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Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino Flavoured Milk Iced Coffee 250ml 3 for £3 (Instore & online) at Iceland
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Chocolate & caramel flavour also included in the offer. Pick up and enjoy one of our other Frappucino flavours - Frappuccino Mocha, Frappuccino Caramel or Frappuccino Vanilla.… Read more

Nice coffee and at 1 quid cannot moan! It's also a great glass milk bottle for work too (y) 😄


Not a rip off but £1 for 1 is a much better deal and pick them up regularly from B&M / Major supermarkets at that price


Was too sweet for me


Look for the ice coffee sachet boxes in supermarkets. Some are lame but some are the best iced coffee you'd have


I get these when they're on offer at Asda for £1 as a little treat on the way to work. Think i'll swing by Iceland and stock up for the week. Wish they did them in 1ltr cartons.

Milk Foley Pale Ale £2 instore @ Sainsbury's Crayford
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd JulLocalLocal
Milk Foley strawberry and Cream Pale ale Sainsbury's Crayford. Have a nice day Bang,bang.

I shared a simple remark as the name was curious, which didn’t need any follow up. Disgusting is a personal opinion by its very nature. I like all kinds of beers and have tried plenty of these new world of woeful craft ones including a few fruity ones to give them a chance and they are all miss the mark of what makes a great beer, I find most are more like luxury alcopops. If you don’t like my opinion move on, the conversation should have ended lightly at the point that I suggested more for you; you took it further offended by my having an opinion


That's fine, but maybe don't tell everyone else it's disgusting if you haven't tried it and it's a product that falls within a category that you don't like anyway. If you don't like flavoured beers at all then I'm not even sure why you're looking at this post in the first place, let alone sharing your opinion which it seems is only ever going to be one-sided on any product of this nature and therefore of absolutely no informative use whatsoever.


Why waste money on something that I know is not to my palate? Hint: not everyone has to like the same things in life, just because you like it doesn't mean everyone else has to or will. I can happily take an educated guess at what it will taste and frankly even if I found it merely okay at best I still wouldn't waste the money on it when there are much nicer drinks I can spend my money on.


Good, because this is very drinkable. Shame that you'll never know though as you've already formed (and shared) a strong opinion on something that you haven't tried.


Nope, I wouldn’t waste the money on something I know I will find disgusting. I don’t drink any fruity beers or ciders either. They’re for people that don’t actually like the taste of beer which is why they are suddenly popular with the hipsters. You seem to be one of the rare breed that likes both though, so more for you I guess XD

YAZOO Vanilla Milk Drink 400ml (Pack of 10) £5.00 (£4.49 p&p non prime) £4.25 / £4.75 subscribe & save @ Amazon
37° Expired
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Features & details All the goodness of milk - Only 1.2 percentage fat No artificial sweeteners or flavours Naturally rich in calcium and protein Source of vitamin B2 Shake well… Read more

It’s Still showing that there’s a £5 option for me.


Upto £9.49 now chocolate flavour is £5 though


Nice one (y)


Thanks OP, I brought the 1l strawberry 6pk. 30% off first order then 15% s&s discount paid £4.12 :)

Buy one Get One Free - Yazoo Milk Drink 400 ml Various Flavours £1 @ Premier Stores
03/08/2021Expires on 03/08/2021Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Buy one Get One Free - Yazoo Milk Drink 400 ml Various Flavours £1 @ Premier Stores Yazoo Limited Edition Chocolate Orange, Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana Milk Drink400 ml

Gutted, my local asda only had strawberry in stock. Need to go find a Nutella one now


50p each at Asda including a Limited Edition Nutella flavour.


Has anyone tried the chocolate orange?any good?


Chocolate Orange limited edition


What's limited edition about strawberry, bananana and chocoalate?

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20% off for returning customers at Milk&More
31/12/2021Expires on 31/12/2021Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Hopefully, this helps someone wanting to get another 20% off. Not sure if works for 'new' customer.

Intermittent service 50% of orders show up


I used them once and they were dreadful. It was an awful experience. Might depend on where you live though and who the local Milkman is. :)


Are they any good?