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Posted 15 July 2023

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12, 120Hz AMOLED display, Snapdragon processor, 33W 5000mAh 4GB RAM 128GB With New User Coupon

£149£1596% off
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Back at £149 direct from mi store with new user coupon.

About this item
  • Smooth and vivid 120Hz AMOLED display
  • 5000mAh long-lasting battery
  • 33W fast charging
  • Powerful Snapdragon processor
  • 50MP AI triple camera

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  1. Barbara_Wlodarczyk's avatar
    Just returned it. The main issue is that it's loosing WiFi connection. Apparently that's common issue. Also 4gb is not enough. Lagging when on 120 Hz.
  2. quake.ee's avatar
    What do you expect for a sub £150 phone?? 8gb+256 and Snapdragon?:) Com'on!
    chancooluk's avatar
    To be fair this does have a Snapdragon 685.

    Last year £150 would get so much more, the Note 10 Pro was often available for £109.

    My Poco F3 (8+256, snapdragon 870), was only £180, and came with a free backpack and pens.

    Xiaomi prices used to be amazing.
  3. MrBlik's avatar
    I got this Phone from the Amazon Italy post for £130. the processor is slow in it. It is laggy compared to my POCO X3 camera wise and using camera via Snapchat. the only good thing about it is the nice looking amoled screen for watching videos. I'm planning on selling or only using as a back up.
  4. HEZ1982's avatar
    Is this a decent upgrade from note 8t?? Thanks
    realdeals's avatar
    60hz LCD
    120hz Amoled

    18 watt charging
    33W charging

    4000 mAh battery
    5000 mAh battery

    Everything is considerably better, because it's a 3 generation jump.

    50% battery in 22mins will totally change your usage patterns.
  5. szumiwoda1's avatar
    £199 now
  6. Gerald_Preston's avatar
    This or the Nokia g60?
    Shrinkwrap's avatar
    The Redmi Note is cheaper and better in most respects, it's 120hhz Amoled up against the 120 Hz LCD on the G60 see's the G60 fall at the first fence.
  7. ws007's avatar
    Edit: its not the Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 as pointed out by MrSwitch

    never seen a Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 cpu before,
    its 6% behind a Snapdragon 695 5G in Geekbench 6.0

    notebookcheck.net/Qua…tml (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    This is the 685.
  8. Jawz's avatar
    This or the Redmi Note 10 Pro?
    Crossbow's avatar
    10 Pro would be my choice despite being 1.5 years older for the following main pluses - gleaned from here gsmarena.com/com…662 & to some extent from seeing the 10 Pro firsthand (a friend owns it)...
    + Better still & video cameras, with 4K video on the main
    + Dedicated microSD slot (not shared with the dual SIM slots)
    + Longer lasting battery
    + 6Gb RAM for all models
    + Stereo speakers

    10 Pro main minuses would be...
    - Virtual proximity sensing (related issues don't affect all handsets, my friend's is fine)
    - Shorter updates (being 1.5 years older, but it has received Android 13 at least) (edited)
  9. ilepak's avatar
    I’ve got the Note 10 pro which I’m happy with. BUT I am going to need a phone with an eSIM capability shortly. Can this phone use eSims? If not, what would be a similar good value phone to consider? Thx.
    chancooluk's avatar
    No. Hardly any non-flagship phones have eSIM support. The cheapest would probably be the Google Pixel 6a or 7a, or the Samsung A54.

    Phones with eSIM support: m.gsmarena.com/res…s=4 (edited)
  10. Bargainz999's avatar
    I've still got Xiaomi 10ti lite (6gb ram) running smoothly and I love it, but thinking of upgrading. Is this redmi an upgrade to that? If not can you please recommend any other phone?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    It isn't no mate. You'd be spending a bit more than £150
  11. Raven_crow's avatar
    Great phone runied by the 4GB.
  12. Smm0's avatar
    In some ways its better than old old Poco X3... Yet somehow manages to be worse. Why Xiaomi?

