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Up to 80% off Zone 3 Swim and Tri Gear at Zone3
Posted 22 h, 59 m agoPosted 22 h, 59 m ago
Various Men’s and Women’s swim and tri gear up to 80% off. Some great savings on wetsuits and swimming gear.
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was looking for a pair of wetsuits. cheers


Not sure if the 'up to 80% off' applies just to discontinued models or 'ex demo' models, if the latter, you should probably look here. Anything beyond 'B' looks to be not worth having IMO There probably are some bargains here, voted hot

Cannondale Slice 105 2016 Triathlon Bike - £995 delivered @ Evans Cycles
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
50% reduction on the RRP. The Cannondale Slice 105 is one of the sharpest looking bikes available on the market. This bike might be considered the best bike for entry level from … Read more
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Have a read at this article and see if any are interesting to you, the decathlon is excellent value.


I've had a few good rides, almost a shame that the roads are basically back to normal now lol


I bought a boardman very similar to that on bumtree last year. Decent nick, well looked after, cost me £100 and I'm supposed to be doing my first tri in July and I will be using it!!


Look at the Specialised Sirrus range, plenty to suit all budgets. The X versions are more for off road. As for Evans I ordered a new bike from them in April and it turned up fine in less than 2 weeks (y)

Garmin 735xt (with Triathlon/Multisport transition) + Garmin HRM-Run down to £189.99 with code at Wiggle
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Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Excellent sport watch. Very accurate GPS (uses GPS + Glonas). 24/7 heart rate monitoring. Tons of features, including Multisport transition (record a triathlon as one activity). In… Read more

Back at that price now.


I had a vivoactive 3 music but decided to sell that and get this as I prefer the athlete stuff. It doesnt look as good and the occasional music on wrist was good but I'm glad I switched for the other features.


Top watch , cracking deal




I did consider this but realised I would never leave for a run or ride without my phone anyway, mainly safety reasons

Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Mouse, Multi-Device, Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz with USB Unifying Receive for £22.31 Delivered @ Amazon UK
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Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019
Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Mouse, Multi-Device, Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz with USB Unifying Receive for £22.31 Delivered @ Amazon UK
£22.31£3230%Amazon Deals
Multi-Device Wireless Mouse : The Logitech M720 Triathlon Mouse allows across computers and file sharing with Logitech Flow; switch connection between three computers or laptops by… Read more

For work and productivity, should I get this or the g305? I just want a light weight good quality wireless mouse.


Brilliant price for this mouse, I paid £15 for one second hand. You can connect it to your phone so you can subtly play on your phone at work and quickly switch back to your computer. Would highly recommend.


Great mouse, well worth it for this price. I've been using one of these on my desk for the last 6 months, it's great for all day use at work. I paid almost double the price at the time, would snap one up at this price if I was needing one :)


What is the average price for these? Also if anyone have this and can comment on their experience would appreciate it thanks

Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit reduced to £120 at My Triathlon
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Posted 20th Nov 2019Posted 20th Nov 2019
Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit reduced to £120 at My Triathlon
Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit reduced to £120 at My Triathlon Cheapest I have seen online, kocked down in the black friday sales. Get on it quick as there are limited sizes remianing.

Oh no. Check the 2018 version, bought one in size SM just after lunch time today


Good spot. Only small and small talk in stock though. Stock clearly not lasting long at these prices!


its the same price on the Zone3 website minus shipping £119.60 Shipping £3.95 TOTALINCLUDING £19.93 IN TAXES £123.55


I want this to just look like a super hero.


Is triathlon a mid life crisis?

Cannondale Slice Triathlon package - £1050.74 @ TRIUK
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Posted 11th Nov 2019Posted 11th Nov 2019
Cannondale Slice Triathlon package - £1050.74 @ TRIUK
£1,050.74TRIUK Deals
This seems so cheap to me, looking into getting into TT's next year. Was considering the Boardman ATT 9.0 Mens Time Trial Bike at CycleRepublic for £1250. How do the bikes compar… Read more

Cold, no arm-bands for me as a cr@p swimmer! XD Seriously though, heat as the bike from these folks alone is £1,149, so you get all the extra kit for a lot less. Well, except the arm-bands.


