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Sage Barista Express Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Including Milk Jug BES875BKS at Costco for £399.99
160° Expired
Posted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
Features - 2L Water Tank - 15 Bar Pressure - 480ml Stainless Steel Jug - Warming Tray

Thanks for posting @mhdawber and welcome to hotukdeals (highfive) Shame it went OOS




will try it thanks! Im a costa or starbucks type of cappuccino guy ;-)


What type of coffee do you like? Pellini on Amazon are pretty good if you like a punchy cup.


Haven’t been able to find a coffee bean I like so just stuck with tea - it’s gathering dust at the moment

Whole Fresh Milk 1 Pint 25p @ Lidl Aylsham Road Norwich
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Posted 8th AugPosted 8th AugLocalLocal
Whole fresh milk 1 pint

@ Norwich (Aylsham Road)


I guess it doesn't matter.


I guess you didn't read my comment above (confused)


More astonishing in this case is the speed of Google crawl+cache availability. WA is standard at seconds after request.


Wow, I had no idea web archive was this fast at their captures.

Morrisons gluten & milk free batter mix 15p at morrisons
08/10/2020Expires on 08/10/2020Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Maximum order of 2 online at this price. Ideal for Yorkshire puddings & pancakes. I had some delivered Bbe June 2021 (y) Easier & cheaper than buying gluten free flour et… Read more

Well I'm glad they have finally changed it for you - but I just checked and it still doesnt tell me that. Perhaps it only works in an ap or something? It's still a poor product that I'd only recommend if you cant get any other gluten free flour.



It tells you only 2 as you add them, I only purchased two anyway, each to their own (y) still a bargain at 15p if you're ordering other groceries.


You can only buy 2 online at this price - something they dont advertise and you only find out when you see the receipt. We bought some when it was the only gluten free flour available and frankly 15p is all they are worth. Now we are able to get flour again the ones we had have gone to the local food bank.

Krups EA8108 fully automatic espresso coffee machine with CappuccinoPlus milk nozzle £180 delivered to the UK @ Amazon De
638° Expired
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
This is the lowest price ever according to camelcamelcamel . Please note that this offer is on Update: Thanks to @winchman for pointing out the following: "The … Read more

gone up to 229 euro


Had the same coffee machine for nearly 5 years (cost quite a bit more) and very happy with it. I make 2-3 coffees most days, several more when entertaining and believe that it makes good quality consistent coffee. My wife uses the inbuilt frother and is happy with it but the frother isn't great in my opinion so i use either a separate hand held or automatic jug frother for lattes and cappuccinos.


Sure. There are four problems here, the grinder is too aggressive (they market it as some sort of high speed thing) and very very inconsistent. So you are 100% guaranteed inconsistent shots. Second, the tamp is all wrong, so channelling is guaranteed, therefore inconsistent extraction is a certainty Third, the temperature control is inconsistent, and the same boiler heats the steam and the extraction water so you can't get consistent results, ever. Lastly, the dosage is terrible so you can't dial in a good shot for love nor money. So if you leave aside the shocking build quality this thing, even if well built, which it isn't, simply cannot make good coffee


Can you elaborate on your first hand experience with it? Genuinely curious.


I'm waiting for it to drop to £179.99

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SMA follow-on milk, stage 2 - £8 @ Asda
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
SMA follow on milk stage 2 - used as part of a weaning diet are currently on offer in Asda 2 tins for £16 (normally 1 tin is £10.75)

I was going to say this too there is no evidence of going up from 1st stage milk of the Benefits aren’t worth the change


From Unicefs BFI Follow–on milks Follow–on milks are described as suitable for babies from six months of age. They should never be used for babies under six months, as among other things they contain more iron than young babies need, as well as sucrose, glucose and other non–milk sugars. The permissible concentrations of some minerals are higher than in first milks. Parents do not need to change from first milk to follow–on milk when their baby reaches six months of age. There is no published evidence that the use of any follow–on formula offers any nutritional or health advantage over the use of whey–based infant formula among infants artificially fed (SACN 2007). For this reason the Department of Health does not include follow–on formula in the Healthy Start Scheme. However, the labels on packets and tins of follow–on milks look very similar to those on packets and tins of first milks – so parents need to be advised to read labels carefully. (Joint UNICEF/NCT Mori survey 2005)


Exactly but the big wigs don’t care and continue to punish new mums, even worse if they need specialised milk. That’s a few quid more


I was going to reference that the law is there to "protect breastfeeding", but a proportion of women can't do it due to medical reasons, like in our case. Hence the law is a bit expensive for some!


