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Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Let's all get those new year's resolution going! Free delivery over £49 * Minimum spends apply, spend £20 or more to get 42% off. Offer is valid until midnight on 03.01.2019. Fre… Read more
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Was going to list this myself - watched Aftermath price for the last six months or so, and it hasn’t gone below £30 a tub when on offer. Currently £26.67 a tub - cheapest I’ve seen it.

gorgo2015 Keep the order under £15 to avoid paying VAT and choose the cheapest delivery option. It'll take from 7 to 20 days, but averagely 10 days.


Very apt username ;)


Been a customer for several years and never had any issues. No expired products either as is being claimed above. Perhaps I've been lucky. Edit: I've never seen a discount above 35%. Hot.


Is the shipping cost worth it? What site you using? (y)

MO Protein cookies and ready made protein drinks were £1 now 79p each in B&M stores
LocalLocalFound 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Various flavours or cookies and ready made protein drinks were £1 now 79p each in B&M stores

These are disgusting, Only if they were as good as he runs. AVOID


Wouldn't call it a cookie they are odd


Low sugar cookies, that’s disgusting.


These taste awful lol


saw these in cambridge earlier. Just check the dates, some of them were only a month away from BBE.

Grenade Protein Flapjacks 12 x 70 g Bars  £11.95 (Prime) / £16.44 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Great bars and a good price normal quite a bit more

........insert in one end, and they explode out of the other (party)


These bars are around £1.70 per bar in Tesco making them cost £20.40 for 12. When on offer in Tesco they are 2 for £3 making them still £18 for 12 bars and there is no guarantee the store would have them.


Think you're mistaking these for the carb killa bars, which are more expensive than these.

24 protein snacks for less than £1 each - £19.79 with code at Myprotein
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
For all those on a gym kick in the new year, My Protein has its advent calendars for £32.99 but also eligible for the 40% off code, making it less than £20! Plus get 6% topcashback… Read more

Nice little variety pack. Good for trying a few new bars all at once, at a reasonable price.


Good price per bar, thanks for posting OP

Protein deals: Whey Protein 360 - £14.99 @ The Protein Works (£2.99 delivery)
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Used these a few times. Managed to save 35 quid
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Pretty pointless posting a deal for protein powder without specifying the amount in kg that the price relates to and what code (if needed) to use at checkout to get that price. As for whey 360, a few months back I bought several 600g bags of various flavours and to be fair, the taste is pretty good. Very slightly grainy but overall, makes a nice tasting shake when mixed with skimmed milk (80%) and medium or low fat yoghurt (20%)....... salted caramel, french vanilla, lemon shortcake, chocolate silk and choc peanut cookie all taste really nice. Check out for the latest discount codes (I believe they can be stacked) and myself personally, I pay a maximum of £10 per/kg for any protein powder.


Based on what?


I'm not buying shares in them. I'm looking for the high g/protein against my english pound.


My protein is such poor quality though!


MP/Bulkpowders regularly do 5KG flavoured around £38. Only mugs pay more than £7/8 per KG flavoured. I'm still enjoying my MP 5KG bags for £20 lol.

MissFits Nutrition Chocolate Whey Protein Multitasker Powder 500g online - £4.26 @ Morrison's
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
They have 3 different types two are vegan and saying reduced from £24.95 the two vegan ones linked below are £6.95 and are chocolate and vanilla… Read more

MyProtein is currently £8 per kilo when buying 5kg but they have better offers usually


Got any links?


Only 74% protein but ingredients state isolate? A lot of carbs to compared to other proteins. £8.52 per kg. Whey can be had cheaper


Please can someone add a picture, thank you :)

02 priority free Grenade Carb Killa protein bar (60g) starts 2nd jan 9am - available in WHSmith High Street stores only
LocalLocalFound 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
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No I did them separately


Same transaction?


I got 6 today I took a screenshot and went to self serve. I was really really lucky as the staff where to busy talking.