Great value for money, getting all that. Hot Only negative for triathletes is the shoes. They are 3 strap road shoes rather than the usual single strap tri shoes (made for quicker on and off). If you don't mount your shoes on your bike before the swim then this fact won't matter for you.


Seems like you are getting an awful lot for your money if you are new to tri-athlon. Heat from me.


As your post highlights, this version is for International / Non UK mainland only If you live on the UK mainland you need to spend 20 odd pound more on this - UK Bike This comes assembled, so the money is probably worth it anyway.

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Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-Device Wireless Mouse - £24.99 @ Box
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Posted 4th Aug 2019Posted 4th Aug 2019
Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-Device Wireless Mouse - £24.99 @ Box
£24.99£ Deals
Back at the best price it has been at before, thought I would post as normally these sell for the same or higher price on Ebay. Personally I have sat this one out as i find the 1… Read more

Great mouse. Mine lasts about 8 mo ths on a battery. The infinite scroll wheel is very useful. It's lile a mini MX Master.


Good price for the feature set, but I tried this mouse and didn’t like it - heavy, scroll wheel annoyed me. I personally have an M330 silent plus, does the job and was £16 from Amazon in prime day I believe.


This is a class mouse, I got it on offer from Very on the Black Friday before last, very reliable and reponsinsive even when there's no direct contact to the usb in the back of the tower , unlike most that lag a lot. Battery life is very good too, and it's comfortable. Hope this helps.


24months on a single AA?? not happening


He is probably referring to it's higher dpi 1600 vs 1000 for this (which is also the reason why i eventually decided against this one, though the dpi was too low for 2019), the mx 2 is also a no go for me as it has rechargeable batteries which is a terrible idea since i plan on using it for 4+ years. I have personally decided I will wait for the Logitech G603 to drop in price to 30-35 as it seems to have the best of both worlds in terms of specs/features.

Garmin 735xt Triathlon Running Multi Sport Watch GPS Wrist HR bundle - £249.99 @ Wiggle
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Posted 29th Jul 2019Posted 29th Jul 2019
Garmin 735xt Triathlon Running Multi Sport Watch GPS Wrist HR bundle - £249.99 @ Wiggle
£249.99£279.9911%Wiggle Deals
Basically all you would need from a fitness watch. Doesn't have an altimeter if you are a very serious runner. For the budding triathlete this is an excellent watch at an excellent… Read more

Not sure why people are hating on this so much. A 5s starts at 285 no straps this does 90% of the stuff that does!


The 745 has been out for a while you say?!... Nope, there is no x45 mid range triathlon watch out at the moment, only the 945 which is top of the range.


Just search 735xt and been cheaper with both straps several times over the past yr. Tech should get even cheaper with time not go up in price. Newer version been out for a while too.


That's a good deal but obviously this comes with the HRM-Tri and Swim so this is still a good price for the two


For the bundle it’s still an excellent deal.

Muddy Fox Omium Road Bike at Groupon £112.50 (possible £94 after cashback)
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Posted 23rd Jun 2019Posted 23rd Jun 2019
Muddy Fox Omium Road Bike at Groupon £112.50 (possible £94 after cashback)
£112.50£22550%Groupon Deals
Okay so- Groupon has muddy fox road bikes for 125£ (pretty good anyhow) you can get 10% off by creating a new account and using the code TRIPLE or TRIPLEFUN (112.50£ Topcashback… Read more

You'll need a fork lift to move it -avoid at all costs. For that kind of money you could pick up a half decent bike on ebay.


85kg, keen cyclist here. What you say is completely incorrect. Such a rider can easily both tell the difference and experience the performance improvements that come from riding a lighter, better spec'ed bikes. There's a few reasons for this, but chiefly it's down to the rolling weight (nothing saps a bike of its feel like a pair of heavy wheels), stiffness of the chassis while still providing a good quality ride and the feel of the controls, notably gears and brakes. The difference that a decent quality bike makes on a full day in the saddle is quite amazing - in fact, I strongly suspect that fatigue and discomfort would probably make it nearly impossible to ride the bike in this deal all day. Unquestionably, you can buy a decent bike without spending thousands (Shimano's latest 105 groupset is a testament to this - it shifts every bit as well as mechanical dura-ace but with a weight penalty and at a fraction of the cost), but to say that you won't notice the difference between even a decent mid-range bike and the one in this deal is, I'm afraid, completely incorrect. My other concern here is that the sizing of this frame, combined with the low cost, might see many parents choosing it for their children. This is about the worst possible combination as nothing will put someone off from cycling like a cheap, heavy, poor-quality bike and I would bet good money that, as a result of this, a high proportion of these bikes do less miles in their entire lifetime than my 10yo son does on his bike in an average month. If you want to buy a bike for kids, then my advice has remained unchanged for years: buy a second-hand Islabike. Luath for road, Beinn or Creig for offroad, depending on your requirements. Yes, it'll cost you £300 rather than < £100, but when your child inevitably grows out of it, you'll sell it on for the same £300 and the net cost to you will be virtually zero. The £100 bike will be worthless the moment you take it out of the shop, even if you never use it. tl;dr - cheap != good deal.


