Posted 11 February 2024

Aer Lingus baggage on international flights

Hi all,

I'm flying out next week to Los Angeles on an Aer Lingus flight. I have booked a "Smart" fare, which means I have one 23kg bag included.

On this page:…ge/ it says:

The maximum dimensions of any single bag are (length + width + height) = 158 cm (62").

Does anyone know if they are completely strict about this? The reason I ask is because I recently travelled via British Airways and their 23kg bag dimensions are a lot bigger, so I took advantage of that and took a slightly larger bag. This is the bag that I have:…6ZL.

Adding up the dimensions of this bag comes to 173cm - which is 15cm more than the Aer Lingus allowance. Do you think they will go to the effort of actually measuring up the bag, or will they just let it through as long as it's below the weight limit?
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  1. cecilmcroberts's avatar
    I've flown a couple of times last year with them Dublin> Toronto and Dublin> Seattle, never seen them on either side look at the size of the luggage (Including connecting flights with American Airlines). To be honest never even noticed they had a size limit as well as weight. Although noticed also they have a smaller than normal size limit on regional flights for both under seat and cabin baggage, went Belfast>Birmingham last week and never seen them check a single bag and many I seen had been bigger than they should.
    After saying all of this I do need the disclaimer just because in my experience I've never seen it happen, doesn't mean to say they couldn't refuse the luggage if they wished to, it's a gamble you would be taking, regarldess of anyones experience. (edited)
  2. bozo007's avatar
    For airlines, weight is the main criterion so you should be fine unless you get someone having a bad day.
  3. KenKorda's avatar
    I also didn’t know checked in luggage had a size limit, much less ever seen anyone check it.

    Hand luggage with the budget airlines on the otherhand

    I’d say you’ll be absolutely fine taking that luggage with you.
  4. plunet's avatar
    Usually you should be ok especially if it isn't awkward dimensions (like skis) but you need to be prepared for the situation where the check in agent decides you are taking liberties. You need to present your bag to check in but note that if the agent is concerned how it might go through the baggage system you could be directed to take it to an oversized baggage counter.
  5. pickledtink's avatar
    Personally I wouldn't.
    Airlines state these rules and it just takes one jobsworth or an over zealous new bag check agent and you're screwed.
    Sometimes you'll be OK on the flight out but get pulled on the return.
    Flying is stressful enough.
    15cms isn't just an inch either. However if you are ready for the fees you could take a chance.
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