Posted 3rd Nov 2022
The energy company I am with , Eon next , is saying that they should be charging me a DD of £297.00 and with the gov discount of £67 they are charging me £230 but isn't that too much cos that goes over the cap limit of £2400yearly which the government has set for everyone ?

Currently they are taking £230 for my monthly DD.
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    Your bill is not capped, the unit rates are. Use more, pay more. Use less, pay less.
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    Your latest bill should have an estimate of next year's costs. Divide that by 12 and it will give you a rough idea of what your DD should be.
    Someone using the average amount of power will pay £2500. You are possibly using more than average so will pay more
    Thats a great way of suggesting to do it as long as the new price is used for the calcualtions with standing charge and VAT added.
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    I’m in shock when I see these prices ! I pay £63 a month gas and electric with government help

    48597040_1.jpg (edited)
    Guess its all down to energy efficiency and individual household usage,
    In our old 2 bed flat we were paying around £170 a month on the pre October rates, but we hardly have heating on for more then 2 hours a day on week days as we are both working. The smart meter use to be recording around £25-30 a week. When I closed the account with them they refunded me £260,

    In our new home Octopus are estimating £311 a month, I am hoping once we have settled in and they record our actual usage this will go down significantly.
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    There is no such thing as a limit of £2,500 on fuel. The "limit" is based upon an average households usage. An average house will use, in a year, approx. £2,500 worth of fuel.

    If you are a small household or very energy efficient you will use less. A large household or less energy efficient you will use more - without limit.
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    The price cap doesn't mean that is the maximum you can pay regardless of how much energy you use. They used the wrong term when they said price cap. Because the price isn't capped. If you use more than £2500 worth then you will pay more.
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    Octopus changed mine to £300 for this month.
    I wouldn't mind but I've been on holiday for 2 weeks lol.
    My normal months charge is around £150.
    Could be that’s what your direct debit is set at.
    Or maybe your estimated usage, if you not using a smart meter, and not reporting your meter.
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    Thanks for the explanation guys , I appreciate it.
    I am on a smart meter, which seems to be reporting correctly the readings.
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    I’m with eon next, my smart meter is currently on £3.01 for the day (including standing charge), 4 bed detached, 2x adults 1x child . So you could be paying to much :/ ?
    My direct debit went from £95 to £129 last month, now it’s £62 a month with the government discount
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    I did a meter reading for the first time in two years and they refunded me over £500.
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    Mines £550 a month
    £18 a day Are you Rishi sunak ?
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    They put our electricity DD up to £230 when they initially set their new prices before the government Energy Price Guarantee was introduced and haven't reduced the DD after reducing their tariff rates.

    I'm currently in arrears anyway, due to incorrect billing caused by them having had my E7 day/night reversed when I was transferred to them, and me putting in the readings the correct way around, so the extra will probably clear the debt by the time the price guarantee ends at which point it will probably need going up again anyway. (edited)
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    Unfortunately this is a misunderstand alot of people are making, it's going to be a shock when actual bills come in for people
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    just switch to a prepay or pay as you go meter (yes there is a difference) and be done with it.