It's not really a small person's frame by the looks of it. They state 'inside leg measurement 28”-36” '. It looks to me with the top tube sloping down to the seat post and a height adjustable quill stem the bike is designed for a universal fit across a wide range of sizes. I mean 36" inside leg is huge that is someone probably 6'4" or more for a male or maybe 6'2" for a female. I would expect the seatpost to be quite long. If you just look at that frame and draw a horizontal line across from the top of the top tube on the right to the left side the frame looks more like a 54cm frame but the sloping top tube makes its more female friendly. I disagree about frame materials but I think if you ever see a bike frame in a test rig at least a steel frame you will see it is the seat stays and chain stays that move most as the frame is tested. Many chromoly steel frames with a double butted downtube may still use high tensile steel for other parts of the frame including the seatstays and chainstays. There are many parts to a bicycle that create a suspension effect and smooth ride though including tyres, spokes, rims, stem, handlebars, seatpost, saddle etc. 7005 frames are notorious for giving a harsh ride but 6061 is more fatigue resistant and less brittle although slightly weaker than 7005 and tends to offer better ride quality overall. For that reason many 7005 frames are designed with the classic double triangle frame design where the top of the seat stay is at the same level as the top tube to prevent flexing but many 6061 road bike frames can have the seat stay slightly lower on the seat tube to allow more flexing. Anyway as previously stated many road bikes have steel forks up until a certain price point whether they have an aluminium frame or steel frame and beyond that they use carbon forks. The industry knows what it is doing striking a balance between ride comfort and bike weight. This is not a bike too concerned about bike weight basically so they use both steel forks and frame achieving maximum comfort.


This bike is only available in 48cm size for smaller people who won’t stress frames and would benefit more with a lighter bike, the extra weight of this bike will be very noticeable on uphill climbs. My experience with cheap heavy steel frames is they have no flex and are much harsher and less comfortable than a lighter alloy alternative. Only the expensive better designed steel frames with double butted Reynolds type tubing will you get the flex needed for a comfortable ride. I don’t think frame materials are as important as they used to be, its more about cost, the more you spend the better the bike will be built using variable walled and shaped tubing to produce one which is either strong or light whatever is required. My current road bike has an alloy frame and carbon fork,most comfortable bike i have due more to the fit and design than the material its made of, though carbon does seem to be the best choice for a front fork.


Looks like the topcashback rate is reduced today to 6% bringing it down to about £106.

Shimano Unzen Trail Hydration Backpack with 2L Bladder £29.99 delivered with newsletter code @ Tredz
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Posted 21st Jun 2019Posted 21st Jun 2019
Shimano Unzen Trail Hydration Backpack with 2L Bladder £29.99 delivered with newsletter code @ Tredz
Great price for this Shimano Unzen Trail Hydration Backpack with 2L Bladder Currently £34.99 - you can get it for just £29.99 + free delivery using the £5 off code newsletter cod… Read more
FREE Science in Sport Summer Sample Pack worth £15, pay £3.99 delivery @ SiS
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Posted 20th Jun 2019Posted 20th Jun 2019
FREE Science in Sport Summer Sample Pack worth £15, pay £3.99 delivery @ SiS
For British Cycling members FREE Science in Sport Summer Sample Pack worth £15, pay £3.99 delivery Signup and apply discount code you will get at the end of sign up process. Add… Read more

My SiS package was delivered today.


This deal works with the Premier Delivery option as well (not many SIS deals like this do anymore) so I actually got this for free! (y)


Great thanks for confirming. I’ve reactivated the deal.


