Posted 1 January 2023

Cheap sim only

I am looking for cheap sim only contract. Sky used to do one for 1.50 a month where they gave unlimited mins and calls and 100mb data with a basic phone. I cant find similar deal for that anymore on sky website. Is anyone aware of sim only contracts around that price pls. I am not really bothered about mins and data can be even 50 to 100 mins a month. Many Thanks and Happy new year.
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    Vectone (EE) will do you 150 mins 150 texts and 1GB for £2.99 a month.

    Lyca (o2) Will do you 5p a month for 6 months for unlimited mins and texts plus 4GB data but then £4.75 a month after that.

    RWG (Now/EE) do a £15 one off top up for 100 mins and texts plus 750mb.

    RWG have had a few reports of people being cut off after a little while and no support in getting reconnected though. So how long you’d keep that offer is unknown.

    I personally have one of the Vectone SIMs in my spare phone and have done for years. That’s still going strong since about 2015 ish. (edited)
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    thank you so much
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    A bit more expensive, but a reputable brand. Asda Mobile £4 for unlimited calls and Text.…les, runs on Vodafone network. (edited)
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    many thanks
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    Lebara (uses Vodafone network) 3GB data, unlimited mins & texts + 100 international mins for 5p a month for 6 months then £4.90.  Offer valid until 12th Jan.

    Nothing to stop you cancelling (porting) after 6 months.…174 (edited)
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    thank you
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    lebara is good for people with vodafone signal. i have two of these, one 1p a month and one 49p a month. promotion for the first 6 months, then they go to £4.90 a month.
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