Posted 2 March 2023

Lyca mobile, 5G not working?

I'm in a strong o2 5G coverage area and my friend gets 5G no issues.

My pixel 7 pro doesn't? I've checked the APN and tried to speak to Lyca but it's still 4g only.

Any ideas?
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    Just like iPhone, Google Pixel use special carrier profiles to connect to the network. As a result, with a lot of the virtual networks like Lyca, you'll find that features like 5G and WiFi Calling won't be supported.

    If you want 5G on o2 you would have to go with o2, Virgin Mobile, or Tesco Mobile. Thanks to the other commenter who confirmed that Sky definitely doesn't support it either.

    Lyca haven't worked with Google to resolve this matter. Similar sort of situation with their competitor Lebara (Who use Vodafone) when it comes to Google Pixels as well. (edited)
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    That's annoying. Luckily it's only my backup SIM
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    I got 5g to work with these settings

    50917381-IJBz7.jpg (edited)
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    Data roaming while in the UK..weird
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    Very annoying, wasn't aware of this.. in a temp broadband outage with plusnet and decided to move from Giffgaff to Lyca esim specifically for the 5g... No 5g here on Giffgaff and 4g is super poor. Now discovered this won't work either! ... Grrrrr...
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    Can confirm 5G not working on my Pixel 6a x Lyca
    Check if MVNO's are supported by Google: (edited)
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    iphone 14 pro e-sim . 5g doesnt work on lyca . works with other networks
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    Doesn’t work on iPhone 14 pro . E-sim
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    5G not working on pixel 7 pro….
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    Won’t Google work with Lycamobile to sort this out eventually?

    It’s a really cheap SIM card I pay £5 on it for my backup phone which is a Google pixel 4A 5G for work as I don’t want my iPhone 14 Pro getting pinched since one of our staff members had there bag stolen
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    Mine recently started showing EE instead of lycamobile and has 5G which it didn't before. (Pixel 7 pro)
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