It’s because of the saying breast is best

Barney's Marshmallow Milk Stout - £1.69 at Lidl Beer Festival
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th AugLocalLocal
Lidl beer festival kicks off today - several interesting craft beers and ales on offer, mostly from Scottish Breweries with a range of IPAs, pale ales, stouts and even sours. The … Read more

Never managed to get this as it was sold out in all 3 Lidl stores in Hull.


Best beer going, bought another 7 today.


You have definitely earned those beer!!!


Lucky you, there wasn't any left other than on other shelves which I spotted. Was only 4.3 mile walk there. Got train most of the way back.


Bought a mix of all sorts of things i liked the look of.....15 bottles and cans in total, with 6 of those being Barneys Marshmallow Milk Stout (there were 9 bottles of these left). Most of the beer festival bottles/cans were in the once it's gone sections in my local. One of the Barneys Marshmallow Milk Stout is currently sat in the freezer to cool down quicker (y)

Marvel Original Dried Skimmed Milk 350g - 19p instore @ Farmfoods, Birmingham newtown
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th AugLocalLocal
To prepare To make 570ml (1 pint) put 4 1/2 heaped tablespoons of Marvel skimmed milk powder into a dry measuring jug, stir in 1 pint cold water. Use as fresh milk, refrigerate if … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I just bought some for my wife's tomatoes.


Source of calcium and vitamin A, but what about the iron, man?


Was just going to post this but OP beat me to it by a day or two. I can remember getting a tiny carton for close to £3 before lockdown started!


Who else came here looking for Avengers jokes??


Good price. Had listed at 49p.saw last week in wirral Farmfoods at 39p.will look out for this now. Thanks

NESPRESSO by Magimix CitiZ & Milk Coffee Machine - Black £169 @ Currys/PCWorld
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Top features: - Enjoy Nespresso capsules with automatic volume control - Saves energy by automatically turning off after a designated period of time - Removable water tank make… Read more

If you don't mind which Nespresso machine to have.... There is a better offer already on here where you can get a free Nespresso Vertuo Plus Machine if you order 200 pods.... This comes out much much cheaper....


Drinkable, yet pretty sure coffee, with zero clean up. Perfect for most of you on here


Good source if you're in a hard water area, these things are pretty impervious to limescale.

UHT milk - 10p instore @ Sainsbury's, Watford & online
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
Very cheap uht milk
Get deal*Get deal*

Nice find @bargainhunter2009 - thanks for taking time to share your deal :)


It’s ok - for every large bowl of cereal I eat I also eat a large bag of sour haribos to offset the sugar to avoid it.


Very sensible.


Careful about diabetes....


I've been buying tbis at 20p for the past few weeks in my Kent local Sainsbury, but discovered what appeared to be the last packs down to 10p today. I use it for yoghurt making so the October expiry date is no disadvantage but beware if you were laying in a stash for the next apocalypse. Sadly they still only allow purchase of three per visit.

2 for £2 Koko Long Life coconut Milk at Morrisons
23/08/2020Expires on 23/08/2020Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
2 for £2 on Koko long life milk. Also have the fresh version for £1.10 each and peach yogurts down to £1. Buy 2 for £2. Order by 23/08/2020, offer subject to availability. Maximum… Read more

Great price, normally always 1.50£ everywhere.


