-out the likes of B&M (Bonners soups) Aldi and/or Lidl for alternative brands, you never know people, you could be pleasantly surprised...in both the price AND taste department OR you could stick with the "names", and pay the price, it's a free country.
  4. villan57's avatar
    Most weight watchers stuff seems to be just a smaller version of the real thing.
  5. garethmorris992's avatar
    Like water and tons of salt 👎🏻...and a much smaller can than standard soups
  6. Farbenspiel's avatar
    Just ate a tin and it had a sweetcorn sized amount of chicken in.
  7. pugwall's avatar
    Mmmmmm noddle soup!
    moe922's avatar
  8. eclogite's avatar
    Down to 9p now. Seen yesterday in Sutton, Mitcham and Erith.........................
  9. laurendavies1654's avatar
    9p in my local now aswell
  10. groovygraham's avatar
    Been replaced this week with Chicken, Potato and leek variety.
    Price has also gone up to 39p!
    Thankfully the Baxters Beetroot was still on cheap so stocked up on that and also Maldon Salt. Both are 39p
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