Electric Bike, Decathalon vs Halfords?

Posted 6th Jul 2020
Prefer Mountain bike as used for commuting and I do barely any effort so comfort is most important.

Prefered halfords for repairs as there is one near my home AND work.

I bought the carrera Vengeance 2 years ago for £680 during a may sale, inflation and covid has made this impossible.

These are my options, I am in the market in September so going to keep my eye open.

Halfords - £1099 - BATTERY 317WH

Halfords - £1399 - BATTERY 417WH

Decathalon - £799 BATTERY 380WH

from the way I see at the moment Decathalon seems the no brainer right?

317wh will be no issue for my commute although this will be used for 2 years and nearer the 2 year mark the smaller battery starts to make its toll so the extra wh is nice.

What are decathalon like for repairs?
as its a commuter bike I am keen on somewhere that can get things done fairly quickly on parts they can only fix.

Happy to go to third party if its a generic repair if decathalon have wait time.

Anyone bought a ebike from decathalon before?
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