That's a good price. Good product, if you like coconut milk. (y)

Yazoo Kids No Added Sugar Banana Milk Drink 200ml (Pack of 24) - £7 (non prime +£4.49) @ Amazon
165° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Natural source of calcium and vitamin B2 No added sugar - contains naturally occurring sugars Rich in protein No artificial sweeteners and flavours Suitable for vegetarians… Read more

The ones from Amazon or costco


They’re genuinely unpleasant.


Same price as costco so not cheap just normal price


Need sugar


They aren't nice, ironically the problem is a lack of sugar. Sweetness should not be a problem with these flavours there's lots of natural sweetness to be had from them. But there's just no proper flavour. Had loads of no added sugar stuff with these flavours, and they wasn't as bland as these. They was in places like Heron for a while as 2 four packs for a quid. Don't think they do them anymore. Even then they didn't seem to sell well

Mlekovita I Love Milk UHT 1L 20p
241° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Long life milk 1L full fat 3.5%

eah short dated, I think the one I bought was late September, but gone now so I can't confirm. Tis has been on offer for a while - was posted a few/couple of months ago. The short date kind of defeats the Long Life purpose of UHT but definitely a cheap alternative to fresh milk at that price. Tastes okay in hot drinks.


Nice amount of heat in a first posted deal - thanks for taking time to share @Pe_Be (strong)



Full fat 3.5%


Good deal but short expiry date, mine 10 2020.

Lacto free organic semi skimmed milk £1.10 - Morrisons Whitefield Manchester
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th JulLocalLocal
1ltr lacto free organic milk at Morrisons £1.10 Cheaper than the normal lacto free milk which was 1.45

How many days would you say it lasts for you in the fridge?




Always buy Lactose free milk as it lasts for absolutely ages in the fridge. Never waste any at all. I get this and the M&S one as that's all I have nearby.


Wish Lidl did the skimmed lacto free only seen the semi skimmed. The skimmed lacto free is £1.40 from Tesco.


Yes 85p . Asda was £1

Yazoo milk - x 10 for £5 (+£4.49 non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Banana milkshake

got to water the fish


I bet you'll pi$$ it all away.


prefer just ten bottles but I am sort and I can easy spend tenner in pub this will last few weeks


£10 for 20 bottles. 😬


Damn Right !!!

Family size 10 pack mini Rolls raspberry or milk choc - 99p each at Farmfoods (Edinburgh)
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th JulLocalLocal
Family size 10 pack mini Rolls raspberry or milk choc 99p each at farmfoods dont know who put edinburgh in the title but was found in north west.

Isn't a 10 pack more of an individual size?

Marvel Original Skimmed Milk Powder 350g 49p at Farmfoods Victoria Road Glasgow
37° Expired
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th JulLocalLocal
Marvel Original Skimmed Milk Powder 350g for only 49p at Farmfoods Victoria Road Glasgow. Asda Tesco Sainsbury’s & elsewhere same is £5 or above.

39p roday in wolverton store


Never realised, even searched before posting. Thanks for notifying (y) 🏻



Already posted

Silvercrest milk frother - £13.99 instore @ LIDL, Loughborough
318° Expired
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th JulLocalLocal
Found in Loughborough store. Two more left on shelf. Normal price £19.99 when in stock.

Thank you so much! Very kind 😃 (highfive)


Hey @dole thanks for taking the time to share your first deal (y)


I have one at home.. great product! :)


Just saw it in the Loughborough store. As far as I'm aware if other stores still have stock, they will choose to reduce but others may choose not to. It's down to the store manager.


Is this nationwide guys?

Kinder Bueno multipack milk and hazelnut/white 4 x 43g (8 bars) - £1.50 @ Morrisons
382° Expired
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Get deal*Get deal*

These are delicious, but, probably the messiest treat there is! .. you need a tray underneath, to catch the debri. You sometimes see a 3-pack for £1 in poundshops(but usually its a 2-pack) This is a good offer.


What deal is this? Save £10?


they had them in my local thank u (y)


Do you still need spend 40 quid for this?


No such luck for me.they have the other kinder bars but not bueno.different areas different stuff.i am happy you got yours. :)

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