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Breakdown Cover (autoaid)

Had auto aid for a while now and used it a few times and its always been good service for me.

Just had an email to say the price will now increase from jan which includes old car premium and spouse premium + £25 breakdown cost for cars over 10 years.

Whats the next best cover as this will now cost £120 a year for me so not sure if its best price since it started at £30 a year when i first got it then £60 now it seems to have doubled again.
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  1. DaveG46's avatar
    Ring them up tell them your aren't happy and don't want to renew, might get a better deal. Could also look here…er/
  2. Sonofclara's avatar
    Loyalty counts for nothing nowadays and I always shop around each year for a better deal usually through a money back site too (same thing with insurance btw)
  3. deleted2862047's avatar
    Start Rescue > RescueMyCar > AutoAid and then back to the beginning and repeat. Do this swap every year.
  4. xxxSimoneBxxx's avatar
    I had the same email and won’t be renewing!
    The email seems to suggest that you can remove the ‘older car’ premium as it’s ‘optional’, which should remove £15 from the policy, but then there would be the £25 call out charge as my car is older than 10 years old.
    I looked at Rescue my Car, but will now check out Start Rescue too, Thanks! 😁 (edited)
  5. liverman's avatar
    Iam with start rescue and have been for years, premium is £42 with home start and nationwide recovery, my car is just over 6 years old.
  6. joyf4536's avatar
    Britannia Rescue.
  7. oldcodger's avatar
    " Used it several times " sounds like you need a better car.
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    I have a better car now (its eletric) hence not using it for the last year
  8. cowtc's avatar
    AA was £36, renewal was £74, didn't even include home start. Had a look around there was some cheaper ones but settled with LV: Britannia Rescue came to £36 including home start
  9. NicPowell's avatar
    Just join them as a new customer, that's what I did and saved 50% on the renewal cost
  10. T2G's avatar
    I too got the email today for renewal but don't make the costs to be £120 as suggested by

    It's being renewed at a bit over £60 with the spouse included. In case of a call out for cars over 10 years old, £25 per call out will have to be paid by us. I see that as an excess like in any other insurance policy but for older cars. No break down, nothing to pay other than the £60 renewal.

    Older cars more at the risk of breaking down being asked to pay more for each call out, seems fair, otherwise the basic premium will increase for all customers.

    Both my cars are over 10 years therefore will have a look at the competition and decide to renew or not. (edited)
  11. jackr1's avatar
    Have you considered Nationwide flexplus? 13 a month but includes AA breakdown, travel insurance and mobile phone insurance for the household
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