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PROTEIN TRUFFLES / PROTEIN NUTTIES 60p each w/codes NUTT80 / TRUFF80 +£2.99 del @ The Protein Works (Max one per customer)
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
80% off Selected Orders Over £10 at The Protein Works *Code Valid on Orders Over £10 80% OFF PROTEIN NUTTIES Boxes of 12… Read more

theyve got pro first chocolate with caramel, mint, vanilla, etc meal replacement bars at 69p alongside a nice protein chocolate or strawberry shakes at 69p also


It is tempting.


Was going to order but there’s not a great amount of protein in each brownie. Works out better to get £1 protein bars or cookies at Home Bargains or B&M which tend to have at least 20g protein...


Agreed. Tried these before and have a really artificial aftertaste to them.


Would advise anyone not to buy, the artifical taste is disgusting after eating one.

Eat Natural Super Granola with Almonds, Seeds & Honey 500g £2 @ Tesco
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Doing my weekly shop online and spotted this. Near enough half price as regular price £3.70. Waitrose selling the 425g on offer @ £2.25. On offer until 16th October.
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Had mine delivered this morning. Had a May 2019 expiry on the box.


Thanks, OP. Ordered for delivery tomorrow! (y)


Thanks. Time to stock up


Been looking for a 'no added' sugar granola, and this is perfect. Includes none of the extra ingredients not having any sort of sugar added to it's making process. Also, cheapest I've seen online. 🔥 From me

Mojo protein shake 3 for £1 @ Heron
LocalLocalFound 26th SepFound 26th Sep
20g protein 3 for a quid or 40p each. 3 flavours Herons food
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In one stop Birmingham too. Very high in sugar mind.


Feb 2019


Bargain, will see if there's any in the Birkenhead store. What's the best before?

Mars 18g protein Bars / Yorkie 10g protein bars - 99p at Home bargains
LocalLocalFound 26th SepFound 26th Sep
Mars 18g protein Yorkie 10g protein

Yorkie Protein are 2 for £1 at Fultons Foods. They add Bountie Protein recently but I'm not a fan of coconut. They sell online & deliver too. I just search for "protein" on their web site grab them while I can.


Both nice but the sugar content is ridiculous


Rather buy a big bag of monkey nuts from homebargains, think it's about 89p


Not bad must check next time I’m in


yeh it was the protein ones, i bought 20 lol

Breyers Cookie & Cream 20g Protein! £1.16 instore @ Costco
LocalLocalFound 25th SepFound 25th Sep
£1.16 for X2 500ml tubs. Works out to 58p/tub! We all prefer Halo Top let’s be honest but this is a bargain. (Found in Wembley branch) *If you don’t have Costco membership, follow… Read more
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I'm referring to their cookie and cream (matching the flavour here), not cookie dough.


I disagree with my whole spirit (lol) Halo Top’s cookie dough is untouchable


This stuff isn’t anything like halo top or Oppo. It’s a lot plainer


That’s two tubs for that price


Still £2.36 at my local today Chingford

Nature Valley Protein Bar (Coconut Almond/Salted Caramel/Peanut Chocolate) 4X40g £1.44 @ Tesco
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Back at half price from tomorrow until 16th October. These have a very long shelf life. Ones I stockpiled from 6 weeks ago had a use by of March 2019. All 3 flavours are soooooooo… Read more
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I’m sure it’s the none protein ones that are £1 each protein ones £1.50


I’ve been buying these in b and m for £1.50, nicest bars I’ve had, sugar far lower around 5gram. So for 35-40p a bar it’s cheap, just eat 2 at a time 20 gram protein. No proteins bars I’ve had in the past taste anywhere near as good as these. Salted caramel best ones, chocolate ones alright but not as good. Not tasted the coconut ones yet . I wiped b and m out last twice I’ve been in. Best before is mid 2019


Bought some at the weekend for £1 in B&M.


Your body needs fat, it's high sugar levels that are the main danger with these types of snack bar.


99p pound stretchers.

PhD Nutrition Smart Protein-Salted Caramel 900g £14.99 prime / £19.48 non prime @ Amazon
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
New PhD Smart Protein is a deliciously versatile protein powder formulated with ground oats, for a fantastic taste and texture. Ideal for adding to your bakes & desserts to cre… Read more

Yep true and chicken, instead of having powder.


Is it just me or is it very cold in here.


Cheaper and healthier to just eat porridge and some scrambled eggs? Or am I just being stupid?