    4gb ram as well.. why?????????????? 128gb space...in 2023???????????
    Mooney70's avatar
    The 128gb is fine for me it's the 4gb that puts me off buying.
  13. Lil6ix's avatar
    Its a hot deal for sure, dunno what people expect for £150 phone.
    Mir22_'s avatar
    Phone is good but i would have liked a 75 or even 60hz screen to have at least 6gb ram instead.
  14. futura's avatar
    Keep looking at new phones to upgrade from the Poco X3 I seem to have had for an eternity, but nothing seems to be a significant upgrade and in many cases it's a downgrade!
    Haseeb0981's avatar
    Xiaomi 12t pro ?
  15. innocent's avatar
    Good price, good specifications and fairly recent release. Lots of interesting comments mainly about 4gb ram and obviously more ram the better. But in my humble opinion, at this price point it's not ram alone but other things like type of processor, display etc that have to be taken into account. If there is no great deal of multitasking or say gaming, this phone could be good day to day workhorse. Decent daily pick🔥 (edited)
  16. MrSwitch's avatar
    Can be had for less using mi points of course
    Ki113r_7's avatar
    Mr Switch! Is the 12 Pro a worthy upgrade from the 10 Pro or am I better off just keeping it? I'm aware this is the 12, but just wanted to catch you in the thread
  17. paprykosrmv's avatar
    I can't understand why people vote "hot" for deals like this, from redmi k20 (or mi 9T pro - that was called in Europe and UK but it was still redmi k20) phones from Xiaomi become "more expensive" (you get less paying a similar price). Redmi k20 is almost 2x faster than this one, is better in almost every single aspect and this phone is over 3 years old now...
    HellriderUKDeals69's avatar
    Wasn't this phone released in Oct 2022?
  18. Subsh's avatar
    good lord
    thank you
  19. LindaMariaWilliams's avatar
    Thank you OP. Very tempted by this as I dithered about on Prime Day and missed out. Currently have a Moto G7 power which has been great, but starting to show its age. Hopefully this would be a big improvement.
  20. navneet1311's avatar
    Previous models had stereo speakers and this is single speaker. Great phone still for the price.
  21. tezray's avatar
    Wish they would bring out another deal like the Note 10 I got for £47 a while ago my daughter has been using it for ages but still astounded getting it for that price and want something newer unless I missed it has another deal like that happened or literally a one off
  22. JerzyBulovski's avatar
    I see the POCO M5 is on sale later, for less money.

    Looking at the specs, the Note 12 seems to be superior. Is this the case?
    phil_dMGz's avatar
  23. kawsar's avatar
    "Powerful Snapdragon processor"

    It's a Snapdragon 685 for those wondering.
    nocturnal74's avatar
    Glad someone else noticed this, I always benchmark chips against the 870 in my Poco F3 for relative performance. Most non tech people only vaguely understand RAM amount at best, hence with marketing you can sell them all the old slow yesterdays technology at high prices like this phone.
  24. Ferret's avatar
    Mr Switch!

    Looking for a replacement for my Wife's MI MAX 3 .... She needs/wants a "LARGE" phone and with Xiaomi not bringing out an MI MAX 4 she has been stranded. The Max 3 is now reaching viable end of life but not sure what to migrate to - Price Point around £300-£400 but needs to be "LARGE" Screen.

    Is the PRO version of this the best option or are there bigger screens at this price point?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Which size screen does she want?
  25. TankDeal's avatar
    These Chinese android phones are cheap but do they last 4-5 years? Wouldn’t mind an upgrade. I am still on 7 plus don’t care about latest gimmicks or blink blink bs just want something reliable and safe to use. (edited)
    TomSz's avatar
    I am still using my 4yo redmi note 9. It was £130 back then, still working reasonably well for a phone from that price range. Is it safe to use? I guess as with any phone nowadays, the only difference is who is spying on you
  26. p3108's avatar
    trying to weigh up if this is the one that I finally use my £50 coupon from refer a friend thing on. I've totally lost interest in Xiaomi phones to be honest and no longer manage to get any eBay seller fees offers but might just be able to make about £50 flipping this anyway to convert my last coupon into actual cash :/ ...
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Maybe, not sure you'd make £150 on it though. At £99 a good buy, but not to flip I don't think.
  27. p3108's avatar
    I saw someone comment on a YouTube review of this phone that they no longer buy budget Xiaomi/Redmi phones and have bought a used Samsung Galaxy S10 for the same price and indeed you can buy an S10 used for around £140-150.

    Personally, I'd much rather have my used Pixel 5 that can also be had for the same price as this and lower if you are patient on eBay.

    I think the days of these things being good value are over but YMMV. (edited)
  28. wmd's avatar
    Is 4gb enough on latest versions of Android? Been holding out for a good deal on anything with 6gb based on comments on here saying 4gb is not enough..................
  29. oscarozze's avatar
    All my life having an iPhones since very first to 13 pro max now, im kinda curious to give a try to something different as simply getting bored of iPhone, as it doesn’t bring out anything new, they all look same now, even iOS interface not changed for a good strong few years… The thing that always put me of is the Android software, have tried adroid tablets, got a 70” android tv in living room.. every time you touch it, it’s laggy & ugly. think ill just purchase this ( that price tho, bruh it’s CHEAP ) put my sim in it and try to live with it for a week or so see how it goes on, if not ill just gift it to my 9 year old boy, he wanted an iPhone but hey ho (edited)
  30. donbarney's avatar
    For some weird reason when I click on the link it goes to the website but there is no buy option and most of the page is blank, tried multiple browsers
  31. Calcifer's avatar
    Would this be a good model for my mum? It's her first proper smartphone, she's had one of the doros until now. Simple to use, decent battery, not huge, and non-terrible camera are probably what she needs.
's avatar