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Garmin Venu Sq, GPS Smartwatch with All-day Health Monitoring and Fitness Features - 2 colours - Free C&C (Selected Stores)

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Two colours available, orchid colour is linked below, selected stores, but plenty in stock it seems

Garmin Venu Sq Metallic Orchid/Slate £99.99

Now is the perfect time to move. Featuring a bright colour display, the Venu Sq GPS smartwatch combines daily style with health monitoring and fitness features that inspire you to keep moving. Track your heart rate, sleep, stress, Body Battery energy levels and so much more.

So Many Ways to Exercise
Walk, run, ride or choose from more than 20 preloaded apps for indoor or outdoor sports. The Venu Sq fitness tracker lets you create your own workouts, too – just download the Garmin Connect App. You can also use this smartwatch to prepare for your next running challenge, via the free adaptive training plans via Garmin Coach.

Make Life Seamless
Never miss a call or text with the Venu Sq smartwatch. This fitness tracker delivers smart notifications – right to your wrist, direct from your phone. Plus, you can now go longer between charges with up to 6 days of battery life!

  • 1x Garmin Venu Sq in Metallic Orchid & Slate
  • Bright colour display with an always-on mode
  • Monitor everything from your Body Battery™ energy levels, respiration, hydration and stress to sleep, your menstrual cycle, heart rate and more
  • Find new ways to keep moving with more than 20 preloaded sports apps
  • Use preloaded workouts – including cardio, yoga, strength and even Pilates, or create your own in the Garmin Connect app
  • Try Garmin Coach's free adaptive training plans to prepare for running challenges
  • Never miss a call, text or social media alert with smart notifications
  • Safety and tracking features include incident detection (during select activities) and assistance
  • Personalise your watch with thousands of free watch faces, apps & widgets
  • Up to 6 days of battery life in smartwatch mode & up to 14 hours in GPS mode

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  1. UltraValue_Tech's avatar
    This is awful watch, I had it..
    Terrible screen, Sloooow GPS, HR was terrible and inaccurate as well and it undercounted by 40% in StepCount.

    I seriously don't understand the hype with Garmin watches, I have had 945 , Instinct 2, and Vivoactive 5 as well.
    They were much better then this but still darn awful when you compare to Samsung or Apple

    They are literary stuck in year 2010... (edited)
    nadnerb's avatar
    With respect, you're in a minority as plenty of people love Garmin as they suit their needs better than Samsung or Apple watches do.
    Garmin are focussed on activity tracking with great battery life, screen readability, usability in a wide range of conditions and a nauseating amount of customisations and metrics.
    Try using an Apple or Samsung touch screen in blazing sunshine (or pouring rain, or with gloves) while running - a transflective screen with physical buttons wins all day long.

    That said, I agree that this particular Venu is pants. It's an entry level watch aimed at the Apple watch market and it is clearly not on the same level as an Apple watch or any other Garmin watches.
  2. sashforth's avatar
    Sorry MrSwitch but this is not one of your best.

    This may still do the job for some people but it really is a pretty old and basic model. This came out back in 2020 and, even then, it was old tech, being a cut down version of the original Garmin Venu.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    TBH with you, i just went off previously posted pricing, and so as a deal it seemed like a good price on this things we call hotukdeals
  3. ehory's avatar
    The battery life is what makes this stand out, if you turn off permanent / auto Oxygen monitoring, then it lasts for about 2 weeks between charges, with all notifications active etc. No other smartwatches come close.
    When I lost it I upgraded to the Venu Sq 2, best bit of tech I've had in years.
    Its not an iWatch, it's not trying to be.
  4. Spike_202's avatar
    These are decent watches for the price. I got my wife a Venu Sq music (black/rose Gold) a few months back and she loves it.

    It will continue to receive updates and support for a few years yet so 🔥 from me
  5. Ned_Kelly's avatar
    Sure they still sell it on the garmin site so deffo will suit someone wanting a square garmin ,

    pontificated; pontificating. Synonyms of pontificate. intransitive verb. 1. : to speak or express opinions in a pompous or dogmatic way.
    sashforth's avatar
    Actually, this is no longer for sale on the Garmin website as it has been superseded a number of times.

    Perhaps you should check your facts before posting patronising, condescending and, frankly, rude comments on here.
  6. Little_Crow's avatar
    Had mine 3 years, still with the original strap and it's going strong

    I'd say this is more a 'lifestyle' smartwatch compared to the more aggressively sporty styling of other Garmin offerings.
    If you want something that's going to reliably measure steps, track walks and give you an idea of heartrate, sleep patterns and the like, it completely does the job

    Whichever Garmin smartwatch you have, I think the accompanying app is excellent.
    The recording and visualization of exercise sessions are great and satisfying to see afterwards.
    UltraValue_Tech's avatar
    No it doesn't accurately does any of those...
    Steps are literary almost 40% off compared to apple/Samsung.

    When I had it, it couldn't even properly record the correct HR...and the GPS was terrible.

    It's literally the worst watch Garmin has
  7. FishAndCats's avatar
    Note some basic functions do not work out of the box, require some fiddling and still hit and miss at the end - weather forecast, steps sync to google, showing steps in walk summary, I have Sq2 and only tolerate it because battery life is excellent, screen is good, has NFC and automatic activity recording.
  8. doksook's avatar
    Why get this when you can get an Amazfit or Honor Magic watch for a fraction of the price?
    sashforth's avatar
    You shouldn't. This is an antiquated watch. Garmin does far better watches than this.
  9. DeanPrince's avatar
    Fitbit or this? Also including the app as well? I've heard good things about Garmin
  10. BoymeetsHUKD's avatar

    Review of the device. Seems good to me. Sure it's not a top end Garmin watch but for £99 what do you expect?

    The only thing I'd be worried about is battery life if the device has been sitting on a shelf for a few years.
    sashforth's avatar
    Certainly a decent review, but did you not spot the date of it. And it wasn't even a new watch when it was released, just a cut down version of the original, and superior, Venu.

    For £99, I don't expect Garmin's bottom of the range model from nearly four years ago.
's avatar