Posted 1 February 2024

What would you recommend for a home gym with limited space?

What do you think the best equipment to get would be?

I was thinking a nice set of cast iron dumbbells wouldn't take up much space, and a small bench is all I need really.

Anything else that would be better suited ?
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    "What would you recommend for a home gym with limited space?"

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    I started with a pull up bar (with dips attachment) and a few different sets of cheap resistance bands. Then as I progressed I added equipment as and when I needed it, this gave me time to asses what I really needed and what types of workouts I wanted to do.
  3. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    You will need to consider how much laundry you can hang on it in preparation for its ultimate end
  4. PS5's avatar
    Ideal gym equipment depends on your goals, aspirations, current fitness etc. More info required
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    When I was at the gym before I had kids I was mainly doing weights to try and put on muscle.

    Used to love stuff like bench press and chest flys, spent a lot of time on the cable pull machines too.

    Already got a cross trainer so I'm covered for cardio
  5. mutley1's avatar
    multi gym
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    Way too big unfortunately 😔
  6. Kewnaldo's avatar
    A pair of selectable dumbbells. They're not cheap but they're great if space is limited.
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    I was thinking about these and then just store them under the bed. Any kind that are best? Should I be looking at cast iron if possible
  7. darlodge's avatar
    Adjustable dumbbells would worth considering. Using children or partners as weights are good for squats, curls, press etc.
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    I was thinking about these ones just because they look really small and you can put a bar on them...…Jq5

    But the jumps seem really high from each weight. I'd never be able to go from 17 to 25
  8. Darzet_zider's avatar
    Resistance bands, weighted skipping rope (if you have high ceiling) TRX straps, 10kg-20kg Jordan sandbags.
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