Posted 26 October 2023

Halo hoover latch broken

The latch on my halo hoover is broken. Any idea how to fix it?

See pictures for details.
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    Contact the manufacturer
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    I don't think anything will glue strong enough so you could try screwing in a latch clasp like the one below from amazon HERE . Check warranty first, but if it's out then they charge £79.99 for repairs. Another option is to swap out the full bottom dome (if it can remove at the hinge), by finding a spare on ebay or somewhere like THIS ONE.

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    Will try this... May or may not work.
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    Is it made of ABS? May be marked on the plastic somewhere.

    I've had good success repairing broken ABS parts, including some very thin components such as the neck on the wand of my cylinder vacuum using homemade "glue" chopped up scraps of ABS plastic dissolved in neat (100% pure) acetone to make a very runny ABS solution. The Acetone was bought from a resin an fibreglass supplier we used (CFS), not the rubbish diluted, impure stuff for removing nail vanish etc. The dissolved ABS slows down the evaporation of the Acetone, which gives it long enough to dissolve the surface of the ABS components you are bonding and fills small gaps. It is important to not put it on thick.

    You would need the broken bit of plastic to glue back on of course.

    Note that acetone dissolves various plastics and paints, and is extremely flammable so be careful where use use it.

    As a more convenient alternative, it is possible that the solvent adhesive used for bonding plastic waste pipes might work. I've never tried it for that, but I suspect the joint might be weaker. (edited)
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    Soldering iron is probably 10 times easier - just melt/bond/weld the busted plastic pieces together in situ using the plastic itself as the solder.
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