Anyone subbed to overseas Paramount+ and knows if region switching works?

Posted 8th Jun 2022
OK Paramount+ is releasing in the UK on 22 June and my dad is after it for Star Trek.

Father's Day coming up so maybe I can get a sub up and running.

It's £6.99 in UK but $4.99 in US with ads or $9.99 with no ads.

But I read it's about $3.50 in various Latam countries.(not sure if ads or not!)…ca/

they also said to sub in the US you need a phone number and to use top ups.. ie revolut etc won't work…58/

So... (a) has anyone managed to sub to paramount plus?
(b) do they know if different regions work elsewhere eg if you get a Latam sub if it works in the US?

I think they have some football too? All a bit crazy now with all the different subs needed.

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    My US sub doesn’t work in another region.

    As for signing up, I did so via apple and an apple gift card…worked a treat. You will need a US apple account though which is easy enough with plenty of guides available online.
    Yes I did mine on Google play worked with bliss choose the Ad-free one for $10 love it!! Loads of content. I doubt the UK version will release with as much content due to contracts and stuff
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    yeah I believe they have the MLS and NWSL

    I don’t know how many users can be on one sub though, like Netflix and Disney+ etc
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    i'm trying to subscribe in mexico after creating an account... but no joy with revolut.
    will see if my mexico log in works in the us account though (edited)
    so my mexico account cannot sign into the US account.
    so looks like different to netflix and logging in one region won't give you access to another :/
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    lots of services now doing this, by only allowing access to certain regions and vpns cant bypass it.
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