Posted 3 February 2024

Pc / Laptop for LR & PS

Long time member, could use some advice.

I Shoot Sony apsc and full frame as a hobbyist, and my goto editing software has ended support (Capture One) so I've had to migrate to Lightroom/Photoshop. On top of the cost and learning curve this has also exposed my PC as being totally inadequate so it's time for a new one. I've not built anything since the i7920 D0 days and day to day use an 8 series i5 laptop which suffices - thus i'm very much out of the loop.

So looking for some recommendations - windows only, ideally a laptop, although it will almost never need to rely on battery power, although a desktop would suffice in a push if economics made it a no brainer ( I have a good editing screen already). I don't game anymore, so prime use would by Lightroom + Photoshop - have plenty cloud storage as well as a home server so massive storage onboard isn't a neccessity.

Thanks in advance


Budget is non existent, so let say a grand at this point.
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    If you have a monitor, don't rely on battery - why a laptop?

    There are some insane desktop builds recently, even ones with a very small footprint that use mobile components that are essentially a laptop - without the screen/keyboard/mouse/battery.

    BUT budget wise - check out the Dell refurb section, they're all usually open box returns or just 'last months' model. One of my techs just bought one with identical specs as the current model, the only difference was fingerprint. And got 20% off... Dell let you stack codes on there refurbs too. (edited)
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    Laptop is preferable just for usability. I can literally just plonk on the sofa, keep an eye on grandkids playing etc, whereas my current desktop set up gets fired up monthly as it's in the 'office'.

    Thanks for info re Dell refurb, hadn't thought of that
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    The new 8700g Apu from AMD is really powerful and could come in a small form factor.

    Don't get a laptop if you don't need as laptops break and harder to fix

    Desktops can open up and upgrade storage and processor and ram etc in future (edited)