Posted 9 July 2022

Aldi gardenline portable BBQ problem.

Has anyone bought one of these and had problems with the fan not working.
Bought 1 and tried it and the fan won't reduce in speed. it's either on or off then completely stopped working.
Got it replaced and the second one is either on or off but no speed reduction. frustrating because the unit is excellent.
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  1. gazdoubleu's avatar
    I've got two older one's, one of which is a little bit all or nothing as in you can wind it back half a turn and nothing much happens until the last quarter turn at which point you have to make very fine adjustments to avoid turning the fan off altogether.

    I use mine in winter and keep it in the garage so found lithium batteries work best as they're a slightly higher start voltage, not susceptible to low temps and last longer.

    I found this seller to be good.…cSD
  2. FTCom's avatar
    Do you mind me asking, how much did you pay for it?
    MRGRINGO's avatar
    I've swapped batteries again and working slot better. In all honesty it's excellent. Good cooking area etc. But the first one was on, off then nothing.
    Cooks on a small handful of charcoal.
  3. EN1GMA's avatar
    What's the advantages over a traditional bbq? Looks quite small, looks arkward for burgers etc. Could just be angle of the image
    MRGRINGO's avatar
    I've got a gas and charcoal BBQ that are lovely to cook on. For me probs the caravan. I've got a cadac and it's just hype. Nice grill area and tiny charcoal consumption.
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