Expect a call from my solicitor. I'm suing


My local had all flavours except the ones in the deal so we ended up wasting 2 codes

Weetabix protein 50p heron
LocalLocalFound 1st JanFound 1st Jan
21g protein weetabix on the go. 50p.. Bring on the sugar content haters.
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Just mush up weetabix and milk and put in bottle


Wrong. If people want protein amd good taste then u-fit or for goodness shake test good


Hot deal. But it does not taste like the weetabix breakfast drink. I did a trial for two weeks before Christmas and had one for wmfor brekkie when i got i to work then one for lunch and then some fruit in afternoon if I felt blood sugar getting low....i stuck to easy peeler small oranges. I ate what I wanted when i got home but I found that a half sized meal followed by a small bowl of cereal was enough and I got no cravings for chocolate later on in evening. But as one person said they taste like poo. Not literally.


Probably healthier.


That's fine, make it in your kitchen for 5p. No one forces you to buy it.

Crystal Pea Protein Isolate (2.5 kg) Suitable for Vegans + Free Delivery at Dolphin Fitness £16.95
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Crystal Pea Protein Isolate With over 24 grams of Protein per serving, Crystal Pea Protein Isolate is a great alternative to milk based proteins. This vegetable-based product is th… Read more

I don’t think anyone on here likes dolphin after the mars bar whey fiasco


If you hit Bulk Powders when they have a 30 - 40% off code you can grab 5KG for near £25

72 Maximuscle protein bars for only £25.40with code
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
They have loads of stuff in clearance section and when combined with code BOXING35 u can get some very cheap deals. Works out at £4.23 per box of 12 protein bars usual price is £2… Read more

What's the date on them? Usually protein discounts means a very short date, if not out of date by weeks...


Unfortunately everything is out of stock and that includes the powders. Pity as it was a good deal.




I find maxi muscle bars disgusting.


Yup, mever made it in time unfortunately, great deal tho

Grenade Killer £2.29 or 3 for 2! @ WHSmith
LocalLocalFound 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Grenade killers peanut butter, while chocolate cookie and Jaffa quake all £2.29 or 3 for 2!

Oh right, sorry.


5ft 7 n a half


Question is, how does one get ripped without looking malnourished eating only 1200 cals a day? Unless you're not very tall.


Once I've hit my target weight post Christmas binge (ie.ripped) ,I'll bump up my numbers to around 15/1600 a day and check my overall balance subsequent months following I also use an intermittent fasting regime 5/6 days a week The science on diet nutrition and is expanding rapidly Dr Rhonda Patrick for example is a wealth of information on the subject


1200 calories, how do you survive? You must do little to no exercise. That is unsustainable, confirmed by the fact that you need a cheat day. If your on that few calories, you wouldn't want to waste them eating this rubbish. But each to their own eh'

Amazon: PROTEIN WORLD Diet Whey Protein Weight Loss Shake 1.2kg Chocolate @ £7.99 for Prime / £12.48 non Prime
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
HIGH PROTEIN, low calorie meal replacement and/or post workout shake SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS as part of a calorie controlled diet 24G PROTEIN per serving PRE & PROBIOTICS added… Read more
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People buy this, with ONE GRAM OF SALT per 100g !!!!!!! (mad) (mad) (mad)


Oh dear jasee, I think you need to read up on consuming calories (which is the wrong term anyway) and protein is not just for building is good for dieting as protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer than carbs.


While all this is true, don't forget that high protein meals make you fuller for longer and therefore reduce your food/calorie intake (in theory)


Only 53% protein.


Have to agree with the TV show I tried the vanilla one of these and it wasn't nice at all. Much prefer ON or my protein for flavour

Scimax 2.1kg protein tub - £12.99 @ Home Bargains
Refreshed 31st Dec 2018Refreshed 31st Dec 2018LocalLocal
Avail instore at home bargains
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Just mixed the chocolate (ripped core) takes disgusting and chemically. Knew I shouldnt have but curiosity and a bargain got the better of me. Going to have to mix it with something else to make it palatable


What steriods do you take?


Where can you get 50kg whey for £30?


