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Lego minifigures series 25 71045 - Grantham (Sainsburys)

Such a good price

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    Do you have a receipt to show this price?

    I apologise for being sceptical but it looks to me that box has been moved up there (why would they box a box like that so high up?) to where a price label for an older series was. Price label for series 25 would read Lego Minifigures Classic Mini Figs 71045

    Happy to eat humble pie and vote hot if you have a a receipt though!

    52034089-Dns41.jpg (edited)
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    Did you leave any
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    Yeah there’s loads

    I have just realised that I didn’t take a picture of inside the box but if I were to estimate there’s around 15 left I only took two because I wasn’t sure if they would honor it (edited)
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    Wondering if the barcode method to find them has left loads of the unidentified ones
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    People are using the little cameras you put in your ear to identify which figure is inside
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    Can't be the price for those surely like above, I want evidence lol
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    Looking at the stock check for Grantham store, writing in the name on the ticket shows it being Disney Series 2, did they scan through at £1 or did they have to manually change it? (edited)
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    on a scale of 1 - 10, how hypothetical is this question?
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    Why? I mean it's great, but why? Recently relased.
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    id have cleareed this out
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    Didn't Tesco's do this a while back, used the old code of a reduced set. I may or may not have taken advantage 😏
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    Here in London was 3,50£
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    Same in every Sainsbury's store, including Grantham!
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    I don't think this post is useful. Item was never available at this price but clearly moved to a cheaper label for a different product. OP had to ask a staff member if they would honour it.

    Please dont go running around Sainsbury stores to try to find series 25 mini figures for £1, they dont exist!
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    Deal needs removing or expiring. Does appear to have been an error which OP was lucky to have had honoured. Price label probably removed and updated since.
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