Back in stock as I've just ordered, so I've unexpired the deal. (y) Correction - I've reported the deal should be unexpired! (embarrassed)


yeah did this deal the other day

Scott Solace 30 2017 Road Bike £829.99 + Free DX 24h Delivery @ Rutland Cycling
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Posted 19th Jun 2019Posted 19th Jun 2019
Scott Solace 30 2017 Road Bike £829.99 + Free DX 24h Delivery @ Rutland Cycling
£829.99£1,69951%Rutland Cycling Deals
Lovely looking cycle for £849 all in, it is the 2017 model but the spec is still really good for this money. If I had the cash spare I'd be all over it. There's a few sizes in stoc… Read more

Ok cheers for that


No. I'm the same height and have a 56cm. A 52cm would be way too small for you.


They have the 52cm is stock , would that fit me as I’m 5ft 11? Thanks , and now that code makes it £749!!


code SAVE50 makes it £799 but only small sizes left.


Only takes seconds to do a google search. I'm pretty sure they have increased their ownership since then too.

Scott Addict 30 Mens Carbon Road Bike 2018 - Black now £799 at Start Fitness
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Posted 19th Jun 2019Posted 19th Jun 2019
Scott Addict 30 Mens Carbon Road Bike 2018 - Black now £799 at Start Fitness
£799£1,27938%Start Fitness Deals
RRP £1,599.00



Medium SCOTT road bikes suit riders between about 5'8" and 5'11.


What inside leg is a M54 for?

Cycling_chum Ok I didn't meet the brief its £100 more but its 11 speed and lighter. Newer technology. But still a bargain


Ah, couple of posts up. Need a large /56cm otherwise I would.

Garmin Fenix 5GPS Multisport Watch - £299.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
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Refreshed 26th Jun 2019Refreshed 26th Jun 2019
Garmin Fenix 5GPS Multisport Watch - £299.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
Not as good as the misprice from JL a few days back. But certainly the best price at the moment for a brand new watch with 2 year warranty.

I have amazfit stratos 2, was looking to upgrade not because of the watch but because sync software for garmin seems to be better supported. Just seems a steep price differential.


I was looking for added protection against scratches


It can do but what do you expect from the screen of its sapphire? I’ve only had the normal one and never had any issue with the screen. Possibly just a sales gimmick


Does this version come with the sapphire screen?


It feels great, doesn't really feel any larger than the Gear s3. I do miss the screen on the S3 but given the issues I was having with the battery I don't mind. I only want to screen notifications and this does a fine job of that. I've already got used to the screen but seeing another S3 or Gear watch makes you realise again how low resolution the fenix 5 / 5 plus is. The auto workout detection on the S3 was good but the information it tracks is fairly useless anyway so I'm happy to start the fenix when I ride as I used to use Strava on my phone anyway

Tacx Satori Smart Home Bike Trainer (2015 Model) now £81.12 delivered at Amazon
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Posted 17th Jun 2019Posted 17th Jun 2019
Tacx Satori Smart Home Bike Trainer (2015 Model) now £81.12 delivered at Amazon
£81.12£119.4132%Amazon Deals
Old model but excellent price! Operation handlebar resistance lever Magnetic resistance unit Realistic slope 10 positions Stand alone training Includes Skyliner Suitable fo… Read more

Excellent trainer for that price. I have one and have used it for a couple of years with no issues. Lever on handlebars to change resistance from level 1 to 10. This together with the gears on your bike give you a wide range of resistance to use. As above, requires a Ant+ dongle to use with laptop. On newer phones you can download the Zwift App and connect using Bluetooth. Great trainer for anyone who wants start out on Zwift.


On offer in Halfords at same price and can get 15% off bike accessories then British Cycling members get another 10% off.


Price dropped to £74.41 now. Absolute heat.


Some of the models in the Samsung 'A' range also have Ant+ sensors, namely the A70, A50 and A40 that I have seen the specs of so far.


Almost any trainer will connect to Zwift, so many claim to be 'smart'. The key bit you want/need for the full experience is two-way communication so that the game can adjust the resistance automatically. Got to be careful with some of them (such as the Muin linked above) which say they're smart and work with Zwift, but which is a little misleading as it only works one way.