Great deal, I'm gonna buy as many as I can find :)


What a con this has been! Maximuscle started it! The only people who benefit from these protein powders are bodybuilders that eat 6 meals a day and do split routines at the gym 5 days a week , forced reps , matrix routines etc - no ordinary gym goer is going to see any difference. Took me 15 years of bodybuilding to find the whey consortium and just start buying cheap whey protein in 50kg sacks for £30 and I had been buying a tub of Maximuscle every week, 19-nor, creatine you name it i tried it and its all a con! Proper diet, whey supplement, loads of water and 6 meals a day and you will get where you want to go 70% nutrition, 30% hard gym slog not flinging weights round like a fanny which is what most of these whey-glamour-boys do at the gym now! (devil) (shock) (horror) You wanna know what real nutrition is about then ask bodybuilders like Porter Cottrell - best advice i ever got. Even Arnie started off on the cheap milk powders!

Grenade Carb Kills Bars - 25% off over £50 spend - £18.95 @ Amazon (Prime / + £4.49 non Prime)
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Spend £50 or more on selected Sports Nutrition and save 25% on eligible items. Offer valid from 26/12/18 - 31/01/19. For Grenade Carb Killa bars. You can get 2 £16.50 boxes of 12 … Read more

This deal should get more heat?! I know you have to reach £50 threshold but with discount approx £38 for 3 boxes of CK bars is a deal :) thanks OP!


When you go through to checkout. It's automatically applied


If you buy 3 boxes it works out at just over £12 per box


Your getting 25% off if you spend £50....


Argos £18.99 normal price

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein - Double Rich Chocolate 450g - £4.50 (Prime) / £8.99 (None Prime) - Delivered @ Amazon
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Deal back with a 10% voucher. Even cheaper with Subscribe & save + Student discount! If you buy 5 of them it works out at £22.50 for 2.2kg, (The 2.2kg tubs are usually £35+!)… Read more

I missed this! ;(


Lesson learned: don't bother trying to get help with your order through Amazon Live Chat, they will end up messing things up even further. I went on there to amend my subscriptions but somehow in the process they managed to cancel two of my orders. (annoyed) Also be careful if you get transferred over to an English sounding person, the person I spoke to had a right attitude and unhelpful!


Still alive on Prime Now for 50p more??


Never by from h&b. Always way over priced


Crap, I messed the S&S delivery dates up...

Choc / Peanut Protein Bars - Superdrug
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Meant to be £1.49 each, they scanned at 10p each, bought 3 which triggered a 3 for 2 which made them 25p for 3, no idea why it wasn’t 20p but wasn’t going to complain! February 201… Read more
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Is this working nationally V??? Bargain


Anyone know what is a good protein/sugar/carb ratio for these type of bars?


Wow, well done on your find (y)


Good for pre-workout, heat!


🔥 HoT Find 🔥 Will have a look later on Thanks ;)

MaxiNutrition Protein Milk, Chocolate, 250 ml, Pack of 8 x 3 £11.93 ..... 24 bottles all told use by Feb / £15.92 delivered @ MaxiNutrition
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
I use the clearance section at Maximuscle regularly as although they are all short dated its usually a couple of months at least. I few good deals at the moment (2.5kg of Casein f… Read more

Out of stock now


That's a good point. Thankyou for sharing your deal :)


A bit far to drive for me (lol) , but they do stuff online thru star bargains though delivery is a bit steep at £6, would be good for a bulk buy tho.


Thanks OP - ordered, great deal for 3 packs. Ordered.


Fulton Foods... Regularly 2 for £1. So nothing special about a 7p saving 😋.

2.2KG SCI-MX V-Gain Dairy Free Protein Powder £22.99 (£21.84 on Amazon S&S)
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
2.2kg plant based protein in Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate. Obviously this has a different texture and taste to dairy proteins so there's not much point posting here complaini… Read more

It all tastes pretty poor. This is decent. Add a few raspberries or a banana if you don’t mind the carbs. Tastes good.


No idea sorry


Good price for that size vegan protein


Any recommendations for better tasting non dairy proteins?


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