Posted 24 January 2024

Reorder samsung watch with the s24 used?

Anyone who received their watch today was it used? I got my mine and there was no security seal and no plastic flim on the watch.

The box also has first smudges
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  1. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    The seals are inside the box in a plastic wrapper ready to be applied which is strange but mines the same, its not used they obviously just mass produced them and skipped steps to save time ready for release day.
    I also found it strange that the watch face box had a large section inside empty which the strap box fits into perfectly.
    I already sold mine on ebay so i just applied the seals myself and posted it off (edited)
    bozo007's avatar
    Smart move selling it before the inevitable flood. (edited)
  2. Dubski's avatar
    I seen other people saying theirs didnt have the seal either. Ive not seen anyone say it had a seal yet so should be okay