Express Grocery Delivery: Grocery Shopping the Easiest Way

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There has been significant growth of rapid grocery delivery providers that aim to deliver your grocery shopping via app within 10 to 20 minutes, typically concentrated in the biggest cities. Customer demand for speedy grocery delivery has been fuelled by the pandemic and is estimated that the rapid grocery sector will be worth £4.4 billion in the UK by 2025. Various providers have launched this year in the UK to compete in this market giving customers a choice outside of traditional big supermarkets and online grocery shopping.

What is express grocery delivery

Express grocery delivery is the ability to order groceries online and get them delivered to your door in minutes, with quoted delivery times of 10-20 minutes. There are a number of startups that have launched in the UK this year, offering app-based delivery services in popular cities e.g. London, Manchester. These providers generally have no or low minimum spend and free grocery delivery, as well as enticing new customer spend offers.

This guide will cover some of the main express grocery app delivery providers including Getir, Gorillas, Weezy, Dija, Zapp, Jiffy, and Deliveroo Hopp. It is worth noting that the main supermarkets are trialling faster grocery delivery services e.g. Tesco Whoosh one hour delivery, but these are very much in a trial stage.

How to order groceries via app

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  1. Download the app - The express grocery delivery providers are app based, which you can download from the Google Play / app store.

  2. Check delivery area - Once you have downloaded the app, you can enter your address to check if the provider delivers to your area.

  3. Add products to basket - Within the grocery apps, you select the products that you want by adding to your shopping cart and. Typically the product range is more limited compared to traditional supermarkets, with a selection of 1000-2000 products, but more than sufficient to cover a weekly grocery shop or an impulse buy.

  4. Payment - Make electronic payment e.g. Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express

  5. Await delivery within 15 minutes - Each company has a warehouse sometimes known as a “dark store” where products are stored, packed into orders and handed to drivers, near the delivery area. This is a real time stock system, meaning that the companies do not need to offer substitute products. Grocery deliveries are via bike, e-motorcycle/moped within 10-15 minutes of ordering.  You can check the app to track your delivery in real time.

Which 10 minute grocery delivery service is best?

There are various providers that now give 10-20 minute grocery delivery. Your initial use of these providers may be determined if they deliver to your area given they currently operate in selected cities. The below gives an overview of the main providers including key pros and cons.

  1. Getir

    Getir was founded in 2015 as a Turkish startup. They launched in the UK at the beginning of this year and aim to deliver groceries to your door in 10 minutes, with a choice of 1500 grocery products.

    Rapidly expanding and now delivers in London (zones 1 and 2), Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Southampton and Portsmouth. More locations to be added using their franchise model.£10 minimum delivery spend, some other providers have no minimum spend
    Free delivery for all cities except London, where the standard delivery fee is £1.99 for orders under £20Customer service is limited to phone/email and no live chat support
    Ongoing new and existing customer promotions e.g. £10 off first order, various free products with order 
    Good reviews scoring 4.6/5 Trustpilot from 800+ reviews 
  2. Gorillas

    Gorillas, which is a Berlin startup, offer a grocery delivery service via app that delivers orders within 10 minutes to your doorstep.

    Delivery in Cambridge, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Reading and SouthamptonMixed reviews for the service, scores 2.6/5 Trustpilot from 200+ reviews. However iOS app reviews more favourable at 4.8/5 across
    No minimum delivery spend needed and low flat £1.80 delivery fee 
    Strong new customer code offers e.g. £15 off £20 spend 
    Live customer support chat 
  3. Weezy

    Weezy focuses on quality and locally sourced grocery products with 2000+ products and delivery in 15 minutes.

    Delivery in Manchester, Bristol, London, Brighton£20 minimum spend needed and higher £2.95 delivery fee compared to other providers
    Differentiation from other providers by focusing on local produce rather than just branded products 
    Live chat customer service support to speak to staff in real time 
    Promotion for new customers offering £10 off their first two orders and clearance section within app for product promos 
    Scores 4/5 Trustpilot from 232 reviews 
  4. Dija

    Dija is a startup founded by former Deliveroo employees with groceries delivered within 10 minutes.

    There is no minimum spend required with Dija and low flat delivery fee of £1.79Limited delivery locations, only selected areas in London currently
    Good reviews scoring 4.2/5 Google Play store from 100+ reviews 
    Promotion for new customers to get 50% off your first order plus special offers on brands 
    Live chat function for customer support 
  5. Zapp

    Zapp is a London startup and guarantees grocery delivery within 20 minutes, with 1000’s of product lines.

    Can order 24/7No live chat service available
    No minimum order and delivery is £1.99 (free on £30 spend) 
    Zapp is available in London, Manchester, Cambridge, Bristol 
    £10 off £20 first order 
    Good reviews, scores 4.1/5  Trustpilot from 90 reviews 
  6. Jiffy

    Jiffy is a London based grocery app which promises grocery delivery within 15 minutes.

    No minimum order and delivery is £1.99 if under £10 spend (free delivery with £10+ spend)Currently only delivers to London however plans are underway to launch a further 20 hubs across the UK later this year
    Good reviews 4/5 Trustpilot from 36 reviews 
    Offers chat with support within app 
    Promo on branded products with 30% discount plus also offering free products with order 
  7. Deliveroo Hop

    Deliveroo Hop is a new rapid grocery service from delivery-only stores with Morrisons food, offering grocery delivery within 10 minutes via the Deliveroo app. It is a partnership between Morrisons and Deliveroo.

    Deliveroo’s partner-led model enables a range of up to 2,000 itemsCurrently limited to the Central London area although given the size of Deliveroo/ Morrisons has the capability to scale
    Offering some consumers a £10 discount for their first order as well as rewards for its most loyal customersMinimum £10 spend
    Low 99p delivery cost 
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Saving money on express grocery delivery

  1. New customer offers

    When you sign up for express grocery delivery app services, there are a number of new customer offers to encourage you to try their service. For example, when Getir first launched it was offering £15 off groceries for 10p delivered (now offers £10 off £20 spend). These new customer discounts are sometimes code based or just apply automatically at checkout. There are usually discounts for subsequent orders too.

    If searching for discount codes, check various sources including google paid ads, voucher sites and hotukdeals.

  2. Offers and clearance within app

    To further save money on grocery delivery it’s worth checking the offers/clearance section within the app to see what discounted products there are. For example Jiffy are currently offering 30% off autumn prices with a range of discounted goods.

    Plus some of the providers are offering free product promos within the app e.g. free cereal

  3. Price compare

    Prices tend to be higher via these app providers versus typical grocery shopping at bigger supermarkets, so always worth price comparing. The higher cost is partly due to the app based grocery delivery stores having branded products rather than supermarket own brands which tend to be cheaper.

    When price comparing, check the range of incentives for new customers and initial orders, which means that it could be cheaper than going to your local supermarket, with the benefit of being delivered to your door within 10 minutes.


Should you tip grocery delivery drivers?

Most of the grocery providers give the option to add a tip to the driver within the app. It is completely optional so down to personal preference. Please note Weezy does not have the app functionality to tip currently.

What do express grocery delivery services charge?

What is the minimum spend for express grocery delivery?

Do grocery app providers deliver to my area?