Posted 2nd Dec 2022 (Posted 7 h, 4 m ago)

Does anyone know the procedure for pairing a smartwatch (galaxy 4 - not purchased from o2) to a flip3 phone with an o2 number?

O2 seem clueless and getting the runaround. Just want to use the call / text function on the watch which is lte.

I think it just needs an esim on a watch tariff - but ordering that from O2 seems impossible.

Thanks for any help given.
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    Many Thanks - looks like i'm off to find an o2 store at the weekend. Hopefully they will sort it, thanks
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    o2 can be really awkward when products aren't bought from them I had a similar issue with wifi calling on a non o2 Samsung handset
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    I'm confused. All you have to do is download the Galaxy wearables app and add the watch? If you don't want to use the sim on your phone and instead use it on your watch, just request an esim pack from o2 and add it from the galaxy wearables app. This will deactivate it from your phone though.
    I believe you get a seperate esim purely for the watch, but uses the same number as your mobile - this enables you to make and receive texts and calls.
    I did a dummy order on the o2 website for a watch and it includes a esim with an airtime contract of 2.99.... So I just want to purchase the esim separately for the watch i already have.... but despite who i speak to over the phone or by live chat, they seem oblivious to how this can be done.
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