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Posted 30 April 2024

Yaheetech Adjustable Dumbbells Pair 18KGx2/24KGx2 Adjustable Dumbbell Set 12 In 1 with voucher @ Yaheetech UK

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Item weight18 Kilograms
MaterialAlloy Steel, Polypropylene (PP), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Special featureNon-Slip, Adjustable Weight
Use forShoulder, Arm
💪【Selected Materials For Enhanced Strength】Constructed of solid steel plates, these 1-second adjustable dumbbell weights feature protective polypropylene covers for additional water protection and wear resistance.
💪【Replace 12 Sets With 1】This adjustable dumbbell weight set features a broader weight range from 1.5 kg to 18 kg. Smaller and varied increments allow for gradual increases in resistance, intensity, or volume over time, making it ideal full-body workout equipment for both beginners and seasoned trainers.
💪【Enhanced Safety With Dual Locking System】This adjustable dumbbell set applies a two-step weight plate locking system to ensure stability, balance, and safety while exercising. The weight adjustment feature is only activated when the dumbbell is placed on the tray, preventing any accidental operation during use.
💪【Compact Size For Easy Storage】Occupying just 40 cm L × 20.5 cm W × 20.5 cm H for each, this adjustable dumbbell set provides a space-saving storage solution versus 24 individual traditional dumbbells. Simply stash the set under a bench or place it on a garage shelf after your workout routine.
💪【Basic Home Gym Workout Equipment】This 12-in-1 quick-adjust dumbbell set saves space in your home gym while enhancing flexibility and versatility in your full-body exercise routines. Its adaptability and portability also make it ideal for strength training during office breaks or while traveling.
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  1. richb3012's avatar
    To be fair, I've had a set of these 'knock off' Bowflex since lockdown. Get used 2 or 3 times a week and have been fine. Ratchet mechanism isn't quite as smooth as the Bowflex but for the price they've been very good.
    pako.pako's avatar
    Same. Mine (2x 40kg) have a badge named... 'dumbbell(s)', I've got them since lockdown and they're still going strong.
  2. England2000's avatar
    What's considered a go-to make/brand/model of adjustable dumbells like this? I really want to invest in some, but don't want to spend so much on something that will break after a few months or year. Happy to spend more to get decent
    Skiman87's avatar
    Bowflex 1090 for similar style, there's also Powerblock of course (kind of the original for adjustable dumbbells) and then more heavy duty construction Ironmaster dumbbells, not as quick to change but good enough for Lee Priest so that says something.
  3. shuggyboy24's avatar
    Anyone have a link to any deals for 40kg dumbells? Thanks
    pako.pako's avatar
    It doesn't look like a deal, but I've got exactly these:


    4 years later and they're like a brand new, can't fault them.
  4. sxxychocolate's avatar
    England2000's avatar
    Yeah, after a bit of a rabbit hole, I've landed on bowflex or powerblock, leaning towards powerblock for small size and the mechanism looking better. Just don't know which powerblock to go for between the elite, stage 1, or pro.
  5. dmannn's avatar
    Regardless if you get these or the better counterparts out there, these type of dumbbells are absolutely fantastic if you want a full range of weight in a dumbbell when space is a luxury. Just FGS do NOT drop them.

    I've also heard a lot of people who own these types of dumbbells to purchase the rack so they're easier to rerack and remove when training. (edited)
  6. Mr_Zim's avatar
    Don’t know how confident I’d be lifting 40kg of Yaheetech above my head!
  7. johnnysorrow's avatar
    Looks like only the 18kg ones are on the deal, shame

    Heat for the deal though
  8. happenstance's avatar
    One bowflex rolled off the bench and has been difficult to get a new plate to slot in as a fix with the right part would take seconds to put in. Kinda wish I bought the cheaper brand. Bowflex cost 300 10+ years ago.
  9. wipe0wt2097's avatar
    Owned two similar including the bowflex, there just too big and bulky and restrict options
  10. nsairey's avatar
    Bought these 4 weeks ago, no issues with them so far, heat added
    jamiepattison's avatar
    Does anyone know if one dumbbell is a max of 24kg meaning lifting both dumbbells you're lifting 48kg or is the max 12kg per dumbbell therefore the max you would lift is 24kg if lifting both together?
  11. R3DN4T10N's avatar
    Just don't drop these!
's avatar