Ikr! Supplements and beauty industry preys on insecurities and ignorance


Which is ironic cus nothing spurs on my appetite like bloody oats! malicious marketing

Grenade Carb Killa high protein various - prices from 79p @ Fulton Foods
LocalLocalFound 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Found these in my local fultons. Carb killa high protein banana shake 79p & chocolate spread £1.59. I bought these and some other protein bits too. Likely available online too… Read more
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It's free delivery over £ might as well stock up and take advantage of the bargain while they're still in stock! There's a fair few protein bars online too, not just what's pictured! It's stuff thats painfully expensive everywhere else! So spending £30 is fairly easy to do!


Yeah that these will surely be good way after date. The chocolate spread is nice


From what I saw they are best before dates, not use by, there's a big difference.


Not many of these stores about and none within 25 miles of myself also the online delivery charge is really high starts at £6 you have to order minimum £15


All in October. I pretty much have one of these a day so as long as use by date is correct should be fine otherwise I’ll be sending it back.

40% off Selected Orders Over £10 at The Protein Works w/code DEAL40 / 80% off Selected Orders w/code DEAL80 (PROTEIN BROWNIES/PROTEIN NUTTIES 59p EACH WITH CODE)
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
30% off ORDERS VCSEPT302 51% off Thermopro Orders AMP51 53% off Vegan Protein Extreme Orders AMP53 52% off Whey Protein 360 Extreme AMP52 60% off Red Cell Orders Over £10 AMP60 57%… Read more

The £15 off '£50 spend' code can't be stacked with other codes so if you use it, the other ones are rendered invalid....... meaning the price goes up, not down. Pretty pointless unless you like to pay more!!


Thanks for posting (y)

X-tone protein milk drink 310ml ( 2 flavours) 69p @ home bargains prenton / wirral
LocalLocalFound 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Spotted in my local homebargains prenton / wirral. Some of the lads I work with say this is a good buy at 69p for a protein drink that has 26g of protein. I personally ain't got a … Read more
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Ye. This one has been in every (*not that many but around Birmingham) HB i've visited and for a while, sugar is a little high but not bad especially at that price.

Nutramino whey protein isolate & concentrate 500g £3.99 @ Jack Fultons
LocalLocalFound 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Spotted in Fulton foods. Next cheapest I can find is dolphin fitness at £13.49. £15.99 at Amazon. Vanilla 31/11/18, choc 31/10/18 and strawb 30/9/18 in store. Also available onli… Read more
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There's other protein & Nutramino stuff on there too. I've got the Strawberry powder and it's very nice.


Loads of nutramino bars also available, cheapest 3 for £1 (Creamy caramel and sweet coconut I think) full list on the site below

Skyr Fat free high protein (24g of protein) yogurt drink @ lidl
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Icelandic style yoghurt drink 330ml

I've tried similar. Really not for me. The texture is very tactile! Still, fat free protein is a win if you can get past that.


Is this that genuine Icelandic yoghurt all the way from Germany? :/


Wow! This sounds like a step in the right direction, hopefully they can cut the sugar over time

50% off Bars and Snacks at Myprotein - Flash sale
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
50% off Bars and Snacks at Myprotein - Flash sale 1KG Peanut butter - £3 Click 5KG Instant oats - £5 Click MICELLAR CASEIN BAR x12 - £4.75 Click HURRICANE XS BAR x12 - … Read more
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Missed the deal but the 35% is decent enough for me to put in an order.


Had the same deal only a couple of weeks ago. They are re-branding so deals like this to clear old labelled stock should be coming up a lot more. Worth visiting site every day to try & pick up the best deals....


It ended at 3PM unfortunately. Does seem to come around every month or so if you're lucky enough to catch it


It started off showing 50% off but its now showing me 35% after starting to choose products:(


Just got my order off in time! 4 x 1KG smooth peanut butter 4 x 1KG crunchy peanut butter 2 x 1KG coconut peanut butter 1 x 1KG oats £34.95 delivered tomorrow! Amazing! Thanks OP, literally just run out of all my peanut butter, so couldn’t have come at a better time! Have some deserved heat :D

5kg of Diet Whey protein for £35.99 until midnight - free delivery @ MyProtein
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Seems okay value so I'm stocking up, expires at midnight. They are clearly having a clear out 5kg for £35.99 (£7 per Kg) of Diet Whey protein chocolate, strawberry, chocolate, c… Read more

A decent price but this diet whey tastes nasty. Got given 2.5kg, tried it for a week and had to bin half it was that rank. That was chocolate flavour


Nice find but not as good as last 75p per 250g pouch deal.


Diet Whey is normally mixed with ground up oats that why there’s more calories and carbs


That’s a terrible deal. That equates to £10.76 per kg of protein and £53.82 for 5kg worth of it. A week or 2 ago the 250g whey protein were selling for 99p and you could add the survey33 discount code on it to bring it down to 67p. That’s what you call a good deal on myprotein. Standards are high for a good deal on myprotein.