Elite SuperCrono Mag Force (Volare) Bundle £69.99 deliverd @ Chain Reaction Cycles
375° Expired
Posted 13th Jun 2019Posted 13th Jun 2019
Elite SuperCrono Mag Force (Volare) Bundle £69.99 deliverd @ Chain Reaction Cycles
Elite SuperCrono Mag Force (Volare) Bundle reduced to £79.99 at CRC - get it for £69.99 delivered using discount code: MID2019 Features: 5-Position adjuster mounts on han… Read more

Smart trainers look good but apps like Zwift have expensive monthly fee ( any cheaper ideas ) (y)


Are there any you particularly recommend?


Good for lycra wearing cyclists who are soft and scared of the rain. I'm rock and Mountain bike through anything so no good for myself.


Got one thanks. I fully intend to use it once.


youll be bored silly within not very long at all splash out and get a refurb smart trainer for another 50 quid

Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer NOW possible £169 with code (10 off) @ Wiggle
253° Expired
Posted 13th Jun 2019Posted 13th Jun 2019
Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer NOW possible £169 with code (10 off) @ Wiggle
£169£362.9953%Wiggle Deals
You'll have to be a new customer for the extra £10 off, but you may be able to become a new customer again if you have a different email due to not using them for a while! Bought … Read more

It's a decent entry level trainer and a great price. I had one a couple of years ago before upgrading to a Neo, and it was a great way to get started on my ongoing Zwift addiction. The racing on Zwift is what keeps me coming back, a couple of races a week has you working out at intensities you wouldn't put yourself through without the desire to keep up with the pack, and hang in there until the end.


Well I find Zwift fun, addictive and motivating. (:I This is a fantastic price for a decent wheel-on trainer, heat added.


That so specific I feel sorry for you, but you did save me from looking into buying something I most likely wouldn't use as often as I tell myself I would .. so thank you


Here's a bit of advice: These sound like a good idea, but they take up space and don't get used. Eventually you find it's blocking the drinks cupboard door from opening freely, and you have to take three bottles out before your hand finds the one you are looking for. These are a great workout, but if you don't take to zwift or trainer road, which are not fun or addictive (unless you have a genuine goal), you might find going for a jog to be more rewarding, cheaper - but on the negative side, you can open the drinks cupboard easily.


Had to return the first two due to manufacturing faults but the thirds been spot on! Zwift is excellent motivation.

£20 off £100 £50 off £250  £80 off £400 Spend on Triathlon Gear with codes @ Wiggle plus bike codes
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Posted 10th Jun 2019Posted 10th Jun 2019
£20 off £100 £50 off £250 £80 off £400 Spend on Triathlon Gear with codes @ Wiggle plus bike codes
I03Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Save £20 Off £100 -> Use Code: TRI01 Save £50 Off £250 -> Use Code: TRI02 Save £80 Off £400 -> Use Code: TRI03 Save £75 Off £750 … Read more
Read More
30 Pack SIS Science in Sport Energy Gels £21 delivered @ Wiggle
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Posted 5th Jun 2019Posted 5th Jun 2019
30 Pack SIS Science in Sport Energy Gels £21 delivered @ Wiggle
Seems a decent price. Benefits:Depleting your carbohydrate stores during exercise is one of the major causes of fatigue. Delivering additional carbohydrate during exercise is know… Read more
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Rockrider ST100 Hydration Back Pack with Bladder £9.99 + Free C&C @ Decathlon
807° Expired
Refreshed 20th Jun 2019Refreshed 20th Jun 2019
Rockrider ST100 Hydration Back Pack with Bladder £9.99 + Free C&C @ Decathlon
For longer runs I usually use one of the waist bands with the little water bottles to keep me hydrated. I've always wanted one of the Camelbak hydration packs but just couldn't jus… Read more

Silly store


Cold. No stores nearby.


Just buy one of those cheap head massagers from Poundland, easy to insert and holds it fully open perfectly.


Bought in black and hoping to do some longer road rides next month and crack my century cherry in August. Some places don’t have any stops where I live so I will be drinking like mad.


Bob's your uncle too? We must be related! I've used Camelbaks for years for road cycling and they are definitely the best but I will get a couple of these for Bluedot festival in a few weeks time - doesn't matter if they get trashed. Great spot and full rehydrated heat.

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