Posted 1 August 2023

Turkish PSN sub question

Hi all

My Turkish sub has just run out and tried to pay with my card and got an error ,tried on the pc and PS4 and still got the same error

Any advice would be great

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    Would this work for a new account & new crypto card or just renewals ?
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    Should be both but be quick won't last long I bet
  2. score01's avatar
    If you have enough credit on the card - just keep trying - eventually you should get an option where it sends an SMS code to your phone and let you compete the purchase.  I topped up a year of PS extra a month or so ago and went through this process.
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    Was this on the console directly, no proxy?
  3. Darren_S's avatar
    I've only gone and got it working

    Many thanks to this genius 👇👇👇score01 (edited)
  4. rimz790's avatar
    [UPDATED] Buy games from any PlayStation PSN region inc. Turkey with FUPS Virtual Visa Card [Oldubil Card Optional] - NO VPN Required | hotukdeals

    But take this into consideration...

    UPDATE 03/10/23: Due to sudden regulatory changes in Turkey, it is no longer possible to sign up for FUPS without a valid Turkish ID number, there is of course a requirement to be a permanent resident of that country to obtain one. OlduBil have also announced that their cards will now only work anonymously on websites with a "Turkish Seal" (note - the PlayStation Store does not have this seal) and they are working to get accounts moved to a verified status using passports, it is unclear whether British passports will be deemed acceptable. Some users have commented that payments are still going through using either card on the Turkish PlayStation Store, however it is seemingly hit and miss. It is not advisable to load further funds on to either card until this position is clarified, doing so is risky as you may lose your money. The guide below will remain in place for now as this is a fast changing situation.

    looks like most cheapo ways of getting ps plus and game pass subscriptions are getting closed off, but there will always be new ones popping up... (edited)
  5. Isaac_McCafferty's avatar
    there is no advice.

    you cannot use cryptopay or crypto card to buy PSN subs anymore.
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    Thanks , is there any other way you know of?
  6. djandy_2001's avatar
    Worth trying OlduBil. Search in Android / iOS app store
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    Omg the reviews 😃
  7. score01's avatar
    Nope - usually it just take the crypto card as a visa payment but since it’s started error after a number attempts it’s asks if you want an sms code sent to your phone and then the transaction goes through.
  8. Darren_S's avatar
    I'm just adding another 10 years on - what a deal!!!
  9. matthew55325's avatar
    Yes I tired to purchase I get an error message saying card isn't valid looks like sony have fixed this and now you can't use your crypto card anymore
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    Have you double checked there is enough funds on the card? Best advice is £2 more than what the conversion price says.
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    Turkish psn
  11. zhivagouk's avatar
    Anyone had any luck? Can't add by crypto card anymore.
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