Cold for me. Just 60% protein and it's DFS. I mean My Protein ;)

Free Grenade carb killa protein bar at selected M&S store fronts.
LocalLocalFound 5th SepFound 5th Sep
I received this one outside Waterloo M&S... Might be others across their stores. I actually enjoy these bars.

It's not refined sugar, it's mostly like sugar as in Lactose form which has a much lower GI than refined cane sugar.


It has Maltitol that is as bad as sugar if not worse so you cant exclude those polyols. so it is as i stated high carbs had they used something like stevia then i would say it is very good.could do with some more fat in them. if you are eating correct diet you shouldn't need a bar to provide that protein a chicken breast alone offers around 50g of protein so if you have 100g a day you could easily get that other 50g by eating things like nuts and eggs it's very easy. I did just notice each flavour bar they do has different protein/carb/fiber. Some one would really to be stupid to consume around 70% protein that is crazy I know a lot of bodybuilders do consumer silly amounts.


I'm so confused. Have you even looked at the nutritional info on the packets? Fair enough about the fibre, but I'm looking at the white chocolate cookie one now and it clearly says 15.2g of carbs, 2g of which is sugar, 12.7g of which is polyols. So the impact carbs on insulin is low as polyols don't affect insulin much or at all (depending on the polyol used). Excess protein yes is converted to glucose but the value of the amount of protein clearly differs for each person. Usually it's 0.8-1.2g of protein per lb of lean mass that is recommended for people working out, in particular weightlifting. People tend to take 1g per lb of total weight but if you're a bodybuilder and weigh 200lb for example, 200g is not an excess of protein. I was actually discussing this a while ago with someone and they gave a scientific paper which stated excess protein is considered 70% of calories of total TDEE. I'll try and find the paper if you need but again most people, even weightlifters don't go that far. I myself take around 100g on average. I don't consider that an excess. If I want to have 20g of that protein as a bar I don't see the problem, especially if net carbs is 2g. It seems like we clearly have different opinions so to each their own.


in the uk carbs and fiber are separate check the label so this thing still has per bar which is only 55g 14g of carbs that is high and then what 24g of protein this doesn't even include the polyol so dont know where you are getting this 2g is low stuff. Protein bars if that is what its intended to be tend to be high sugar because because the source it comes from which most times is cows milk which naturally is high in sugar. this working out thing is again complete false and people think you need high protein it's something that has been locked into there brains its marketing you dont need mass protein all it does is convert to sugar also it's not great for kidneys.


You haven't got a bleeding clue Ange

Various Pulsin Protein bars for 19p instore @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Various bars for 19p usually between £1-£1.80 per bar. Absolute bargain.
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Ooh excellent, thanks! Will pop in at the weekend when I'm near one :)


Went in my local B&M today and they had loads of the mint protein bars at 59p (also the maple and peanut). Less than a third of the price at holland and Barrett. Best before date Jan 19.



I love Pulsin bars! Not sure if you're aware but the ones you've posted a picture of aren't the Pulsin protein bars, they are the Pulsin raw choc brownies, which are just a snack bar and have a much lower protein content. Did they have the protein bars in too? The mint ones are so good!


What was it?

Eatlean protein cheese spread 89p @ Heron foods
LocalLocalFound 28th AugFound 28th Aug

I think candle wax with a hint of cheese is the most accurate description for this stuff.


Ingredients Cheese (82%) (Eatlean Protein Cheese (44%), Medium Fat Soft Cheese (38%)) (Milk) , Water , Emulsifying Salts (Triphosphate, Polyphosphates) , Natural Cheese Flavouring (Milk)


I agree, I bought a block from Poundland and it was inedible.


I bought the block protein cheese and it was absolutely vile.


I've tried the solid version (ie cut not spread) and it's chuffing awful. Imagine candle wax with the merest hint of cheese Made the stupid mistake of trying to make cheese on toast with it, and I still have the taste in my mouth after 6 months

PhD Diet Whey MRP Bundle with Bars, Lean Degree and Sinetrol £39.99 @ PhD Nutrition
Found 28th AugFound 28th Aug
Good price for this bundle of products. Also has a shaker cup.

I bought 2kg of PHD diet whey for £16 when there was an offer on Amazon. It has an extremely thick, gritty consistency because of the added ingredients (taste is not bad, though)...... I don't think this is much of a deal, to be honest!


That THANKYOU10 doesn't even work. For £36 delivered it's not too bad.... for £40 It's not a deal


Accidentally voted hot, no deal here I'm afraid.


I bought 2kg of their diet whey for £20 on amazon so this is expensive...


You may also be able to use the code THANKYOU10 for an extra 10% off - I've just stocked up (but I was also logged in) and this code worked fine for me

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